Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 14

New Skill

Today, I was able to defeat about 20 goblins.

However, the experience gained from the goblins is insignificant. If my goal is to level up, maybe it’s better to only do blacksmithing work. At any rate, I now have the materials for all things goblin-related.

The most important thing is that I can now make accessories with the collected magic stones. If I’m making accessories, I can sell those to the guild, and in so doing, make money naturally as an adventurer.

It’s much more efficient than selling the raw magic stones.

As a bonus, I can still buy and sell magic stones in guilds, hence I’ll be able to make money indefinitely, as long as my magic doesn’t disappear.

…In other words, money will someday cease to be a problem.

Well, if there’s one thing to worry about, it would be that it might seem strange if I suddenly start selling a bunch of accessories out of nowhere. I’ll need to do this in moderation, perhaps only once a week or so.

In that case, it will be a while until I become fully independent.

Using the goblin materials acquired today, I immediately attempted to create a new piece of equipment, a goblin iron sword.

It seems I can combine the iron sword with the goblin materials. Let’s try that now.

I wondered what would happen to the skill that was already attached to the weapon, but it disappeared.

By becoming a goblin iron sword, its capacity jumped to 0/200. I was able to grant it Stamina Enhancement, Automatic Return, and Muscle Strength Enhancement, all at S-rank, with room to spare.

Those are all of the strongest skills I have at the moment. If I can acquire more in the future, I should be able to produce even more powerful equipment. Eventually, it may be possible to grant skill sets equivalent to those in Divine Treasures.

For the time being, the only equipment I have is a newly made goblin iron sword, so I’ll also make a throwing weapon with the remaining magic stones.

For a moment I thought about bows and arrows, but I discarded that idea immediately because I had no experience using a bow. A throwing knife is good enough, after all.

I made a goblin iron knife first. It was really suitable for throwing, and fit perfectly in the hand, so I made a second one to match. And now the two knives are ready to use.

Then, using the goblin skin, I tried to make a goblin belt. That also had a knife pouch that could hold some extra knives, very convenient.

However, because it was made from goblin skin, it feels a little barbaric to wear, but oh well, it can’t be helped.

The important thing is it already looks like good equipment, that’s all.

For all the equipment, I put on S-Rank Muscle Strength Enhancement and S-Rank Automatic Return.

Though when I’m not using them I can just put them in the Blacksmith Item Storage. That ability is definitely the most convenient part of this occupation.

Speaking of occupations, tomorrow I’ll go back to working at the inn. So… oh yeah, I need to find out a little more about Automatic Recovery.

Tomorrow, let’s look for an empty room and give this skill to the bed. If I’m right, I’m sure I can expect a good effect from it.

◆ ◆ ◆

The number of part-time workers has increased again. My work became four days a week, and I can rest for the next three days.

Recently, the inn seems to have changed quite a bit more. The other day, someone from the merchant guild came to talk about the possibility of opening a new inn branch. However, Oji-san and Oba-san didn’t seem like they wanted to.

As for my experiment with Automatic Recovery, I was satisfied that its effects were just as I expected.

「Oy, Relius, th-this inn!」

A regular customer, an adventurer, called me when I was working as the receptionist.

「What happened?」
「Recently, resting at this inn has left my body feeling even lighter than usual!」
「Hooo, that’s good, isn’t it?」

There seemed to be two effects of Automatic Recovery.

First of all, the effect will certainly work on the item itself. If it’s broken or damaged, it will repair itself over time. Secondly, it can heal the wounds of people who wear it.

These aren’t extreme effects, but if, for example, you put them on your bed, your wounds will be healed while you sleep. It had been a week since I applied that skill, but rumors of it had already started to reach adventurers who engaged in a lot of physical labor.

Come to think of it, the person from the merchant guild that came the other day was back again today.

He was still trying to talk about opening a new branch, but Oji-san and Oba-san had refused him again, saying they couldn’t go any further.

If there are workers, I could make as much furniture as necessary, but it would become a different inn from what Oji-san built.

Well, Oji-san didn’t really want a new branch anyway. It would also be better for me if things stayed like this.

I only had to work on especially busy mornings, and aside from that, I was free to work on my own as I pleased.

Alright, let’s go to the market today. It’ll be good if I can get some new skills.

I kept all the money in the item storage, so I didn’t have to carry anything around. It was still morning when I arrived at the market, and I walked around while browsing the stores.

…I hope I can find some good equipment.

As I looked, I could see that a few weapons were for sale, all traded at low prices. Apparently, equipment is only rarely dropped by monsters in the labyrinth. Adventurers considered weapons to be a trash drop, armor to be acceptable, and accessories to be jackpots.

Such weapons are worthless except as antiques and decorations.

At best, they’re used by people who haven’t received a blessing from God. The market for weapons is limited to stylish ones. For example, something like my iron sword would sell for the same amount as one meal at an ordinary inn.

That’s why I’d rather buy weapons, but merchants rarely deal with it in the first place. After all, they’d rather be selling something that makes money.

However, I got lucky today.

「If you want this sword, I’ll sell it cheap to you, brother!」
「How much is it?」
「For you, how about 500 Gorudo?」
「Isn’t that price a little high?」

The merchant didn’t relax his smile at all.

…The negotiations started from there. I was able to haggle him down to giving me not just the sword but also some magic stones for 500 Gorudo.

Nevertheless, no one seemed to know the skills attached to the sword. Thanks to that, I was able to acquire some interesting skills.

This is what I found when appraised it:

Skeleton Sword                  100 / 100

  • Bone Shot                [S-Rank]
  • Poison Attack          [S-Rank]

It’s just a bone sword, it’s not even good for decoration. I mean, it’ll look like you’re cursed if you use it as decoration, but it’s the first time I’ve seen this Bone Shot skill myself.

I’ve heard of some Divine Treasures having a skill like that, so is this something similar?

I’d just have to give it a try.

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