Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 09

Aristocratic Bedding

「Ah, wait. This is the family crest of the Arsus house.」

He took out a piece of cloth from his pocket to prove it. It certainly looks like a noble family crest.

…Nobility again, huh?

This time, I was a little worried because I’d been interacting with him so casually.

「The Arsus family has a daughter about your age. Lately, she hasn’t been able to sleep properly. The doctor we called on said he couldn’t find a cause, so I was told to find some bedding that would satisfy her.」
「…so that’s it.」
「How involved are you with the furniture of this inn?」
「…just those few pieces.」
「I see, if that’s the case, can you go to the mansion to make the young lady some good furniture?」

It was an unexpected offer. This is no longer something I can deal with on the spot.

「May I consult with my parents first?」
「Sure, I understand. You don’t have to come immediately. I’m going back to the mansion now anyway, so it’s fine, you can send your answer with this letter.」

He gave me a letter with an address on it. It’s probably from the Count. When I looked at it, the only thing I’d need to write was the answer.

「I understand.」
「Well then, I’ll excuse myself.」

He quickly stood up and left the room.

…nevertheless, I never thought a noble would ask me to make furniture. I mean, I’m a Blacksmith. This occupation should only be good at making weaponry.

Well, I can’t do anything until I consult with my folks.

◆ ◆ ◆

That night, I told Oba-san and Oji-san what we talked about. Then they looked me in the eye.

「What do you want to do, Relius?」
「Personally… I don’t know what to choose.」
「Is that so? If you’re going to be doing that kind of work in the future, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to go ahead and start forming relationships with nobles.」

I was a little surprised at Oji-san’s words, but thinking about it… I started to see that way of life as a possibility. Until then, I’d been vaguely thinking I might always work in that inn.

Because I have no talent as an adventurer, I have no choice but to work hard here, right? But… there are still other ways to make a living.

「I don’t know yet. But I feel like I want to try it.」
「…I see. So how about you go for it?」
「Yeah, I understand… I’ll try it.」
「Good, do your best!」

Oji-san patted my shoulder. Oba-san just sighed.

「Lynn was gone already, and eventually Relius will go as well, I’m going to be so lonely.」

She said that as she looked at me.
Lynn… I wonder if she is studying hard at school right now.

◆ ◆ ◆

A week after I wrote the reply, a carriage came to pick me up. It’s a luxurious kind of carriage that I’ve never ridden before.

It’s definitely from that noble, and a knight and servant came along with it. We left for the Arsus mansion as soon as I got in.

Still, a bed for a girl who can’t sleep at night. I wonder if I can create it.

We arrived at the mansion two days after leaving town. It was surprisingly far, and located in a city. That city and the surrounding land were territories entrusted to the Arsus family.

It was night when I got out of the carriage at the mansion. When we entered, the head of the Arsus family――Lion Arsus, came over. He looked like he was in his 30s.

「Nice to meet you, Relius. I’m Lion, the head of the family. Thank you for accepting our request.」
「No, I’m grateful to you for asking me here.」
「Come to think of it, from what I’ve heard, you’re a Blacksmith, aren’t you?」
「Yes, sir.」

The servant who heard my answer looked at me anxiously. Blacksmiths are useless. History has proven that. The lord looked at me and sighed.

「Well, it’s alright as long as you can do something about the problem. Now, will you have a look at my daughter’s room?」
「Yes, sir.」

Lion-san was apparently busy, so the butler showed me to the daughter’s room.

「Phila-sama. May I enter the room?」

The young lady’s name seems to be Phila.


When a grumpy voice answered from inside the room, the butler opened the door and we went in. The room was dark, lit only by moonlight slipping through the window.

The girl shook her beautiful blonde hair, and looked at us with sharp eyes. Her wavy hair was long enough to stretch down her back.

She must’ve been trying to sleep. Her night-clothes are so thin, I could even see her body through them. A necklace with a red magic stone was shining on her chest.

I wondered how much it was worth. It was beautiful.

She was lying down while holding a pillow, with clearly visible bags under her eyes. She hasn’t been able to sleep for a long time, after all.

「…Is that the person who can make a good bed?」
「According to the knight who tried it, that bed was better than anything he’d ever used.」
「But, he’s a Blacksmith, isn’t he?」
「T-that’s right.」
「Isn’t that the weakest occupation? What can he do?」

It’s unavoidable that they’d say this. I would have had the same impression in their shoes. I mean, even before I showed up, Phila seemed to be in a bad mood already. I think she’s like that because of her lack of sleep.

「…I want to be able to sleep early, but a Blacksmith…」

Phila glared at me.

「For that reason, we will have to see your bed now… please proceed, Relius-sama.」

The butler looked at me, so I nodded, and approached Philia’s bed.

The only way to prove my ability is to solve her problem. She just stared at me.

I need to break the bed down and recreate it. First, I looked at it to check the current rank.

…Rank C, huh? Not bad. However, I was concerned about the effect that had been granted to the bed.

Sleep Disturbance, S-rank.

When I saw those words, I wondered… is it possible to add an effect to what I make? If so, would that mean it’s possible to add some kind of effect to my crafted weapons?

I’d never seen anything like that before. I was a little confused because it was my first time seeing it.

「…How is it? Can you make a new one?」
「Wait a minute… excuse me, I want to examine it for a while, so is it possible for you to rest in another room?」
「Huh? I don’t care, just do it!」

Phila replied with an angry voice. When I sighed loudly, the butler gently grabbed Phila’s shoulder.

「Phila-sama, an artisan’s work requires concentration. Let’s not get in the way」
「…Alright, alright.」

Phila bit her lip and then stood up. Her steps were wobbly.

…She really must not have been able to sleep very much.

When they were gone, I took out the hammer. Well… I wonder if this will work.

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