Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 13

Grant Skill

First, I created an Iron Sword [S-Rank] and took it out, holding it by the sheath.

It’s a good sword… I think. The rank is high, so it has to be a good sword.

…I can give skills to this sword, right? How do I do that?

Let’s see if anything comes up when I think about skill granting…

Okay, granting skills does seem to be possible with this sword.

Without further ado, I granted Muscle Strength Enhancement [S-rank].

I tried to project that information before my eyes.

…Yup yup, I see how it is.

I wanted to grant the skills, but it doesn’t seem to be that simple. The Iron Sword I was holding now had a number of 0/100. This number would increase when I granted skills to the sword.

For example, when I gave it Muscle Strength Enhancement [S-Rank], it became 50/100.

It’s probably impossible to grant skills that would make the numbers exceed 100. Come to think of it, does this number differ depending on the weapon?

I made another to test that.

Yep, it is in fact quite different.

At first, I thought it was because of the rank, but apparently that wasn’t the only factor. On the second Iron Sword [S-Rank] I made, the number was 0/120.

It sure seems like one could standardize the quality of weapons based on these numbers.

Then when I was looking at skills, I found that I could set the rank of the skill I wanted to grant. In other words, it was possible to grant Muscle Strength Enhancement at A-Rank rather than S-Rank.

Is this because I originally got Muscle Strength Enhancement at S-Rank?

Well, looking at other skills, all of them seemed possible to grant from F- to S-Rank. The F-Rank skills only added a very small amount to that number.

However, if the rank of the skill is lowered, the effect must be weaker, right? Even if the effect is stronger with rank, it’s important to weigh whether or not it might be better to lower it so I could include more skills, or if a skill isn’t worth using below a certain rank.

Back to the weapon that I’d just made, the Iron Sword. Since I had two S-Rank swords in front of me, I added two skills onto each one of them.

Specifically, Muscle Strength Enhancement [S-Rank] and Automatic Return [S-Rank]. Yeah, I feel like it’s a really good weapon now, this is what you could call proper combat equipment.

After that, I created accessories with the remaining magic stones, and gave them two Muscle Strength Enhancement [S-Rank] skills.

I put the accessories on and felt the skill effects just by wearing them. At least that’s consistent with what people say, it’s common knowledge among adventurers.

So now, I kinda want to try it out. I want to see if this is enough to let me fight monsters.

Incidentally, tomorrow is a holiday, so there might be time to go out and fight a weak monster. Let’s give it a try. If I can fight even weak monsters, I might be able to collect more magic stones. The more magic stones I have, the more new weapons I can make.

Let’s fight a goblin tomorrow.

◆ ◆ ◆

The next day, I went outside the city.

When I was ten years old, I registered as an adventurer to get the ID card. That’s why I thought about accepting a quest from the guild, but that could lead to problems. I decided to act alone.

After I received God’s blessing, they updated my occupation and Divine Treasure.

It’s common sense that the Blacksmith occupation can’t fight and is generally weak. That’s what they always told me back then, so I really didn’t want to deal with the guild very much.

I made it past the gate leading out of the city. As expected, I didn’t get stopped by the gatekeepers there because they couldn’t tell my occupation was Blacksmith from my current appearance.

Time to go find a goblin to defeat.

As for combat techniques, I was planning to be an adventurer from the start, so I knew a few things. I’d also been training my body and working hard every day in the inn. Even on my days off, I still often went to the nearby dojo, and my late parents used to teach me how to fight monsters.

I walked outside the city for a while without finding anything.

There are so few monsters near the city, it seems I need to go a little further away.

When I was so far away from the city that it started to look small, I finally found a goblin.

I looked at my two swords.

I’ve fought monsters several times with my parents, especially Goblins. I’ve been fighting since before I got these weapons and accessories.

I was confident that I could fight without any problems.

I threw a sword at the goblin who was sniffing something. It flew straight and true, piercing the goblin’s left shoulder.

That was what I intended from the start.


…It unexpectedly sank into the shoulder up to the hilt. The goblin screeched and looked around glaring, quickly noticing where I was.

I threw my other sword, and again it fully pierced into the goblin, which dropped to its knees.

The sharpness seems really good, and my attacks are much more powerful than usual. This is probably also the effect of Muscle Strength Enhancement.

The goblin could still sit up on his knees even though it had suffered considerable damage. As expected from a wild monster.

Before it could move towards me, I activate Automatic Return. The two swords that were embedded into it moved and returned directly into their sheaths hanging on my waist.

Blood spurted from the goblin’s wounds, and it fell over on the spot. It seemed to still be alive, though, so I threw a sword at it again.

Once it stopped moving completely, I returned the sword to its sheath.

That went well, huh?

I’d already thought the Automatic Return skill would work well for a weapon, and I’d guessed correctly.

However, if I’m putting it on throwing weapons, it might be better to use something more appropriate, like a throwing knife or dagger. There should be a dagger in the weapon section that I can make. Let’s just collect the magic stones for today, and create some daggers later.

When I went to take a magic stone from the goblin’s body, something occurred to me: What happens if I touch this goblin’s body with the Creation Hammer?

Thus, I touched the hammer to it with much intrigue, and the body disappeared.

Where’d it go?

Quickly looking at the usual production screen, I found out that all things related to the goblin were added. Necessary materials were listed, and their present quantities increased appropriately.

…Can I take the goblin’s fangs back out?

As soon as I thought that, the fangs appeared in my hand. They’re still bloody, but they look perfectly intact.

So that’s it? I don’t need to dismantle each part by hand?

Hunting monsters suddenly got much easier.

Certainly, my parents’ have dismantled the monsters with such a Divine Treasure as well, it’s so useful. It’s also much cleaner than dismantling normally.

「Alright, let’s defeat more monsters, and dismantle them just like this.」

If I defeat monsters, I can gain experience, too. However, compared to creating something, the efficiency is poor. Maybe it’s because goblins are a weak monster in general.

I resolved to continue leveling up, keep improving, and become stronger.

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