Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 48

 Initiating The Request

Three days later, I went to the Adventurer’s Guild and checked the emergency requests. Of course, the emergency request for the underground aqueducts was still there…

I took the form over to the reception desk. It was a different receptionist than last time, and when she saw which form I’d brought over, she seemed surprised. “A-Are you sure you want to take that?”


Does this request need some kind of extra confirmation? The receptionist took a quick glance at my attire. “I see.”

My equipment was just basic stuff, like a leather breastplate, so she probably judged me to be a rookie adventurer. I’m much better in a fight than I look, but she’s not wrong to think of me as a newbie.

“Once you start on this request, you can’t stop it partway through, you understand?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

I’ve been on the late shift for the past few days. Based on the contents of the request, I would be working with the client from 9 AM to 5 PM. My late shift is from 6 PM to 11 PM, so it’s no problem.

“Alright then. Your guild card, please.”


I handed my guild card to the receptionist, who passed it to the fairy sitting nearby. When the fairy touched the guild card, the request appeared on it.

“We’ve confirmed your acceptance of the request. Your target this time is Blood Mice; they’re by no means strong monsters, but please don’t let your guard down. Even a mouse can bite when cornered.”

“I know.”

The fairy lifted my guild card with both hands and gave it back to me.

My adventurer rank is currently F. There are a lot of requests I can’t take on until I increase it. If I want to become a first-class adventurer, I have to take and complete a lot more requests. I’ll need the points to increase my adventurer rank anyway.

Next to the F-Rank indicator on the guild card is a points tracker, which for me is at 0/100. When you complete a request, you receive the points allocated for it. This request gives ten points, which is higher than the five points it was last time. I wondered if the points increased because nobody took the request. The 5 was crossed out, with 10 written above it.

The fairy manages the increase or decrease of points on the guild card. If an adventurer fails to complete a request, the points they would have gained will instead be deducted. If one is beset with a string of failures, they can even get demoted, as it would be determined that they were at an inappropriate rank to begin with.

In addition, adventurers at D-rank and below will always receive points for any request they take, even if the request is much lower than their own rank. Even a D rank adventurer will still get points for an F rank request, though much less than the full amount. From C-rank onwards, you won’t get any points unless you take requests equal or higher to your own rank. You also have to take an exam at the guild headquarters to promote to B, A, or S-rank.

That was why adventurers above B-rank were all recognized as experts, and why many adventurers never advanced beyond C-rank. There was no loss in ranking up; the kinds of requests one received changed with each rank, and the rewards generally increased as well. C-ranked adventurers and above could live a decent life just from requests. If possible, one should even aim for B-rank.

I went over to the client, which was the management office for the city’s water supply. As soon as I told the receptionist what I was there for, while presenting my guild card, the person in charge came down to see me immediately.

He looks friendly.

“I have to say, I’m grateful. Our staff alone were having quite a difficult time dealing with the monsters. Thank you for taking this request.”

“It’s closely related to our own lives, after all.”

“Such an admirable mindset at your age, eh! You’ll be working with one of the church sisters for the purification. I’ll introduce you to her, so follow me.”


I followed him up the stairs and we proceeded down the hall to a certain room. “This is Sister Linear’s room. She has… an odd habit, but she’s definitely skilled at purification. You’ll need to cooperate with her to complete this work. Alright then, I have to get back to it, so please excuse me. You can hear the details from Linear herself.”

He left me there alone, claiming he was busy.

…So I have to find out almost everything on my own, huh? Is this how requests usually go? It was my first time actually doing one, so I had no idea what the proper procedure was. For now, I’d discuss the details with Linear-san. After I knocked, I could sense someone approaching the other side of the door.

“Are you an adventurer?”

Light green hair swayed as she tilted her head. Her hair is long enough to reach her hips.

She was wearing a nun’s habit, so she’s probably Linear-san, the one in charge of purification. There didn’t seem to be anyone else in the room. I noticed a hint of her stress when she looked at me.

“Yes. My name is Relius, I’m the one who took your request to subjugate Blood Mice. Nice to meet you.”

“Relius… Nice to meet you too. I’m Linear.”

“Linear-san, right, I look forward to working with you.”

Linear-san spoke to me calmly. “Come inside and I’ll explain the situation briefly.”


There was a piece of paper placed on the table in the room. The underground map, huh? I knew what it was immediately thanks to my Blacksmith ability.

“The purification has to be done once a month, so… we need to finish this district as soon as possible.” Linear-san circled a spot on the underground map.

…Hey, it’s only a quarter of the way finished.

“I was trying to get it done while defeating Blood Mice on my own, but it’s difficult with just one person.”

“Shouldn’t the staff be helping you with this? Why aren’t they?”

“Yes, but they can’t seem to spare much time since they still have other duties. I also asked the church for support, but they’re short on people as well.”

“I see… So that’s why you made a request at the adventurer’s guild.”

“Yes. I’m glad someone’s here to help, even if only a little. It should go a bit more quickly now.”

Linear-san let out a deep sigh.

“For now… I’ll purify this area next. We’ll set a trap and check it after about an hour, then defeat what it catches. Rinse and repeat.”

“Got it.”

“There are only five traps total. I’ve already installed them, so let’s go have a look.”


Linear-san handed me a map, and we headed from the management office to the underground aqueducts.

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