The Story of the Princess who Was Kidnapped by the Demon King

This is the story of a very old country.

There was a beautiful princess in that country.

She had shiny gold hair, beautiful jewel like eyes, coral lips, silky skin, everything was perfectly beautiful, and it was said that there was no one who was not aware of her reputation. Especially the glowing jewel like eyes were so beautiful that they fascinated everyone, anyone who looked in those eyes lost their soul to them.

The king also doted on her, and now that the princess has come of age, the suitors were pouring in from all over the country and the neighboring countries as well.

However, the poor princess was kidnapped by the Demon King who had heard about her reputation.

The King immediately sent his troops and the suitors challenged the Demon King to help the Princess.But the Demon King was very strong and no one could stand against him.

The King and the people mourned the loss of the princess. After that, a young man stood up at a time when everyone had given up.

The young man was blessed by God and was very powerful. Everyone was expecting him to fail.

Overcoming the painful journey, the young man defeated the subordinates of the Demon King, and finally he met the Demon King.

The two continued fighting for days. It was a fierce battle.

However, the young man who had toughened through harsh experience was strong and the Demon King was finally defeated.

And the young man saved the princess and returned to the country.

The people praised the young man and called him a hero.

The king was pleased with the return of the princess and welcomed them.

And he was shocked.

The beautiful golden hair had lost its luster and the eyes like jewels were not shiny but like scrap stones. Coral lips were cracked and faded, and silky skin had become dull. And above all, the princess was thin, shabby and in tatters. This is not the beauty about which songs were sung.

“Is it really the princess?”

The king looked awfully at his daughter who had changed. Even if she was caught by the Demon King and became damaged, if she was still beautiful she should have suitors. However, in such a situation there was no hope for it. In fact, the suitors who had been there saying that they wanted to see the appearance of the princess, were at a loss of words and everyone hastily disappeared.

He can pass her as a reward to the young man who has become a hero.

The Hero and the rescued princess were married. It is a beautiful story that the people seems to be pleased with and it ends without hurting the Treasury with the reward of the hero.

The king who was satisfied with this idea immediately told it to the Hero, and gave his permission for the two of them to marry.

“You were unfortunate.”

The hero didn’t have any parents.

So the princess will live at the house of the hero. Sitting in a small bed in a small house, the princess sighed.

Because she was taken to a bath before the ceremony and received treatment, the present princess was not tattered, but the eyes does not shine and the thin, poor body did not change.

The hero was puzzled over the words that the princess said towards him and he stood having been troubled.

“I’m really sorry that I was handed as a reward. I’m sorry, but please put up a little. I will leave after some preparations.”

“… You have become my wife. Where will you go?”

“You do not have to do something strange anymore. You don’t need a wife who was forced on you. I will go to the monastery so you don’t have to worry.”

After saying that much the princess turned her face away and fell silent.

The hero was even more troubled. It will be very troublesome if the princess to go to a monastery. He asked her to stay in this house.

Losing to the appeal of the hero, Princess will continue to be the wife of the hero for a period of time.

Because the princess is a princess, she had never done any housework.

She learnt from the hero and tried to imitate it, but it was terrible in the beginning. She flooded the floor trying to clean it and burned the seasoning too much when trying to cook.

However, the hero did not complain, and taught patiently to the princess. The princess gradually improved, and finally she was able to do housework well.

“What is this?”

“It is a cream for your hand as they seems to have gotten rough recently.”

One day, the Princess got a gift from the Hero.

There is a lot of white cream in a small container. The princess who had not done any work including washing surely thought that her hand had gotten rough, but she didn’t said anything to the hero.

The hero’s consideration was a nice thing, but the princess disapprovingly turned her face away.

“I am eager to go out as a wife someday. Well, it’s no effort so I will use it.”

“Thank you, it seems to be good for your skin, so please use it on your whole body.”

In fact, the cream was specially made using medicinal herbs from a place where people rarely go and holy water. The hero was able to go to such a place easily because he was very strong.

The princess who used such a valuable cream was able to regain her silky skin and it was more beautiful than before.

“I’ve hunted a lot today.”

“You hunted too much! How much are we going to eat? ”

The hero always bring a large amount of prey when he goes out to hunt. Besides, since the hero was a big eater, the princess always made a lot of dishes. The brave eats all the dishes without complaining, but if the amount is insufficient he makes a very sad face.

“And also, today I brought a lot of fruits that you like.”

“It’s too much! I can’t eat that much.”

The hero always goes to the mountains where people do not enter, so he always brought a large amount of fruits,nuts and mushrooms, as the princess founds them delicious.

The princess was angry as she has a bag full of nuts and fruits. You can keep a little, but this amount rots. She have to make sweets and jams with them. Actually, the princess likes sweets very much. So, while she was angry, her mouth was smiling a little.

