The Path of Perfect Evasion Healer – Volume 03 – Chapter 13

 Exchange of Favors

“Thank you, Hiroki.” The Demon King sighed. He seemed relieved that I had agreed to at least hear him out.

“But there’s not much I can do, you see?”

“We won’t ask you for anything difficult. As an exchange, we’ll listen to your own request.”

“If it’s an exchange of favors, then I want you to teach me about magic.”

“Magic?” he replied, tilting his head.

“Yes, there’s actually a certain kind of magic that I want to learn about. I’ve been looking into it, but I couldn’t find anything.”

“Really? Well, we can tell you whatever we know.”

“Thank you very much. That’s enough for me, then.”

The magic I wanted to learn about was anything that could return us to Japan. I didn’t know if the Demon King knew it, but I believed if any information existed on it, it would be the kind of old documents coming out of a treasure chest from a high difficulty dungeon. If even the Demon King doesn’t know anything about it, all I have to do is continue my journey to get the following information.

The Demon King instructed the maid to prepare a drink, and after calming down, he made his request.

“I want you to take me to the dungeon! I want to be stronger!”

“Huh? No no, wait, don’t be so modest!”

No way. The Demon King just can’t be weak. When I objected with a nervous smile, he looked dejected.

…What, seriously?

I never imagined the Demon King was weak. In this situation, if a hero came to exterminate him, wouldn’t it just be like bullying the weak?

“I cannot use my skills very well. Because I am the Demon King, I have extremely high magical power, but right now I can’t control it well. I want to be stronger, so that I will be able to control this power.”

“So that’s it…”

I nodded and accepted it, but I wondered what I could even do. We could form a party together, but I couldn’t teach him how to control it. I pondered on what I’ve been doing until now, wondering what would happen.

“Before we start, may I check your magic power?”

“My magic power?”

“Yes. I have a skill to detect magic, so if I try to use that, I may be able to find the cause.”

The Demon King thought for a moment, then nodded quietly. “Since you believed in me, I will also believe in you.”

“Thank you very much.”

Relieved that I got his permission, I touched the Demon King’s hand. I just wanted to check something with my skills, but I didn’t know if it would work. Because he trusted me, I didn’t want to let him down.

[Magic Search].”

Tito Apricot
Magic Power 220/110

“Apparently I need to use twice as much magic, huh?”

The magical power flowing through the Demon King’s body had a mysterious feeling to it, somehow.

Actually, what does it mean if the denominator is smaller? I know what it looks like when one is lacking magic, but this was the first time I’d heard of excessive magic. Should I examine the magic a little more closely?

When I concentrated on that idea, I could feel the flow of the Demon King’s magic.

“What is this… Fire and Water magical power…?”

Inside the Demon King, I could sense the presence of two kinds of magic attributes. Perhaps it was a good attribute, but was it common?

To make sure, I also used Magic Search on myself… but I could only feel one magic attribute.

“I feel two magic attributes inside your body… Or at least, I feel like it’s two kinds of magic. They feel so similar that it’s possible I’ve just misunderstood.”

In the first place, I still wasn’t familiar with using Magic Search, I was trying it more out of curiosity.

“I have already understood that there are two kinds of magic in my body, so that is not a problem.”

“Oh, really?”


If you already knew that, I didn’t have to worry about it being a problem. So what was the deal with the numerator being bigger than the denominator?

“By the way, what’s your level, Tito-sama?”

“It’s… 1.”


The level of the final boss, the Demon King, was only 1? I suppressed the sudden urge to laugh, and replied, “I see.”

The Demon King’s magic power was 110. Mine was 1245 and Lusha’s was 105. Lusha’s magic power only differed slightly from the Demon King, but Lusha was level 37, she had a much higher level.

Perhaps the denominator will increase when he levels up. It’s a great technique, but leveling up in a dungeon may actually be the shortcut to the solution. Or rather, that’s the only solution I could think of…

“It’s possible that if you can level up some, the amount of magic power you have will increase as well, so that even if you have the magic you currently possess, you’ll be fine.”


I told Lusha and the Shop Fairy that we were going to the dungeon, and asked them to come with me.

“Of course, it’s my role to help you!”

“Well of course, if it’s for His Majesty, I’ll do anything!”

Since they agreed, I added the Demon King and the Shop Fairy to our party. Next we needed to go to the dungeon and level up while he practiced his magic skills.

But the Shop Fairy is so strong, couldn’t he have just gone to the dungeon with her? There shouldn’t be a need to bother someone else for this task, he has a dedicated ally, after all. I’m actually curious, but maybe there are some circumstances. I don’t want to ask yet, so I’ll wait for a good opportunity.

“Okay then, we’ll go to the dungeon tomorrow. We’ve already prepared a room for you two, so you can stay there!”

“Oh, we can stay in the castle? That’s awesome!”

Lusha was overjoyed by the Shop Fairy’s words. Since we were talking about the need to stay at the good inn yesterday, if we could stay at the castle’s guest room instead, of course she’ll be excited about it, right? I am too.

“We will leave first thing after breakfast tomorrow, so please. I look forward to your cooperation.”

“Yes. I’ll do my best.”

Lusha and I parted ways with the Demon King and were taken to the guest room. The room was amazing, of course, and it went without saying that we could rest there peacefully.

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