His Highness, Don’t Leave! I Will Lose Weight For You! – Chapter 01

While Han Fei’s head was still dizzy, the gravity suddenly shoved her to the ground but miraculously, it didn’t hurt at all. Han Fei was a little confused.”Haha…, look, she can’t get up.””Damned fat woman dares to stand still and do nothing.””Ah, Sister Man, it’s not that she doesn’t want to do anything. It’s just that she can’t do anything. Look at her body, alas.”A series of ridicules finally sobered Han Fei’s mind. She subconsciously wanted to get up but she was shocked to find that her hand could not touch the floor.What the hell was happening?Han Fei hurriedly lowered her head and saw a chunk of belly fat on her body. It was definitely the kind of meat (referring to belly fat) that was thrown into the water (Bloated).She stretched out her hand unsteadily. She really didn’t want to admit that it was a pair of hands. Her five fingers were very short and round. They looked pretty cute but… only under the premise that there were knuckles. They were as fat as pig’s feet. How could they be regarded as human hands?”Damned Fat Woman, if you can’t get up before Madame arrives here, you’ll have a hard time.””The yard hasn’t been cleaned yet. I advise you to do what we suggest.””Sister Man, this fat lady is the eldest daughter of the Han family. We should not act like this.””Madame has said that if you only eat without doing anything in return, you can get out of here. If you eat too much, you have to do more.”
Having said that, the women wearing maid costumes threw down a broom and walked away without looking back, as if looking back would stain their sight.But looking at the broom left behind by them, Han Fei’s eyes glowed and she tried her best to reach the broom with all of her strength. Then, it took tremendous strength to get up with the help of the broom.*Smash*For that reason, the poor broomstick was officially declared dead.After getting up, Han Fei gasped for a while. At last, she had to realize sadly that she really crossed world, changed her body and became the fat lady in their mouth.
Han Fei bowed her head unconsciously but found that even her toes were missing. She could only see her huge and round belly. She reached out and patted her stomach, causing it to wobble.Because of the shock, Han Fei almost passed out. But once she thought that she couldn’t get up after she fell down again. She took several deep breaths to calm down.”Miss, why are you here? Are you fine?”

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