His Highness, Don’t Leave! I Will Lose Weight For You! – Chapter 02

Because of the shock, Han Fei almost passed out. But once she thought that she couldn’t get up after she fell down again. She took several deep breaths to calm down.”Miss, why are you here? Are you ok?”Han Fei turned around and saw a girl dressed in very simple and crude clothes. Worry was plastered all over her face as she rushed over in a hurry.Han Fei pondered for a bit and decided not to speak irrationally.”Miss, what happened? Have you been bullied?”Once she said to this point, her eyes became red and she began to shed tears.Han Fei pointed at the broom on the ground and said under Chun Hong’s surprised eyes, “Pick up this broom.”Chun Hong was puzzled for a while and even forgot to cry.Han Fei said calmly, “Well, I can’t bend down.”Chun Hong did not hold back and laughed out loud.See her smile, Han Fei was also relieved.She couldn’t bear to see a woman crying in front of her. Besides, she was the one who should cry most.Before she even knew, she changed from a slightly hot girl to a fat woman who couldn’t even walk properly. She would be tired after walking two steps.When Han Fei finally moved back to her yard, she once again shed tears for the original owner of this body. Did such a shabby yard really fit the identity of a big Miss?As she sat on the bed, she wondered whether the bed was strong enough. After that she thought what she should do in the future.She also lived alone in modern times. Her parents died early and she had no relatives. She was a little reluctant to devote herself to organize a traditional Chinese Medicine Museum. That was her concern for half of her life and she came to such a broken place before she could start business.Since she was already here, she should take it easy. This was the principle she hds always believed in since she came out of the orphanage.Han Fei sighed. Now she shouldn’t focus on things of past but on her identity and everything related to this place.Just when Han Fei was worried about this, a loud noise came from outside, making Han Fei’s originally upset mood to become even more irritable.She shook the fat and savagely knocked open the door. She shouted at the outside: “What’s the noise?”People outside the door were shocked by Han Fei’s words. For a while, no one spoke.Han Fei glanced at the people standing outside. With a little thought, she understood that the old woman who was wearing gorgeous clothes and exuding wealthy aura from her body was probably the Madame in the mouth of the servant girls.Han Fei thought about it for a while. As she was racking her brain, she didn’t pay attention to the doorstep. Her fat body tripped and her forehead banged against the door. After that she heard a crisp sound in her head.*Ding*”Host triggered the Slimming Down and Conquering the Prince Charming System. Host, be prepared! The current task is to fight back the second lady. Reward is one star coin. The host must not act carelessly.”Han Fei was stunned. She thought that she had overheard. Did someone just speak in her head?While Han Fei was blanking out, everyone was seeing her.Looking at Han Fei’s rude behaviour of ignoring her, the graceful and luxurious woman was so angry that she trembled. However, the servant girl next to her was quite capable of doing things. She opened her mouth and said, “You don’t even know how to greet the second lady when you see her. It must be that this hateful Chun Hong hasn’t done a good job as a servant. She didn’t even mention this little thing.”

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