Cheat Magician Life That Started From Being Judged Useless – Chapter 03

Though the ‘Evil Eye Crystal’ judged me to be useless, it turned out that I actually have magical power! I was delighted.

Calling eleven skeletons at once and healing an injury that reached my organs, this is considered very high spec, right? I was planning on just getting through the forest like this while having everyone acting as my bodyguards, but it seems that the skeletons aren’t able to do that.

「Maybe you all are some kind of spirits bound to this land and can’t leave?」

『No, following Kent-sama won’t be a problem, but with our current strength it’s a little…』

「What do you mean by that?」

『From here on, augers and saber tigers will also come out. With our current power, we can’t protect you, Kent-sama.』

「Hmm, is there no other way?」

『If you can strengthen us then it won’t be a problem.』

「I see, strengthening…What should I do to strength you all?」

『Normally strengthening of monsters is done by consuming manastones.』

「Using manastones?」

『Indeed, so you have to choose three from us and strengthen us using the others’ and goblins’ manastones.』

「Eh? Is that okay?」

『No problem.』

「What happens to those who have their manastone taken?」

『We are not people anymore so we will just disappear.』

「No no no, that would be a problem! It’s a huge problem!」

『No problem.』

I had a repulsive thought from the words coming from Reinhard-san, who looks like he was resolved on something.

「Since we have met. I won’t allow you to disappear using a method like cannibalism.」

After finally putting the irritation inside my heart into words, Reinhard-san nodded as if saying he understood.

『Kent-sama, it is not cannibalism.』

「Th-then what do you mean…」

『We are already existences that got strayed out from the normal world so disappearing means returning to our original forms and going to heaven.』

「So it’s not a bad thing?」

『Of course, so can you send everyone with your hand Kent-sama? 』

「Bu-but if so, isn’t it better to send everyone together?」

『The remaining will protect you by inheriting the will of those who will leave. It is a great honour.』

Now that I think about it, skeletons are like ghosts that wander in this world. Defeating skeletons also mean sending them to heaven. Leaving the leader Reinhard-san, the captain Bastin-san and Fred-san, I decided to send off everyone else.

I stood before the aligned eight skeletons. Looking closely, everyone seems either to be missing some bones or not having an arm. I don’t know if it’s because of the battle last night or during the battle that happened a long time ago, but what I do know is that they answered my call while in this state and protected me.

「Thank you, everyone, because you came to help me, I, I…….」

It feels like that the skeletons who were originally supposed to be scary monsters were watching over me with warm eyes. Tears overflowed and I couldn’t continue my words.

『Please don’t cry Kent-sama. It’s thanks to you that we can finally move on.』

『Yes, if you didn’t call for us, we would still have been spirit endlessly wandering this plane.』

『That’s true. I’m sure that our friends and family are waiting for us over there.』

『So if it’s possible, please send us off with a smile Kent-sama.』

My eyes that were clouded by tears reflected the smiles of the gentle and clunky men.

「Yes… Thank you very much, everyone, please take a good rest from now on.」

I’m sure that I have a horrible face with all my tears and runny nose, but I still tried my best to make a smile and send everyone off.

『Well, then leader, we’re going ahead. Thanks for taking care of us till now.』

『You too, captain. Stay well. Ah, you’re already dead…』

『You guys! When you arrive to the other side, tell my family that I will be there when I finish protecting Kent-sama.』

『Then take care of Kent-sama in our place.』

『Ah, leave it to us』

『Then, let’s meet again over there.』

『Ah, see you.』

I still do not know how to use necromancy, but I made my heartfelt prayers that they can get over to where their family and friends are. The eight skeletons were wrapped in warm light as they became glittering particles and flew away.

After they left, eight transparent manastones remained. I gathered the manastones that everyone left along with the manastones of the goblins to strengthen Reinhard-san, Bastid-san and Fred-san. There are 15 manastone in all so 5 manastone for each.

「By the way, how do you use these manastones? Don’t tell me that you’re going to eat them?」

『Depending on the type of monsters, there are those who eat them, but in our case, just pressing them against our chest and absorbing them is fine.』

Truly, skeletons don’t have internal organs, and having them eat stones while crushing them is kind of scary.

「Okay then, what should I do?」

『We’d like to ask Kent-sama to assist us using necromancy.』

「Even if you say to assist you all, I’m not using necromancy consciously, so I don’t know what to do.」

『Let’s see, just imagine how we will become after getting strengthened is fine.』

I see, hmm, the image of powered up skeletons is the strengthening of their bones, also their movement and weapons. If so, then I should also ask about their fighting style when they were alive. So after asking everyone about their style and solidifying their images, let’s start the strengthening.

「Now, I want to solidify everyone’s image, so let’s do it one by one.」

『We understand.』

「First is Reinhard-san.」

『Oh, take care of me.』

Reinhard-san seems to be the strong type. He was called the “Strong Arm” when he was alive so I decided to imagine him covered in heavy and thick tungsten. Why do I know that tungsten is heavy and tough? Well that’s the common knowledge of an eighth grader syndrome patient.