The brave watches the princess as she carries the food in the cabin.

In the beginning the princess who was thin would eat the food properly after being persuaded by the hero but recently she eats in large quantities. The hero was also aiming for plenty of nutritious prey, and the princess has returned to healthy body like how she was before.

Because she works everyday she has gotten refined muscles, she has gotten more attractive body than before. Because she got supple nutrition, her lips had gotten glossy and beautiful, and it looked like a beautiful coral. The hero nodded as if he was satisfied.

“The perfume oil from the flower that you liked and the comb made from the tree are good for your hair. Please use it by all means.”

“…… Absolutely, since you’re eager to decorate your wife. I’m not asking for anything.”

“I know. It’s my selfishness to give you gifts.”

It was a flower that the hero had picked for the princess, and the princess loved that flower. It had a very nice fragrance, and the princess cared for it carefully until it withered.

The hero who remembered it gathered the flowers and the trees growing in places where humans can not enter and asked the craftsmen to make the oils and combs. He had to go back and forth many times because of the large amount of flowers, and finally he got a small bottle full of oil.

The princess seemed to be amazed, but the hero didn’t care. The princess turned her face away from the hero who looked straight at her.

“If you don’t use it, it will be wasteful and I’ll have to use it.”

“Thank you”

The princess carefully used the oil little by little, and combed with the comb.

The fragrance of the perfume oil was very wonderful, and the princess’s hair had also become shiny thanks to the perfume oil and combs.

And the princess’s hair came to have a golden glow with a gentle floral scent.

Golden hair, exquisite coral lips, silky skin, slender body, little by little the princess has regained the beauty of the time before she was kidnapped by the demon king.

However, only the eyes still remain cloudy and the glow is lost in despair.

“Is there any dissatisfaction with this life?”

“No, nothing.”

“Would you like me to leave?”

“… … I should have said that you are not obligated for anything, if I became nuisance I will head to the monastery immediately.”

When the hero asked, the princess insisted so, stubbornly.

As the princess turned her face away, the hero didn’t hear anything more. However, he continued to stare at the princess as he was troubled.

Now, when the hero went out, the princess decided to go shopping secretly. In fact, the Princess was very grateful to the hero. So while the hero was out, she decided to go out and try to get something that would make the hero happy.

The princess hides her hair and only shows her face whenever she goes out. Because the princess was famous and there was a past, it’s not good if she was found out by any chance. The princess tried hard to make herself look like a mediocre girl.

The city that she went out to was crowded. Although the princess was frightened by the large number of people, she visited the shops for the hero.

She heard a lot of rumors on the way. The rumors about the Kingdom, the demon king, about a fight that happened yesterday. These were frivolous stories, but the best was the story of the Hero and the princess.

“I am glad the princess was saved. The hero must be happy too.”

“No, no, the princess seemed to be shabby, the hero who worked hard to save the princess at the risk of his life was not rewarded.”

“Oh, the princess is no longer beautiful.”

The princess hardened when she heard the rumors. She looked at her hands softly. She had regained her beauty thanks to the hero, but the princess eyes looked dull.

When she consciously listened to the story, the people around her were talking happily about the hero and the princess.

“If you can defeat the Demon King and try to get such a beautiful princess, you had better worked hard”

“I don’t have any use for a princess. Gold and Silver treasures would have been better.”

“The hero is wonderful! Oh, I wanted you to take me your wife than the princess.”

“The princess who lost her beauty, that was her only merit is not a reward. I’m sorry for the hero.”

“Princess isn’t beautiful anymore.”

“The hero is pitiful.”

The princess suddenly noticed that she was at the hero’s house.

The hero stands anxiously in front of the house. When his eyes met with the princess, he laughed delightfully.

“Oh, good. I was wondering if something is wrong because I found you outside.Something happened?”

“………………………………………………I will leave. ”


The hero detained the princess who was heading for the door. Once the delicate wrist was held, the princess wasn’t able to forcefully release it.

The hero looked in the eyes of the violent princess while gently restraining her.

“Did I do something?”

“You are not bad. I know I am in your way, so I’m just leaving.”

“I never considered you a nuisance.”

The hero’s eyes were very sincere, and they show that he is not lying.

The princess thought about the story the people of the town were telling. The Demon King was very strong and it was very hard to save the princess. In fact, no person reached him other than the hero, and the brave hero finally won the battle.

As a reward, they couldn’t think of anything but a useless princess who lost her beauty. If the princess freely goes to the monastery, the king will have to reconsider the reward.

Therefore, the Princess who is a burden has to leave.

The hero looked puzzled as he heard from the princess such a thing.

