Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 51


“What do you mean?”

“Uh… I mean, I was wondering why he protected me.”

I answered somewhat vaguely. I still hadn’t told Linear-san yet about how a Blacksmith’s true ability was to make anything.

“I don’t really understand why, but you want to talk with the bishop?”


Linear-san nodded as she thought it over.

“Alright. I’ll ask him later.”


“He went out of his way to care about a Blacksmith, so if I tell him you want to talk, he might be interested.”

When she put it that way, I had to believe it.

“I want to see you after work. Are you based in an inn?”

“Yeah, I work at [Migratory Bird’s Inn].”

“‘The Migratory Bird’s Inn… I’ve heard of it.”

“Oh, you have?”

“It’s been a point of discussion among adventurers lately. Even though it’s the price of a typical inn, it’s a great place to rest.”

“…Yeah, well, you’re right. That’s my home.”

“Your home? I thought you said you work there?”

“I do. I work as an employee, but I also live there.”

“I see, got it. For now, I’m going to go talk to the bishop. I’ll see you at the Migratory Bird’s Inn after that.”

“…Thank you.”

She looked at the clock. It had been thirty minutes already, so we went on our way to the underground aqueducts again. On the way, I asked about something that was bothering me.

“Umm, Linear-san. You said you wanted me to make you a weapon, but you don’t have to ask me for that, do you? Weapons can be found in labyrinths, and sometimes they’ll actually be sold in the market.”

“I’ve… tried a few things. But none of them fit.”

None of them fit, huh? There will certainly be some degree of compatibility with the person, such as the length and weight of the weapon.

“But you don’t know if the weapon I make will always fit you, right?”

“I want you to make it until it fits me.”

“…Well, if you can talk to the bishop, that’s fine.”

“I’ll do my best.”

It wasn’t as if she hadn’t prepared some alternative form of compensation. Weapons, huh? I didn’t even think she would have asked me to make it this way… but she did. I was also disappointed with my Divine Treasure at first.

It turns out there are a lot of people like her in the world. People who want to fight, but can’t… these people also convince themselves that the Divine Treasure is a weapon given to them by God. Of course, some of them may be complaining on the inside, but if they voice those complaints publicly, the church won’t ignore it.

A weapon shop.

That idea floated up in my mind. Can’t I do the job of delivering weapons to the people in this world who seek them? I think that could be one of a Blacksmith’s ways of life. But then, that’s also likely to buy some antipathy. It’s a difficult problem.

◆ ◆ ◆

“D-did you really subjugate this many Blood Mice in just one day!?”

When I showed the Blood Mice tails I subjugated to the staff member, his eyes were as big as saucers.

“I did. It just so happened that the poison from my Divine Treasure worked very well on them.”

“I see… that sure was lucky… but that’s it! You should have reduced the number of Blood Mice quite a bit already, right? I can check it since my Divine Treasure can detect monsters. I’ll confirm it later and report back to you!”

“Please. Well then, I’ll come back tomorrow.”

“Absolutely! Thank you, Relius!” The staff shouted cheerfully.

Linear-san and I returned the keys of the underground aqueduct and the light magic tools, then left the management office.

“You sure made things a lot easier, Relius.”

“It’s because we cooperated well with each other.”

While I made the bait and dismantled mice, Linear-san went around setting up another round of bait. We just kept repeating it like that.

“That was probably about three hundred of them, right?”

She meant the number of subjugations. The exact number could be settled by taking them to the guild.


“The last time there was a mass outbreak, this much was definitely enough, so I think it will be enough this time as well.”

“That would make me lose three days’ worth of work.”

“But I’m sure you’ll be paid those three days’ worth of work anyway.”

“That sure would be nice.”

I’m not short on money, but I still want to get what I can.

“What’s your adventurer rank, Relius? F-rank?”

“That’s right.”

I didn’t show her my guild card, but she must have guessed it based on the fact that I accepted this request to begin with.

“I think it’s best to prepare better armor. I’m a little worried looking at you with just that little amount of armor you wore.”

“You are?”

“I think you should use equipment that contains magic ore. Otherwise, it would be difficult to rank up in the future… Or rather, I think it would be more dangerous.”

“Yeah, you have a point.”

Head, arms, chest, legs. It’s important for your equipment to protect these areas. These blood mice sometimes make a biting counterattack. Those attacks in particular are weak enough not to penetrate armor, if you’re wearing it.

“Is there any armor shop you’d recommend?”

“There is. Why don’t we go see it tomorrow after we set the traps?”

“…Wouldn’t we still be at work, though?”

“It would just be to kill time until the mice are trapped. It’s a wiser use of our time.”

Wouldn’t that be clever, rather than wise? I laughed at the idea, but I was also interested in armor. I mean, if I ask Mear-san… No, it’s possible that whatever shop Mear-san introduces wouldn’t have very good items.

“But you’re using priestess robes, aren’t you? Do you use armor, too?”

“I’m wearing it right underneath. Look closer at my tights.”

“Ah, I see.”

Linear-san flipped up her robes to the thigh. At first I thought it was just tights, but when I looked closer, I realized it was actually armor. It looked to be decent quality, and was probably made from magic ore.

“Well then, I’ll go home now. See you later.”


Linear-san raised one hand, shaking her nun outfit softly.

Now that I really look at it, Linear-san’s nun outfit is kind of flashy. Her feet are supposed to be hidden by the robes, but there was a slit in the robes on either side of her legs, so that every time she walked, her legs and tights were exposed.

…Is she really a sister? Well, I think she was originally that kind of person.

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