Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 62

 Gathering Information

After defeating the Goblin Magician, I returned to the guild to report the achievement of the request. When I took out the materials to hand to the receptionist, she looked at me with surprise.

“Y-you did it in no time…”

“Did I really?”

I usually don’t take requests for their own sake, it was just a side thing for when I wanted to test new skills. There were also times when I was just relaxing along the way. However, this time I actually just focused on finishing the request as soon as possible because I wanted to gather more information in the guild.

I’d never seen the monster known as a Rabbit Kangaroo. I’d only heard about it briefly, but I wanted to talk to someone who had actually fought it.

“It’s only been about three hours since you received this request, but… this is certainly proof you killed ten of them.”

The Goblin Magician had purple horns growing on its head. Since ordinary Goblins don’t have them, those horns were used to validate Goblin Magician kills. I’d fulfilled the request now, but I still wanted to ask the receptionist something.

“I’d like to hear about Rabbit Kangaroos, should I ask the adventurers around here?”

“If it’s simple information, I can tell you that much, but yes, it would be better to ask the opinions of people who have actually fought them before.”

“Alright. Is the upstairs cafeteria a good place to ask around?”

“It is. You might get better luck if you give them something for their time.”


It wouldn’t be wrong to call it paying for information. Just when I was about to leave the reception desk and head to the second floor, the noise level in the guild picked up.

“Who the heck is that?”

“Probably that famous adventurer.”

“Famous adventurer?”

“Have you heard of her, Relius-san?”

“Maybe, I don’t know. It’s the first time I’ve seen the guild members so excited, anyway.”

“She’s the strongest adventurer in this city. She recently saved up enough points as a C-rank adventurer, and is planning to go to the guild headquarters for her B-rank promotion.”

“The strongest in this city, huh?”

Since it’s not a big city, seeing a C-rank adventurer would be a rare surprise. Just being D-rank is already considered good. It’s common for adventurers to move to a bigger city and continue adventuring from there.

So C-rank adventurers are talented on their own, but some have ranked up improperly. For example, teaming up with other strong adventurers to earn points and get promoted. If you’re as far as C-rank, the guild won’t look into the details. From the guild’s point of view, it’s not as if the adventurer was intentionally trying to cheat their rank to a higher level.

Therefore, the ranks below C-rank are really just a formality. Still, whoever’s coming around, for them to be this popular, in spite of the rumors that have gone around about C-ranks before…

Her skills must speak for themselves. I wanted to at least take a glance at her, but all the adventurers were blocking my view.

“H-hey… Look.”

“Beautiful as ever. I wonder if we can adventure together when I get stronger?”

“Idiot! She’s never formed a party with anyone, you know? You think you’re any better than the others who’ve asked?”

“Oh, Sister… you’re as awe-inspiring and beautiful today as ever…”

Was she that beautiful? I wanted to see her at least once, no matter what. I pushed aside the adventurers who were blocking my view.

“Hey, kid! That hurt!”

“Sorry… I’m just trying to see―”

While getting twisted up with these guys, I caught sight of a woman, and our eyes met.

“Ah, Relius. It’s been a long time.”

Linear-san greeted me casually.


The man I was straining against was as surprised as me, and let go.

“Linear-san… what? You’re the strongest adventurer?”

“Well, I’m proud of being the best in this city, but… it’s also thanks to you that I’ve recently been able to reach a higher stage. You have my thanks.”

She smiled happily, and the people around started freaking out.

“W-wait, why’s Linear-san talking to such a dull guy!?”

“What does that mean? Who is that guy?!”

“W-what’s his rank! Is he C-rank, too?”

“No, I just saw him fulfill an F-rank request! What’s with him!?”

These people were so noisy; I could tell the attention was draining Linear-san’s energy. Suddenly she grabbed my hand, and the people got even louder.

“What do you want to do here?”

“A little while ago, I just finished a request. I was thinking of going upstairs to get information about the promotion request.”

“Promotion request? What’s your rank? And what kind of monster is it?”

“This is a request for promotion to E-rank. The monster is the Rabbit Kangaroo.”

“In that case, I’ve fought them before. I can sell you the information about it.”

Linear-san grinned wide while putting her hand on her belly. Does she want to exchange the information for lunch? Originally, that would have been the only way to get information from someone.

“Alright. I’ll treat you to lunch.”

“Thank you very much. It sure is noisy here, shall we go somewhere else?”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

“Very well, then ― let’s go.”

Linear-san grabbed my hand tightly and pulled me along. Everyone was staring at us.

“…Um, you can let go anytime, you know.”

“Well, not until we leave the guild.”

Linear-san pulled even harder, and my arm slightly hit her chest. I pulled away in surprise.


“Don’t worry about it, I’m the one pulling on you, after all.”

Linear-san kept pulling me along as we left the guild. She let go shortly after we left the building. Thank goodness.

Linear-san tilted her head at my expression of relief.

“I’d actually be happy if people around misunderstood you as my boyfriend, you know.”

“W-why is that?”

“I’m always getting invited to parties, so it’s been annoying.”

So that’s how it is. It’s like when I went on a date with Ristina-san that one time. Suddenly Linear-san acted like she realized something and spoke up.

“Ah, could it be you already have a girlfriend? I apologize if she hears this strange conversation and misunderstands things. I was only thinking about my own convenience.”

“N-no… I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment, so it’s okay.”

“Oh, is that so? You were looking relieved a while ago, so I thought you were worried about that.”

“… No, it’s not like that. I’m just nervous about being that close with a woman.”

“Is that so? That’s cute.” [ED: ara ara]

Linear-san smiled teasingly and started walking.

“Do you know of a cheap shop? I can go anywhere, so it’s fine if we go somewhere that won’t hurt your wallet that much.”


If you say a cheap shop, our inn’s cafeteria is one of them, but… it’s been crowded lately.

Moreover, if my family or the people in the inn saw us, they will absolutely gossip about it later. Let’s just try another store.

“Well then, can you follow me?”

“Of course.”

We started walking through the city.

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