Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 46

What You Can Do

While watching Val, I took out the handgun and pointed it at the goblin. The goblin looked at it, but didn’t seem particularly scared. As far as it was concerned, it probably looked like I was basically pointing my finger at it.

This weapon seems to belong to a category of weapons known as ‘guns’. The blueprint referred to it as such, anyway. It’s supposed to be lighter and easier to carry than other guns, and ‘moderately’ powerful ― which begs the question, does that mean there are other guns that are heavier and more powerful?

With that in mind, I put magic into the cylinder and pulled the trigger, and a bullet of magic shot straight from the muzzle, hitting the goblin and penetrating right through it.

…Huh? That was more powerful than I expected. It pierced the goblin’s body easily, like a thin spear. Wh-what the heck is this?

The fallen goblin had already stopped breathing. I shot towards its chest, so I might have pierced its heart. I don’t know if that monster’s body structure is the same as a human’s, but if so then it was right around the correct area.

The other goblin was suddenly much more cautious after realizing its companion died so quickly. Val jumped toward it, approaching in a fast glide before smashing the goblin in the face with his tail.

The goblin staggered with a more crooked nose than it had before. Hold up, where’s that little guy getting that kind of strength? Val then sprayed his fire breath prodigiously, as if intending to annihilate the goblin. Bright red flames engulfed the goblin’s body.

…The breath he showed me so easily earlier turned out to be quite powerful.

Very soon, two goblins were burned to a crisp. Val came back to me after putting them out with water breath, tilting his head as if to say “How was that?” He was so cute, I had to pat his head. It was smooth and pleasant to the touch.

“Well done, Val.”


It was overkill, but I didn’t hold it against him because he was cute. I went ahead and hit the burnt goblin with my hammer, turning its charred flesh into perfectly untouched meat. Apparently, as long as the body still has its original shape, I can recover the materials just fine with my hammer.

“So, Val… that’s about how much you can fight?”


He made a confident face, and I got the sense he could keep fighting. That’s already more endurance than I expected.

“…If I mass-produced dragon eggs, that would be―”

Wouldn’t I create the strongest legion ever? But as soon as I thought about it, Val got angry.

“Val, val!”

His tail slapped me gently on the cheek.

“What’s wrong with you, Val?”

“Val val!”

He pointed at himself with his tail. …Is this based on what I was just talking about?

“Do you mean I shouldn’t mass-produce dragon eggs?”


Well, according to him, I’m not allowed to have any other dragons. I guess even monsters can get jealous.

“Alright, you win. You’re the only dragon I’ll get, okay?”


He nodded confidently, as if to say “Good, good.”

But what if I find other eggs in the future? Well, it’s not like that’ll actually happen.

“Val. I want to test this weapon a little more. Can you leave the rest to me for now?”

Val nodded. “Val!”

At any rate, I brought him with me to look for more goblins. I took aim as soon as we found one. What I wanted to investigate this time was the variance in power. Will it get stronger based on how much magic I put in? Also, what’s the range of the projectile?

First of all, the power. I pulled the trigger with more magic than the first time. It penetrated the chest of the goblin that was running toward me. I felt like it was a little more powerful than before. For the next goblin, I used just a little magic power. It hit them in the chest, but didn’t penetrate. However, the goblin reacted like it had taken a huge blow, before staggering, foaming at the mouth, and eventually keeling over dead.

I had given this handgun the Poison Attack skill earlier, but… apparently, it still worked on the projectile. This is so useful! I’d been going to so much effort throwing knives until now, and that’s no longer necessary.

I dismantled the goblin’s body and moved on to the next phase of testing: Range. How far does the projectile fly? I activated Visual Enhancement, found a target, and pointed my handgun in that direction before the target could notice me. Its distance was about fifty meters.

With the first shot. I gave it a small amount of magic. The bullet shrank with distance, eventually disappearing after only traveling about twenty meters. That’s as far as it went, huh?

With the next shot, I put a moderate amount of magic power and pulled the trigger. Like before, its size tapered off to nothing, but it went a little farther. That’s about thirty meters, right? I put a little more for the next shot, and got it to forty meters.

Hmm, it sure seems like it can handle a lot, let’s try even more… but as I followed up that line of thinking with action, the handgun started shaking. I wondered what was happening first, before realizing it was similar to when I activated Weapon Break.

I immediately threw it away, and a moment later the handgun exploded. So, it’ll break if I put in too much magic power. I understood the general principle. Its maximum range is no more than 40 meters.

I made a new handgun and took aim at the goblin, activating Visual Enhancement…

and pulled the trigger. However, I didn’t account for the recoil, which had also increased with the higher output. The bullet landed at the goblin’s feet, rather than where I had been aiming.

The goblin was startled by the sound and explosive impact. Let’s account for that and shoot again. This time when I took a shot, the bullet flew right where I wanted it, and I had one more dead goblin on my hands.

Man… this sure is convenient. Wait, actually, it could be a problem. Isn’t this a bit too strong? Are other guns as powerful as this? I hope I can find more blueprints.

The last experiment doesn’t need a monster. I took the gun out and applied Weapon Break to it, to see if the skill would be applied to the weapon or the bullet. If it applies to the bullet, the handgun would be even more powerful, right? However, the moment I activated it the skill, I felt an unpleasant magic from the handgun, and threw it away right before it exploded.

Well, that’s no good. So it’s not compatible with Weapon Break. Good to know.

“Val. Think we should head back now?”


Val jumped toward me and grabbed at my back. I reached behind me, trying to catch him, but he slipped away. My second attempt was more successful, and I held him firmly.

“Hey, Val. We’re going back to the city now, okay?”


Val was happily rubbing his cheek on my hand. He’s so cute.

What I’d been wondering about most with him was compatibility with skills and my item box. Skills could be granted to whatever I created or recognized as a weapon, but I couldn’t grant any skills to Val. When it came to the item box, it didn’t seem possible to put him into it. Can living beings not be stored inside of it? Or is there some other condition?

I still have a lot to figure out.

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