“I am not sure, but I am very happy to have the princess?”

“It is a lie. The worthless person who was gotten rid by her father cannot be a pleasant person.”

“I am here.”

The Hero gently laughed at the glaring princess.

“I can’t do housework, either.”

“You are very good at it now. I want to eat the rice you make for the rest of my life.”

“…… Oh, I was cold to you.”

“I know you’ve been trying to get away, but have you failed?”

“I did not. It wasn’t a good attitude towards you!”

“It looked like a cat that didn’t want to get any better, so it was very lovable.”

The smiling and laughing Hero really think so. The princess was complicated to know that his attitude in the past is not the same as present.

Besides, the princess had other shortcomings, but the Hero did not mind it at all.

The princess who fought back and forth finally said what she was most concerned about.

“…… I lost my former beauty. Everyone threw away the me who didn’t have any value. You are not supposed to prefer me who was pushed on you.”

“Have you lost your beauty?”

The troubled Hero said so.

The princess grips his hand tightly. It was cold eyes that waited for the princess in the kingdom who had finally returned after enduring against the horrible Demon King.

The suitor who had whispered love once, after seeing the appearance of the princess, scrambled to escape when it was time to marry her.

The king who once doted on the princess, didn’t even hugged her who had lost her absolute value, and he quickly gave her to the Hero.

The people who once praised the princess, would scorn at her and felt sorry for the Hero as she was forced on him.

It’s not good for such a princess to be loved by the Hero.

The brave gently hugged the scared princess. The gentle smell of the flowers spread swiftly from the hair of the princess.

“You look very beautiful to me.”

“… … I’ve been groomed and somewhat reverted back.”

“It is not. You seemed to care, so I helped you to become beautiful, but you were very beautiful from the time you were in the Devil’s Castle.”

“It’s a lie!”

When she was in the Demon’s Castle, the princess was frightened and scared when she was being played by the Devil. A little while ago her heart died before she met the hero. It was a time when there was no beauty left.

The hero smiled gently at the princess who cannot believe that she is beautiful.

“I knew my first love when I saw you in the Demon’s Castle.”

At first, the hero did not care about the princess.

Because the hero with the God’s blessing had very little interest in others. Parents who had a son with such powers were no exception, nor did he mourned when they died.

When the princess was kidnapped he never tried going on a journey thinking that he might be of help. He changed his mind when he heard that everyone else had failed. He felt sorry for the fact that the princess was kidnapped for a long time and he travelled with a light feeling.

They had a hard time on the way, but it was easy for the hero with divine protection.

At the Demon’s castle, the hero was not nervous while facing the demon king. The first time the hero’s mind changed was when the captive princess was brought.

It is said that the Demon King had restrictions on something and could not interfere unless the princess’s heart was broken. So, when he saw the hero who came to save the princess, he desperately tried to break her heart.

The princess who was brought in had heard the hero’s reputation. Although it was said that the princess was very beautiful, there was no beauty in her tattered appearance. The hero who thought like that met his eyes with the princess and her face became distorted.

“………… You can leave me alone. You should run away. Tell it to everyone”

Her eyes have not lost their shine yet, and when the hero saw that radiance he felt his heart beat fast.

“I will not run. I came to save you.”

“…… I don’t need it. Go back before you lose your life!”

Looking at the glaring princess, the hero’s heart grows more and more excited. He was no longer looking at the Demon King but admiring the princess.

It was so bad that he took a sudden blow from the Demon King. When he saw the screaming princess, it damaged his heart and his face distorted with sadness and the hero decided to absolutely save the princess.

The hero who was desperate for the first time managed to defeat the Demon King and save the princess. But the eyes of the princess who continued to stare at the hero who was hurt because of her darkened in despair.

But even so, the hero was very excited to see the princess. And he thought that he wanted to see the eyes shine again.

Therefore, the hero intended to ask the king to give the princess as a reward, and he planned to escape by kidnapping if he didn’t approve of it. Before the brave could ask that, the king just said it himself.

The princess who was told of it was stunned. She looked at the eyes of the hero who was staring at her, for the first time.

“Are you in love with me?”

“Yes, anything other than you does not matter.”

“Am I not a nuisance to you?”

“Of course, I am happy that you are here.”


“I swear to God.”

The hero gently stroked the hair of the staring princess.

The hero was only interested in the princess who was worried that she had put him in danger. He fell in love with the beauty of that heart. Tears began to spill from the eyes of the princess for  the hero who conveyed it sincerely,.

“You are the first one to compliment my heart.”

“Even though it is so beautiful, there is no one with the eyes to see it.”

The crying giggling princess becomes more beautiful as she shines, and the hero fell in love with her more and more.

The hero became happy when the princess’s face became red after he told her that she is very pretty.

