Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 61

Rank Up

The only way to rank up as an adventurer is to do requests. I’d been working on F-rank requests for a while, and finally reached 100 points.

I had decided to become a first-class Blacksmith. In order to do that, I needed to be able to make new things. I could make basic weapons, but it was better to combine them with materials as well. Ranking up would allow me to collect a lot of materials.

At the moment, I was in the guild to get an E-rank promotion request.

“Have you already been informed about the promotion process?”

“No, this is my first time. Could you tell me about it?”

According to the receptionist, a promotion request is basically a special request usually meant to be completed solo. That said, it’s not required to be done solo, and the difficulty of the promotion request isn’t held back to the level of a typical solo request.

This time it’s a request to go from F-rank to E-rank, but right now, there was no choice but to do the request with several people in order to get promoted.

Promotion requests aren’t required when enough points are accumulated. It’s actually possible to keep taking F-rank requests without getting a promotion, but then I wouldn’t be making progress toward my goal. Anyway, I wanted to get to rank C as quickly as possible.

The receptionist finished her explanation. “How does that sound?”

The request I’d take this time was to subjugate a monster called a Rabbit Kangaroo. The maximum number of participants was five. I’d heard of it, but I didn’t actually know what kind of monster it was. Supposedly E-rank adventurers used to hunt it.

I think it’s probably fine. But yeah, I’m not going to be careless.

“Do you know how many people are participating in this promotion request right now?”

“There are… three people, and it’ll be four if you’re included.”

“Can you possibly tell me about them?”

The receptionist looked at me with surprise. Had I said something rude?

“Sorry, I don’t mind if you can’t tell me about them―”

“I can’t talk about personal information, of course, but I can give you a short description.”

“Oh, you can? That’s a relief, I thought I’d broken some unwritten rule.”

“No… it’s just that usually no one at your rank thinks and acts like you have been. You’re a cautious and thoughtful person, aren’t you?”

“…I’m just feeling nervous, actually.”

On the heels of my attempt at banter, the conversation continued.

“These three adventurers ― they’ve all done a lot of subjugation requests. Their achievement rate has also been 100%, so considering their level of ability and the difficulty of this request, they seem quite competent.”

“I see, are they in a party together?”

If those three only wanted to take the request as a group, I might get in their way.

“Two of them seem to be in a party, but the other one was working with a higher rank.”

“Okay. What about their attack style? I can fight from close and medium range, can I cover them?”

“That would be fine. Two of them are close-range fighters, and the other fights at range.”

The party seemed well-balanced… it wouldn’t be a problem, at any rate.

I mean, if one of them fights from a distance, I should just fight like I usually do. Or I could just play a support role if there were three vanguards.

“…Okay, then. I’d like to take that request.”

“Alright. Let’s get started.”

The receptionist prepared the request form. I handed over my guild card and waited a while.

“Very well, the request has been received. The time to start is in two days.”

“I understand. Is it possible to take any other requests in the meantime?”

“Yes, you can take other requests as usual.”

I grabbed a request to subjugate a Goblin Magician and left the guild, going back to the inn so I could bring Val with me.

Come to think of it, the receptionist said bringing a monster as a support wasn’t allowed either, huh? I can’t expect to have his help.

I went out of town with Val and looked for the Goblin Magician.


Val seemed to ask while approaching me.

“Ah, I was adjusting my weapons since I’m going to take a promotion request.”

The problem was my fighting style. In order to better follow common sense and fight more naturally, I had to adjust some things. When it comes to dismantling, I can’t use my Divine Treasure. Even if I do, I need to do it in secret. For Automatic Return, I can just say it was a skill of my Divine Treasure.

For Body Strengthening skills… well, it’s okay to have as many as I want, as long as I don’t show off an excessive level of power. I think Poison Attack is okay too, though it would be dangerous if by chance I hit a companion…

It’s hard to use throwing weapons in a fierce battle, after all. Handguns were prohibited as well, since no one has them. And since the item box can’t be practically used, I’d need to prepare a pouch beforehand.

Nevertheless, this also makes some things a little easier. For example, all I have to do is to put my hand in the pouch, make a potion and take it out. The use of items wouldn’t be so limited. However, it did slightly hinder the operation, by needing me to put my hand into the pouch before using it.

So, what should I do with Heal Attack? It’s a reason for concern. Is it okay to have one prepared in case something goes wrong? As for Weapon Break… let’s just make it and claim it’s a weapon skill.

I made some transparent equipment and gave them Weapon Break to complete the concept of an invisible bomb. I only prepared a few of them.

While experimenting, I fought some Goblin Magicians. I could just fight them by throwing knives at them repeatedly.

Fighting with throwing knives, huh? I thought a little about it. Unlike dismantling knives, throwing knives were treated as weapons and couldn’t be found in the market. I’d like to use that a bit for advertising. Hopefully, other adventurers might want it, and then it’ll be my time to shine as a Blacksmith.

Goblin Magicians usually stick with regular Goblins, but they’re a little smarter. They seem to act as leaders, and give instructions from behind. Three goblins rushed at me, but Val fired off a breath attack that hit all of them. The Goblin Magician was at a medium distance, preparing a magic spell while swinging its cane around.

I threw a knife at it, which flew straight and true right into the Goblin Magician’s arm. I could attack enemies from midrange like this.

The Goblin Magician got distracted by the knife stuck in its arm. In the meantime, I leaped forward and swung my sword, cutting through its neck like it wasn’t even there. Such excellent sharpness!

I look back at Val to see him strike at some Goblins with his tail and kill them with his breath attack. I threw a knife at the foot of one of the Goblins that was fleeing, then stabbed my sword into it.

Alright, the battle is over without any problems.

I gently sighed, then went to subjugate more Goblin Magicians.

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