Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 57


Does that mean that Val drinking the potion allowed me to get the effect as well? If so, his behavior before makes more sense. He must have recovered his fatigue when I drank the potion earlier. He thought about the situation and actually acted on it. It’s different from how I was just leisurely enjoying my bread.

I prepared some raw meat for Val, it looked delicious as he dug into it. It was his favorite food, after all. Next, when I prepared the vegetables, he stared at me. Apparently he didn’t want to eat it, and appealed to me not to make him, with such big eyes. A lot of dragons are omnivorous, so that’s why I also fed him vegetables.

It was definitely a human line of thinking, but it should be healthier. Val eventually built up some willpower and reluctantly ate it.

“Thanks to you Val, I know the effect of that skill.”


But was this the only way to use that skill? Would the potion also heal the goblins? First of all, Heal Attack was easier to use if it was for recovery. For Expanded Potion Range, if I could make use of it in conjunction with potions that cause debilitations, it might be a good use.

Firstly, drink the status recovery potion, and then wear something with the Expanded Potion Range skill, and drink potions that cause various debilitations. That might be an effective method.

However, there’s no potion to cause debilitations to begin with. If I could make them somehow, that might make more sense. Until then, I might just hold on to this skill.

“Okay Val, I’m done testing skills. Let’s go back home.”


Val nodded and flew to me. Until the time we entered the city gates, I hugged Val in my hands. I presented my guild card and entered the city.

I walked through the city for a bit. After a while, the gates closed as the sky darkened. The atmosphere of the city changes according to the sound of the echoing gate. Many shops open when the sun comes out, and close when the sun sets. I watched these people on my way back to the inn.

I still had some time before I got back to work.

I went to my room and decided to create some equipment. Since I understood the effects of my new skills, I wanted to make it as strong as possible. First of all, it was a Sahalf Silver Sword [S-rank].

As an S-ranked weapon, the skill capacity was 250 points. The first three skills I decided to give to it were Body Strengthening, Agility Enhancement, and Stamina Enhancement. Since S-rank skills used 50 points, that left room for two more. The usefulness of the remaining two skills would depend on the situation, but… I didn’t know which ones to use.

If I went with safety, Automatic Return and Automatic Recovery would be good. Automatic Return could make the sword come back to me when I throw it, and Automatic Recovery would recover any damage the blade took.

After that, it might also be good to add some extra Body Strengthening, Agility Enhancement, and Stamina Enhancement skills. Other skills could also be used on rings or other accessories. When it comes to Weapon Break, it’s more convenient to put that on unnecessary equipment, then take that out during battle and throw them at the enemy.

Anyway, that’s why I chose these five skills for this weapon.

To be honest, I really want more skills. Now that I know that craftsmen can randomly give skills to something they made, it’s… really just me that knows exactly what the skill is. Other people have never been able to do that. I hope I can automatically create new skills in the future.

Well, my weapon was good for the moment. Next, I had to make Linear-san’s weapon.

With a strong awareness of her, I made a weapon for Linear-san. Will this be alright?

I checked the completed S-rank weapon. I tried holding it, but… I’m not sure why, but I got the feeling that it didn’t suit me at all. I put it side by side with the sword I had just created for myself. For her sword, the blade was a little thinner and the weapon was overall shorter.

I see. The sword is slightly adjusted to match Linear-san’s arm and height.

I held it again and felt clearly that Linear-san’s sword was lighter. I’d personally rather use a sword that can hack the enemy to pieces, but Linear-san seemed more suited to quick, shallow strikes.

As for the skills… let’s also combine it with two counts of Agility Enhancement, two counts of Body Strengthening, and one Stamina Enhancement. It’s no good if I don’t give it any skills, but I also don’t need to explain why it has them, so… yeah, let’s think about that later.

After looking at the finished sword, I put it in its sheath. All that was left was to give it to her. That should be done after talking with the bishop.

“Val, what do you want to eat now?”


So, anything is good, huh? I made a plate, and put some meat on it. Val dug in voraciously. I patted his head, and he stopped eating once and rubbed against my hand.

“Alright then, Val. I’m going to work now.”


Val raised his forefoot, wagging his tail, before going over to my bed and lying down. With that, my interaction with Val was over for the day.

“If something happens, you can come to the waiting room, alright?”


People in the inn know about Val. Someone would tell me if he came to the waiting room. However, Val had never had any problems so far ― never, not once.

I went downstairs and headed for work. My shift today was helping in the kitchen and taking a break. After that, I’d also work as a waiter.

When I went into the kitchen, I met with Ristina-san, who was currently being a waitress.

“Ah, Relius-senpai. Good morning.”

“It’s not morning, you know. Long time no see, huh?”

Ristina-san had been out for the past few days because she had another job. It looked like she’d be working here again starting today.

“You’re right. I missed you, senpai!”

“Oh really, now?”

“Being cold-hearted already, huh? I’m going to cry now!”

“Please wait to cry until after you finish your shift.”

It was the usual banter. I ignored Ristina-san’s looks and got to work.

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