“If possible, I hope you fall in love with me.”

The hero was happy just by thinking it, but he was sure the princess would be happier if she loved him. Then she will not ask to leave from here.

The princess’s face turned even redder, who was told so by the hero.

“………….. Although I was desperate that the salvation didn’t come, I will not fall in love with the man who saved me.”

“But you’re always going out.”

“Because I did not want to get in the way of the person I fell in love with.”

The brave instinctively hugged the princess strongly after shyly saying that. Because the princess was suffering, she was released immediately.

The princess’s eyes, who recognized love and admiration both, were hopeful, and gleamed dazzlingly as if they contained the stars. It was higher than the beauty the hero admired.

The hero gently bit her lips so that he doesn’t get attracted by their glow. The princess also closed her eyes shyly.

That was their first kiss.

Thus, the princess who became much more beautiful than before being kidnapped, became a rumor in the blink of an eye. Those who only saw a glimpse of her beauty were deprived of their heart, even the flying birds were fascinated by her.

The king who heard that reputation called the princess and the hero to the castle. And the princess who appeared was even more beautiful than the reputation.

The glowing shining golden hair, the eyes that seem to contain the stars, the luxurious coral lips, the soft and fine silky skin, and a well-balanced body. It seems that everything was shining.

Everyone who was there were admiring the princess, and no one spoke a word.

“I came because the King of the country called.”

She graciously expressed her gratitude and greeted them. The voice was also pretty and beautiful.

The king who was called regained sanity and stared at the princess. He was sorry that he let go of that beauty.

“Oh Princess. Even though he is the hero, you live like a commoner despite being a royalty. Don’t you want to come back?”

“No, I care for the brave and I live a good life. I do not mind.”

“Still, it might be painful. How about you come back to this house of yours for once.”

“As per your word I am married. The place to return is the place of the hero.”

The king tried to convince the princess, but the princess didn’t budge an inch.

The king decided to aim at the hero next, giving up after the cold reply.

“You must be tired of the princess because she is a noble lady, hero. I will give you other rewards.”

“No, as long as I have the princess, I don’t need anything else.”

“Such a thing. We will give you all the gold and silver treasures, lots of beautiful women, the place of nobility, whatever you want. Tell me what you want.”

“That kind of thing is worthless to me. All I want is the princess.”

There was nothing to gain even here.

The troubled king also tried to woo them with words, welcomed them with the finest meal, and tried to entertain them with the finest beautiful woman.

But it didn’t have any effect neither on the hero nor the princess, and they immediately went home when saw the opportunity.

However, the king did not give up on the princess who had became even more beautiful, and he began to send messengers to them from time to time.

The people who saw the princess and the suitors who heard the rumors also visited two at their house, and struggled to persuade the princess. The peaceful life of the two had collapsed.

“After all, I only got in your way. I will leave.”

“I agree.”

The princess looked down after hearing to the agreeing hero.

Even if it was inconvenient, the princess wanted to be with the hero, so it was painful to hear him agreeing.

“Well then shall we leave this country?”


Hearing the words of the hero, the princess raised her face.

At that time, the hero scooped up the tear that fell and laughed at the dumbfounded princess.

Initially the hero was not interested in anything other than the princess. There was no reason to be in a country which was bothering the princess.

“In fact, after defeating the Demon King, I have become the lord of that land. I hear that the strongest person is the lord. Because there is no one who can defeat me who defeated the Demon King, the Castle is mine too.”

“…… Is that the same castle where I was held captive?”

“Yes, if you don’t mind, why don’t we live there?”

That castle held no good memories for the princess. But she thought it would be fine if it was with the brave.

“If you are with me, I can live anywhere.”

“That’s good. I am fine wherever we live if you are with me.”

The hero and the princess who said so smiled and disappeared on the next day.

The king searched for the princess, and turned the hero into a wanted criminal. However, he couldn’t find those two people.

The king died young because of the fear for the princess.

Even then there were those who looked for the two people, but none died. It was feared that this was the curse of the hero, and no person was there to search for them.

There was a place where two children were running around happily.

Both of them were beautiful children, and they looked just like the women who was watching them while smiling.

“Both of them look exactly like you, don’t they?”

“As for me, I want a child similar to you.”

The man gently hugs the woman and mischievously smile after hearing it.

“Let’s make it again. We can feed as many as we want. ”

“Well, already!”

The man smiled kindly to the woman who blushed as she is embarrassed.

The children were multiplied by the two.

The spectacle that they all laughed at was truly happiness.

The princess who married the hero lived a long and happy life. It was a happy ending.


Author’s comments:-

Whatever you think, being kidnapped by the Demon king is a trauma …….

I want the princess to be happy.

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