Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 12


The Arsus family’s problem was successfully solved. After staying with them for about three days, I left for the inn.

When we parted, Phila told me to “come and see her again”, but I wondered if that will ever happen.

While on my way back, I concluded that if she really wants to see me, we’ll definitely meet again at some point. I started working immediately when I got home.

A new person started working there while I was gone, but it looks like she wasn’t used to the work yet. I’ll just do my usual tasks while teaching her how we do things.

…Actually, the inn is extremely busy now. Until recently, we had days where not even a single customer came, but now we’re always fully booked.

What’s more, all of those customers were paying to stay for a long period of time. They seem to have taken a great liking to this inn.

Seeing how happy those people are to be here makes me want to work even harder.

「Really, the beds in this inn are so comfortable!」

I heard that while I was working in the cafeteria.

「No kidding, sleeping here really dispels your fatigue like nothing else…」
「And I’ll say it again, the chairs are just as good as the beds, everything in these rooms is better than what you’d find in a luxury inn!」

They’re talking about the furniture I made… it’s so satisfying to hear them praise it so highly.

Oops, I accidentally said what I was thinking. Work, work, don’t be lazy, stories like that should drive me to work harder, not to stand around feeling pleased.

「Hey, Relius! You’ve just come back, haven’t you? Don’t push yourself!」

I was just about to work with a lot of motivation, but then Oji-san went and said that to me.

「No, I’m fine, I just…」
「It’s no problem, go on back to your room and take a break once in a while!」

…If you put it like that, I have no choice but to rest. Maybe this is why they hired more part-time staff, so they can handle this kind of workload without dropping. Apparently, even if I relaxed a bit more, the work wouldn’t go undone.

I cleaned up what I was doing and went back to my room afterwards. Even if I’m doing less of the inn’s work, it’s not as if I suddenly have nothing to do.

While I was at the Arsus mansion, I gained a new power. I was playing with Phila the whole time, so I couldn’t try it until now.

《Your level is now sufficient to grant skills to your creations.》

My 『Blacksmith』 occupation has already reached level 10. Still, granting skills, huh?

《Only currently acquired skills can be granted to a manufactured item. The number of skills that can be granted to each manufactured item is determined by the manufactured item itself.》

…So what skills have I currently acquired? When I looked into it, I found three skills: Sleep Disturbance, Automatic Return, and Provides Sleep Disturbance.

It’s what I’ve destroyed before… Can skills be acquired by destroying them? Does that mean I can freely put these effects on anything I make?

Well, there’s nothing that I can really use right now, is there? These are only good for harassment. Automatic return might not be bad, because I can make sure I don’t forget or lose something.

I can make more weapons now, specifically iron weapons, such as iron swords or lances.

I can also make some accessories. However, unlike furniture, a lot of magic stones are required to make those. Fortunately, I received a month’s worth of pay from the Arsus family.

It won’t be difficult to buy the materials. What matters now are skills ㅡ I can make better equipment by granting skills to it.

If that happens, maybe I’ll be able to fight as well. If I can live as an adventurer, I’ll be able to solve all my current problems.

In order to do that, I have to go to the market. I check the clock in my room for the time.

Well, I have nothing to do, so let’s go. With the money in hand, I went out into the city.

◆ ◆ ◆

I arrived at the adventurers’ street, where various magic stone and accessory shops are lined up. All the adventurers there were fully equipped, including their Divine Treasures.

…they’re all carrying fine Divine Treasures, so they don’t need a Blacksmith. When I stared at one Divine Treasure, I was surprised that my eyes were actually able to appraise it.

Hook Sword                             [A-Rank]

  • Rain Cutter                   [A-Rank]
  • Automatic Recovery   [B-Rank]
  • Sharpness                    [C-Rank].

…Oh, I can even appraise a Divine Treasure? There sure are a lot of skills attached to a single one of them.

Well, I’ve only seen a few Divine Treasures in person until now. When I looked closely, there was a line that said “Impossible to create at this time.”

…At this time?

I raised my eyebrows at that. If I keep increasing my level, will it eventually be possible to make one myself?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could make Divine Treasures at will? I couldn’t calm down once I thought about it. If I can make Divine Treasures, I could definitely play an active part as an adventurer. Yosh! I have to work even harder!

An important part of that work is acquiring new skills. I look around the stores, to the shop where accessories are on display.

Since I didn’t know the conditions for skill acquisition, I tried to only buy what I thought was necessary. Fortunately, the rank of the skill on the item doesn’t seem to correlate to the price.

If you’re looking at a Divine Treasure, you already expect it to have multiple skills of various ranks, but you can’t immediately judge anything else the same way.

That was also the reason I didn’t immediately notice the problem with Phila’s necklace.

Simply put, the price of an accessory increases if it looks fashionable. While talking to the owner and sometimes negotiating for discounts, I managed to buy some accessories with high-ranking skills.

For now, the money I have was enough for three items. When I returned to my room, I arranged them on the bed.

….the skills didn’t seem to be acquired just from purchasing the accessories. In that case, I was left with the normal way of doing things. I pulled out the hammer and destroyed the accessories.

With that, I checked the skill list. Yes, it’s increasing!

This means if I use the hammer to destroy an accessory that has skills on it, I can then place those skills onto an item, right? Can I apply the skill to any number of items even if I only acquired it once?

Well, I have a starting point, that’s enough for now. I can figure out the other details later.

From those accessories, I acquired three new skills.

Automatic Recovery [S-Rank].
Stamina Enhancement [S-Rank].
Muscle Strength Enhancement [S-Rank].

Those three. Just based on the names of those skills, I could imagine what effects they must have had. Time to experiment with them for a little while.

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