Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 05

Level Up

I’m not really sure how, but the plate that appeared earlier was definitely because of my Blacksmith power. The problem was how that was possible.

I mean, isn’t Blacksmith an occupation that can only manufacture weapons?

At least that’s what everyone says. That’s why the Blacksmith occupation is supposed to be useless. However, I can make a lot more things by using the Creation Hammer. If that’s the case… the sky’s the limit. If I can make anything, my life’s going to get a lot easier.

Above all, there’s limits to what I can create, but if any little things in the inn get broken, I can fix them with this. It’ll be a little helpful.

“Next is… the level, huh?”

I’ve vaguely heard about levels. Some occupations have a ‘level’ that can increase their power. Occupations with a level system are very rare, but they say it’s a bad thing because people can’t unleash their full potential if they don’t reach a certain level. On the other hand, when one exceeds a certain level, they’ll actually be stronger than occupations without a leveling system.

It’s supposed to be easy to level up, you just kill monsters. Next to the main level is probably an indicator of experience, or progress to the next level. My experience level is 1 already. But I don’t remember defeating any monsters… was that from when I made that plate?

I guess all I can do is give it a try. I destroyed the plate I’d created before, collecting the materials with the Creation Hammer, and then I created it again. When the new plate was ready, I checked my level.

The experience was showing as 2/10. Apparently, I was right. For now, I’ll try to get to level 2.

After repeating the process eight more times, my main level had increased to 2. Now, the experience indicator next to it was showing as [0/30].

It’s not just the numbers that changed. I felt like my body was getting lighter as well. When I looked around at the things in my room, I saw that I could create some things I couldn’t before. I see… the more I level up, the more things I can create.

This was getting a little fun. I tried to break the plate once again to gain experience, but this time it didn’t work. The experience level would only increase when two plates were created.

Is it because it was something that could be created at level 1? So what about what I can create at level 2? I saw a chair close to me that could only be created now that I was at level 2. I took out the hammer, the Divine Treasure given by God, and destroyed the chair, one leg at a time. Then I pictured the chair in my mind, and created it.

The experience level increased. Apparently, after reaching level 2, the things that can be created at that same level give more experience.

So I can actually make anything with Blacksmith, huh?

I kept grinding for experience until I got tired.

◆ ◆ ◆

It’s been a week since the first time I started leveling up. I gained experience steadily, and when I reached level 6, a new change appeared.

< It’s now possible to create items using only magical power. >

I heard those words. Create with only magical power? Based on that, so far the creation has consumed both materials and magic. So how is this different? I looked at the bed I was able to create at level 5, which I broke down a little while ago.

As I stared at it, the text about what I can create appeared, and the necessary material was displayed there as well. For a moment, I thought nothing had changed, but then there was a new line of text, Create bed with only magical power.

Just magical power, huh? Is it really possible to do that, make this whole bed with just magic? I gave it a try immediately, and felt an immense amount of magical power leave my body. I almost passed out for a moment, but I managed to stay awake. There was an obviously disturbing bed there.

I put my hand on my forehead. I should have created something a little smaller…

The bed was collected for the time being. I managed it as it was without disassembling it. This occupation sure is convenient. It’s nice to be able to carry your belongings with you like this.

While sitting on the bed, I displayed a window that can be operated with the Blacksmith occupation. I recently noticed it was possible to project that thing into my field of view, without having to think about it in my mind.

I checked the list of items that could be created when I reached level 6. Up until level 5, it was just things that could be used in daily life, but at level 6, new items were added. Weapons!

When you’re talking about Blacksmiths, this is exactly what you expect. I confirmed four weapons that were added: sword, spear, axe, and rod.

“…All you need is a magic stone and magical power.”

Magic stones can be obtained as a drop from monsters. It seems that you can make weapons by combining magic stones and magical power.

Weapons, huh? Honestly, this is not really valuable. Nobody needs these because everyone already has Divine Treasures.

But it would be harder to gain experience using things I could make at level 5, which was to say, just miscellaneous lifestyle goods. I’m sure there was an occupation originally intended to make those, right? Like a furniture maker occupation. It might not be a bad idea to check for those, too.

But first, I need to create some weapons. It’s better to gain experience by creating them, so I needed to collect magic stones.

Well… if I asked some adventurers in the cafeteria, I might get one. I went down and explained the situation lightly to an adventurer, leaving out the part about being a Blacksmith. I got an F-ranked magic stone. It was pretty beautiful, even if it’s the lowest rank. I went back to my room with it.

Let’s make weapons immediately. I started with the sword. After collecting the magic stone, I touched the word Create. Once again I felt magical power drain from my body, and the sword was completed. By finishing the sword, the number of new weapons that could be created had increased. Now there was a Broadsword… was that better than a regular sword?

That required more magic stones, so it seems a bit difficult to make. When I looked at the sword I just created, the rank was displayed.

Oh yeah, when my Blacksmith occupation reached level 5, I found out that everything has a rank. The higher the rank, the better the item is, in various ways. The sword’s rank was F. The rank of the magic stone used was F as well.

If it’s following the same standard, this sword would be the lowest rank too. I took out the Creation Hammer and hit the sword with it. The moment it hit the sword, the sword shattered lightly after emitting a flash. Even this can be destroyed without any problem.

What remained was a magic stone that went back into my stash of materials. With that being the case, getting past level 6 wouldn’t seem to be a problem.

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