Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 22

 Try It

「The requests are listed on this bulletin board.」

Mear-san indicated the bulletin board she was talking about, where a lot of papers were pinned to the board and the nearby wall. The whole thing was loosely divided into ranks, but the boundaries were difficult to understand.

「Can you only accept requests that are the same as your adventurer rank?」

「No, you can also accept quests that are one rank above or below your current rank.」

「So, Mear-san, that means you can also take D- and F-rank requests?」


In order to ensure new adventurers still have jobs to do, people in higher ranks aren’t allowed to receive bottom-tier requests.

「What do you want to do about your request? If I’m not mistaken, it was only a subjugation request where you have to complete it or you’ll get demoted, right?」

「…That’s right. I have to fulfill an E-rank request, is that okay with you?」

「It’s no problem.」

「I see…? Well, since you were able to move like that before, I’m sure you’re more talented than I am. For all I know, I might only end up slowing you down. Uh, you know what I mean…」

「That’s not true, most of that was thanks to my equipment. For the same reason, your strength should also be completely different from before, so don’t worry about it.」

「I… I wish that were the case.」

Mear-san patted her cheeks and then shook her head.

「I’m sorry. I’m your senior and should be mentoring you, yet here I am acting so pitiful.」

「Please don’t worry about that. I’m your senior in the inn, so our position shouldn’t change that much.」

「Haha, that’s right.」

Mear-san loosened up and grabbed a request. Looking over her shoulder, I saw it was a subjugation request for a monster called a Red Wolf.

The difficulty was E-rank, like she needed.

「Do you want to take that one?」

「Yeah. I’ve defeated Red Wolves in the past, so we should be able to manage it.」

In the past, huh? Now that she’s changed her equipment, it should be fine, right?

We went to the request counter with the form in hand.

「Are request forms always accepted?」

「Yeah, they are.」

I realized the reason for that when I looked at the reception desk. Everyone taking requests was exchanging money for them.

「So you need to pay to take a request, huh?」

Mear-san nodded.

「Requests have a deadline, and whoever accepts a request has exclusive rights to it.」

「Oh, you have a point there.」

「From the Guild’s point of view, if a subjugation fails, they need to ask another adventurer to do it. If it’s an urgent request, the reward increases. It’s like labor, in that case. If you can complete the request, rest assured, the money you paid to accept it is refunded along with the reward.」

「I see. If it’s like that, I imagine the fee also increases for higher-ranked requests?」

「That’s right. Adventurers always have to keep enough money on hand to accept requests of their level. Well, there are permanent requests, if you don’t want to do subjugations.」

「I see… I’ll keep that in mind.」

Permanent requests were mostly things like deliveries. She kept explaining all that to me, and we eventually got to the front of the line, where we showed our card to the receptionist.

There was a fairy sitting at the reception desk, who touched the guild card and then noted down that the request was currently active.

This guild card technology was brought in by the fairies, as a gift to human society. We haven’t actually been able to analyze how it works, but we keep using it because it’s convenient for the Adventurer Guild’s purposes.

The fairies didn’t speak, but they waved their hands cutely, as if to say they were rooting for us.

As we had finished our business, we left the guild.

「Relius. According to the information on the request, the Red Wolves we’re looking for are near the North Gate. Let’s head there.」

「Alright, got it.」

We headed on over.

「How does Relius usually fight?」

「Hmm… let’s see. If anything, I’m good at medium distance.」

「Medium distance, huh? Does your Divine Treasure have an attack skill?」

「Oh, well, about that… hey, that’s the place, isn’t it?」

I have the Bone Shot skill that anyone can use, but I don’t want to talk about it just yet.

「I can only fight in close range. Can I… have you go along the flank to cover me?」

「Sure, I can do that. But I’d like to ask you a question first, Mear-san. What’s your Divine Treasure?」

「Oh, let me show you.」

Mear-san moved as if taking something out of her side, and a sword appeared in her hand. The blade was wavy, resembling a flame.

「My Divine Treasure, Flamberge.」

That sword she was swinging around was… incomparably beautiful compared to my Iron Goblin Sword.

I stared at her Divine Treasure to see what skills it had.


  • Flame Attack [S-Rank]
  • Flame Slash   [S-Rank]
  • Mikiri*            [S-Rank]

There were three skills attached, and the weapon seemed specialized in the fire attribute. It looked so cool compared to my Hammer.

…It’s amazing.

「Can Relius’ Divine Treasure be used in combat?」

「I’ve never actually used it for that… I’ve been using this sword and knife when I fight.」

「So… with that, you said your strong point is to fight from the middle range?」


「Hu~h, if you say so. I guess I’ll find out when I see it.」

「Then I have no choice but to demonstrate on the Red Wolf. However… this is my first time fighting an E-rank monster, so I apologize if I end up having to retreat later.」

「Hmm… why don’t we fight a goblin first, before the Red Wolf? I also haven’t been able to test my strength.」

「Sure, let’s do that.」

It’s also better if we work on our coordination under safer circumstances.

*- The term of mikiri is associated with Musashi Miyamoto and his excellent sharpness of perception. For him, mikiri was the basis of his concept of strategy.

Mikiri is basically the ability to judge distance by eye and act accordingly. It is putting the body out of range of the attack by a fraction of a centimeter. In other words avoiding the attack and stay in the distance.

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