Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 56


The ideal method for verifying a skill’s effects is to test it on a goblin. They aren’t very strong, and they’re also a monster that proliferates quickly when you leave them alone for a while.

Val came with me, and was fluttering along behind me. We were outside the city by now, and as usual, we stayed on the road for a little while.

Recently, goblins were rarely found near towns. For that reason, I had to walk quite a ways to find them. Still, it’s not as difficult compared to the past. Now I can act with Val by my side.


Sometimes Val went in front of me and made a happy cry. It warmed my heart to look at him.

We could see people walking along both animal trails and the finished road. The road itself was divided into several paths ― one leading to the labyrinth, and one leading to a different town. In the direction of another city, I could see the trail of a horse-drawn carriage on the road.

It seems like it hasn’t been very long since then, based on the dryness of the soil. Then I saw goblins that seemed to be aiming for just such a carriage, staring at me with all three of their ugly faces. They cried out with glee and raised their weapons.

Goblins with weapons, huh?

They held a rusty sword, an axe, and a spear.

…For now, I want to try out Heal Attack.

The first thing I took out was a normal handgun.

I aimed at the belly of the sword wielding goblin that was moving the fastest. As soon as I pulled the trigger, the bullet that was fired hit the goblin’s belly. I had suppressed the power level of the attack, since the purpose this time was to test Heal Attack.

I fired again at that same goblin, which was staggering back to its feet. With Heal Attack on it, the bullet fired straight through the goblin’s eyebrows. This time I put in enough power that it would usually be a one-hit kill.

After several more shots, all piercing through the goblin’s body, nothing happened. On the contrary, the weakened goblin got up cheerfully every time.

The effect of Heal Attack does seem to be activating. For sure, this is a garbage skill for a weapon, if you use it without realizing it, and especially if you pulled a weapon with a low-rank Heal Attack. Wouldn’t that just be the worst?

Even though it wouldn’t recover much, it would be hard to notice during battle.

I retreated while putting away the Heal Attack handgun, and the goblin with the spear approached me. I retreated more quickly and fired the handgun again. The spear goblin stepped to one side with quick movements.

Because it saw its companion getting hit earlier, it probably leaped sideways in anticipation of dodging something. This one can use its brain to some degree.

While the spear goblin was trying to get in a better position, the axe goblin was rushing straight in. Of the three of them, it was the largest. I dodged its downward strike and stabbed it with the sword from my waist.

The goblin staggered and tried to pull out the sword.

“Weapon Break!”

The sword stuck in the goblin’s body exploded, and the impact also affected the sword goblin, knocking it to the ground, at which point I threw another sword at that one. This sword also had Weapon Break. I activated the skill as soon as it collided with the sword goblin, and with that, two goblins had died in no time.

Perhaps it was angry because of the death of its companions. The spear goblin’s face turned red and it tried to thrust its spear at me. However, I fired a bullet at it, since the goblin was now full of openings.

The goblin just kept getting uglier. That was because of Poison Attack. It tried to stagger to its feet, but since it had already used a lot of its strength… it soon fell down again.

“For now, Heal Attack is sure is convenient.”

It can be used to recover your friends, and it also activates immediately. I don’t know the extent that it can heal wounds, but it seems like it can in fact heal, at least in its own way. I just need to be careful not to miss my target and hit the enemy instead.

The next one was Expanded Potion Range. I had no ideas about what it might do.

I took a sip from a potion to relieve my fatigue. Hmm, I really don’t know its effect. There’s no sign of the recovery amount increasing.

I couldn’t find anything no matter how much I thought about it. For right now, I’m hungry, so let’s have a meal. I made a piece of bread. It’s nice and toasty; actually still a little too hot for bare hands.

Next, I made some melted cheese and put it on top of the bread. I mixed the hot bread and cheese together. The thick cheese spilled over and I hurriedly carried it to my mouth.

It’s hot, but… it’s delicious! Cheese and bread!

You can’t normally eat something warm in a place like this. Eating such a meal outside is almost impossible. All of these were actually created with magic. After I saw that I could give my created food to Val, I didn’t particularly care anymore and ate things I made with my skill. I hadn’t seen any ill effects in myself so far.

Even so, I still liked eating at home, so I kept eating home-cooked meals there. Still, as long as I had magic, I was self-sufficient; no other occupation was that convenient. That’s why I wanted to speak with the bishop sooner.

“Va, Val!”

Val called out to appeal for something. Did he want my bread? Val wasn’t good with hot things. When I made soup for him once before and gave it to him without adjusting the temperature, it was too hot for him, and he got teary eyes when he tasted it.

“Hold on, Val. I’ll make you another piece like this one.”


He shook his head while buzzing. Did he want meat between the pieces, instead of only cheesy bread? That was fine with me. I put some meat on it, along with some cheese and tomatoes, followed by a special Worcestershire sauce.

These flavorings are hard to come by for commoners, but I can make them because I had destroyed them with my hammer once before.

“Wait a second, I’ll put some more meat on it.”


He just shook his head, as if saying no, no!

What does he actually want?

Then Val leaped in front of me flapping his wings and patted my hip, before miming like he was drinking something.

“Are you thirsty?”


Stupid me! When I thought I knew what he wanted, he just smacked me in the head with his tail. That hurt a little. Val looked at my pouch and leaped at me.

There’s nothing in my pouch, but I normally took potions out of it whenever I hunted with another person… does he mean potions?

When I drank the potion a little while ago, Val acted the same as me. No way, is that it? When I took out the potion, Val nodded, and looked at my necklace, which had Expanded Potion Range on it.

He grabbed my necklace and the potion with his tail, and drank the potion himself. As soon as he did that, my own body recovered.

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