Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 53

 A New Challenge

“Granny, is that equipment actually good?”

As expected, Linear-san didn’t know anything about it. The lady nodded, while wiping the dust off the armor.

“Pretty much. At the very least, it’s armor no craftsmen in this city would be able to make.”

Linear-san’s looked at me in surprise. “That’s amazing, Relius.”

It’s actually thanks to my occupation, rather than my own greatness, but it’s better to keep that a secret. It’s common sense in this world that there’s no way to know the skills on something. Just having that ability would be dangerous.

“Would you like to wear it?”

“I would.”

She handed me the armor and I put it on. It was more like clothing than armor, really. At first I thought it might be a little tight, but when I put it on, it actually fit quite snugly. Above all, it didn’t pinch anywhere, no matter how I moved around. Usually, armor would hinder your movements, so I was surprised that this armor didn’t feel anything like that.

“It’s really easy to move in.”

“That’s right. It’s made with the skin of a rubber dragon. Does it stretch well?”

“It does.”

“If that’s not surprising, I’ll tell you something else. Do you know the nature of the monster called rubber dragon?”

“No, I don’t know.”

“Their skin has the power to dissipate attacks. Even powerful slashing attacks get mitigated, so any normal attack from a claw or blade shouldn’t get through this armor.”

That’s really good. Some monsters do use weapons, after all, particularly humanoid type monsters like goblins which have a habit of finding good equipment.

“And I’m mixing a little slime liquid on it. The resistance against physical attacks is perfect. You have a knife, don’t you? Give it a try.”

Grandma glanced at the knife that was stuck in my hip. I nodded and held it in my hand, turning it towards my belly before pressing it towards me. I could push it in, but it wasn’t cutting. Was that the power of rubber dragon skin?

With my weapon as it is now, it seems difficult to damage this. I need to make it even sharper. I felt a little frustrated.

“How is it?”

“It’s very sturdy.”

Of course, it’ll still hurt if knife hits me, but that doesn’t mean it can cut. Depending on the situation, it still seemed much better than getting stabbed with a knife.

“Can you afford it?”

“I can. Also, there’s some other equipment that I wanted, so can I keep looking?”

“Oh, no problem.”

I looked around the shop again. These skills were quite good, but there were many similar ones. Was it because they were all created by the same person?

The skills in this store that I didn’t have yet were: Increase Damage Received, Damage Reduction, Expanded Potion Range, Agility Enhancement, and Heal Attack. This store’s equipment is excellent because there’s plenty of equipment that enhances the body, physique, and agility.

All of them were S-rank, so naturally I bought them all.

“Isn’t it meaningless to have all of those?”

“Yes, well… I was thinking I could study it and try to recreate it, like a [Craftsman].”

“Well, it’s important to have a good reference.”

When the grandma said that, Linear-san loosened her mouth.

“Are you saying that about yourself?”

“Of course. It’s ridiculous that you don’t understand the true value of your abilities.”

That was a stinging bit of criticism. I needed to know more. The old lady’s eyes looked into mine.

“If you’re aiming to be a Craftsman, it’s a good idea to collect materials and combine them yourself to make a variety of things. Of course, you will fail many times.”

“I understand.”

“Well then, that’s all.”

I was indebted to her for what she’d taught me. I bowed goodbye, and Linear-san waved.

“Okay then, see you next time.”

“I didn’t expect it from you, Linear, but I’ve revised my opinion of you. Bring me a good customer again next time!”

Linear-san stuck out her tongue as the old lady made fun of her. We left the store and went back to the main road.

“You sure are good friends with that old lady, aren’t you?”

“Well, not exactly. Anyway, I’m glad you weren’t interested in the armor at the entrance.”

“The armor at the entrance?”

She must be talking about that blue, sturdy armor. It was the coolest armor to look at, but all the skills it had were negative.

“Yeah, that one. That armor is placed to deceive stupid customers. It stood out the most, didn’t it?”

“I see… so that’s why it was there.”

“Yep. Do you want to go home first? You need to put that bag somewhere, right?”

“I do, but… is it okay? We’re technically still at work right now.”

“It’s fine. We’re really taking a long time, but thanks to you, the job will be over by tomorrow anyway.”

Well, I guess it’s not a problem. “I’ll go back first, then.”

“Sure. I’ll be relaxing in the office, so you can go there when you finish with your things.”


After I parted ways with Linear-san, I went back to the inn first. I dismantled all of the equipment in my room, and returned to the management office.

“I’m here, Linear-san. Sorry to keep you waiting.”


Linear-san had been sleeping. When I called out to her, she stretched her body lightly before standing up.

“I’ve also prepared more traps.”

“That’s good. Okay then, let’s head down.”

“Yep. Lead the way.”

I entered the underground aqueduct again with Linear-san. Unlike weapons, armor is unlikely to be tested in battle. If you want to test an armor’s capabilities, it’s better not to try it in live combat. Ideally it would be in a practice match. I did feel some temptation to let an attack hit me on purpose, but all of the Blood Mice were already dead from the poison anyway.

Maybe I’ll try it next time. I do want to use the newly acquired skills. With this kind of equipment, I might be able to challenge a D rank labyrinth.

My mind wandered as I thought about what I wanted to do. I had to learn not to get distracted.

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