「Now, I’ll begin the image construction, so start the consuming of manastones.」

『Then, I’ll start.』

When the consummation of manastones began, I sent the images and magical power that was in my body and a black fog started covering the body of Reinhard-san.

At first, the fog mist was thin and then gradually increased in intensity and volume, eventually becoming a dark colour that could consume the surrounding light. Even sparks of electricity began sounding inside. Eh…is this going to be okay?

Because of the intensity, I got scared, but as the summoner, I can’t show a pathetic side of me so I did my best to stand still, though I leaked a little. Eventually, the dark fog gathered as if it was being condensed, and after flashy lightning strokes filled my vision, a metallic skeleton carrying a large black sword was left standing there.

『Th-this is!』

『He looks three times scarier than when he was alive…』

「Yeah, I can say for sure that I’d faint for fright if I ran into him at night.」

Even though I don’t know martial arts nor have magic skills, I feel like I can see something like an aura around him. I can tell from a glance that there is a dangerous atmosphere around him. It’s a powerful presence even for Bastin-san who’s known him for a long time. Reinhard-san seems to examine the condition of the new body by grasping and opening both hands and turning his shoulders. And when he took the large sword that he carried on his back…

『Zu ~uorya ~!』

Along with a loud powerful shout, he moved in a speed that made his figure blurry and swung the sword that he carried at a nearby tree.

Do ga ~a~a~a~a~a……

Rather than cutting, it’s better to say his sword crushed the tree that had the thickness of three adult men linked together.

「Wow! What’s that?」

『No, no, Kent-sama, it was you who strengthened him.』

『Literally …… a monster ……』

The three of us became amazed by the flashy strength that Reinhard-san displayed.

『Buhahaha, splendid! This body is truly splendid!』

Are? Doesn’t Reinhard-san’s character seem a bit different from before?
Looking at Bastin-san and Fred-san, both shrugged their shoulders while making a helpless pose. The skeletons’ helpless pose are quite amusing. Ah, I understand, so that’s his real side or rather he’s been acting so far. I might have gone overboard regarding Reinhard-san who has been reborn(?), tehee.

But in the future, I have to live in this different world, while they escort the weak me, so I will just keep it like this. Eventually, I also reinforced the remaining two.
Bastin-san seems to be a master of the spear and he was called “Raging Fire” when he was alive.

He use continuous thrusts, so I imagined him light as hard titanium.
After the flashy lightning, a big skeleton holding a black spear emerged from the black fog.

『Shi ~ya~a~a~a!』

With one thrust from the large black spear, a 1-meter width hole opened in the tree, it also pierced the trees that was behind it. It was so fast that I didn’t even see what happened. Did the spear suddenly grow? Or was it because of shockwave that this happened? Doing a long distance attack with a spear, I don’t understand what is happening…well as long as they are on my side, it doesn’t really matter.

Fred-san is the speed type. He’s a user of a double-edged blade and was named “Lightning” when he was alive so I imagined light and hard carbon fibres.
After the dark fog disappeared, a skeleton that was holding a black carbon fibres double-edged blade stood there. Even though they said that in magic the image is important, still, necromancy and darkness magic are really amazing.


With a quiet voice, the twin sword that was swayed tore the big rock nearby like a tofu. Heck, what are these swords and spear made of? Unknown substance? Dark matter? The three skeletons were happily showing each other their swords and spear like it was nothing. Scary! I absolutely don’t to make them my enemy.

While thinking of such things, the three of them came walking my way.
And when they arrived in front of me, they kneeled. Because they have such strong presence, I stepped back away. I hope that they didn’t notice my reaction.

『Kent-sama, thanks for granting us these wonderful bodies and these weapons.』

『The three of us will faithfully follow Kent-sama, and protect you.』

『We swear that on our swords and spear!』

「I might be an unreliable master, but please do take care of me.」


Still, after finishing strengthening them, I became really hungry. Can’t you give me something to eat? When I told them that I was hungry, Reinhard-san looked to the sky as if noticing something.

『Bastin, it’s good timing. It’s a bird. Take it down!』

『Okay, Shi ~ya~a~a~a!』

A bird came flying by at just the right time.

Still can a spear reach that far?….Wow it explode into pieces.

「Am-amazing! It reached that far, but I can’t eat it like that…」

『Ha! I-I’m terribly sorry, Kent-sama…』

Although their power increased dramatically, the controlling of their strength needed some work. If I don’t act carefully from now on, I’m afraid that I might get caught up in an attack when monsters appear.

I wonder if these people can fight while thinking of my own safety. Eventually, I decided to give up on the bird and filled my stomach with fruits. Even though they were delicious but somehow, it’s like being a vegetarian in another world. After that, the three of them asked me to name their weapons. So weapons are like a buddy that needs a name after all. Still, the names that an eighth grader syndrome patient can think of are already decided.

「Reinhard-san’s sword is Gram.」


「Basten-san’s spear is Gáe Bulg.」


「Fred-san’s swords is Laevateinn and Dáinsleif.」


After naming them, each of them grabbed their weapons while showing a grin on their face. Wow, I can tell their expressions too now, do I call this getting accustomed their features?

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