Because I Can Control Darkness Doesn’t Mean I’m a Bad Person! – Chapter 07

“Grayson-sama, Ronald-sama, please take Lady Mind and hide in the shade of the tree.”

Even for me, it would be hard to fight while protecting everybody.

“Got it.”

Grayson nodded immediately, however Lady Mind came to a stop and didn’t move from that place.

“What will you do….?!”

She asked with a trembling voice.

“Please have no worries. I have Gerald by my side.”

I said powerfully in order to reassure her.

“Lily, if we stay, we’ll only get in her way.”
“Don’t worry about that​, hurry up!”

Grayson dragged away Lady Mind who was still hesitating.
However, Ronald stayed next to me for some reason .
When I directed a look as if asking if he wasn’t going to escape, he smiled and opened his mouth.

“You simply have a protection, right? no matter how strong the Dark Spirit King is, you should be unable to use magic yourself. Am I wrong?”

Being told so, I couldn’t say anything back.
In fact, those who have the protection of the spirits have one weak point.
That is being unable to use magic on their own.
An ordinary person can use magic by borrowing a bit of power from the surrounding spirits. However, people who possess the protection of the spirits, in exchange for commanding them cannot use magic by themselves.
Nevertheless, if you can come to a mutual understanding with the spirits, it’s easy to command them. Besides, spirits can exert many times stronger powers than humans who use magic.
Even if I’m not used to the battle with Gerald, with his powers as the Dark Spirit King, there is no way I would lose to the monster even by chance.
However, Ronald further asserted.

“Besides, there is no way I would let a lady fight alone. Please have no worries about me. As I said before, I have confidence in my magic skills.”
“Really. I understand….Gerald.”

After I called out his name, Gerald showed himself.

“Leave it to me. I’ll definitely protect you.”

I showed a smile mixed with fear and anxiety to Gerald who assured me so.

“I believe in you.”

At that moment, the monster raised a roar as if growling.


Immediately after, the monster rushed towards us.

“Capture it.”

When I said so, a shadow rose from the monster’s feet, coiled around its body and tried to restrict its movements. However, the monster tore it off by force.

“What a freakish power. Well, it’s alright. Chop it up.”

As I proclaimed while taking distance from the monster, this time the shadow turned sharp and attacked. The monster’s blood splattered in the surrounding area and the plants that touched it withered.
Just when I thought that this was the end, countless tentacles grew from the monster’s body. They all at once came towards me, trying to attack.
However, Ronald burned all the tentacles with magic. It was my first time seeing him use magic, but looks like he has a fire attribute.
Meanwhile, Gerald attacked the monster’s body even more fiercely.
The monster roared once again.
I thought that it was defeated this time at last, but things didn’t go the way we wanted.
The three horns were released towards me just like projectiles., but Ronald quickly shielded me.

 ―― At this rate, Ronald will be the one to get hit!


I called his name with a voice that was close to a scream.
He might not make it in time. Thinking so, I closed my eyes. However, the horn was apparently repelled by something. When I opened my eyes and looked, a shadow film was surrounding us.
Gerald seems to have protected us.
When I looked at the monster, it was barely able to stand, perhaps because it had lost too much blood.
Gerald bound its body with a shadow and tore it till the parts of its body scattered everywhere.
While I saw that and was relieved, Ronald called out to me.

“Are you alright?”

I answered anxious Ronald with a smile.

“Yes. You’ve saved me, thank you very much.”
“No, I am glad that I was of use.”

Ronald also showed his usual gentle smile.

“Brat, you did a good job protecting Claudia. Let me praise you.”

Ronald smiled bitterly at the arrogantly acting Gerald.
Grayson and Lady Mind also left the tree shade and we confirmed each other’s safety. After that, we decided to hurry ahead. A demon might appear again and even before that, I want to join up with the teachers.
Thus, we began walking on the road towards the goal.

“….I prepared it to test the strength, but looks like I was underestimating it. If it has so much power, my goal will definitely be achieved”
“Ronald-sama? did you say anything?”

When I turned around, thinking that Ronald had mumbled something, he flashed the usual smile and replied with “It’s nothing.”
Thirty minutes later. We were finally able to join up with the teacher.
We immediately reported our meeting with the monster.
The teachers were very surprised. They said that although several decades have passed since the extracurricular lessons were first organized, there have never been reports about the monster sighting. It seems that they are going to conduct an investigation to confirm the truth.
We went to the place where other students were resting and took a breather.
When I sat down on the bench with Emily, Lady Mind lowered her head towards us.

“Lady Letsya, Lady Lushan, please forgive me for my numerous instances of rudeness. Also, my greatest apologies for having inconvenienced you.”

Receiving Lady Mind’s apology, Emily shook her head.

“No, I also acted rudely towards you. Please forgive me.”

Lady Mind hang her head down apologetically.
Emily took her hand and broadly smiled.

“I’m glad that you are safe.”
“Yes, I am sorry for worrying you.

Saying so, Lady Mind lowered her head once again. After that, she also thanked Grayson and Ronald.

“Grayson, and also Ronald-sama, thank you very much for saving me from the danger. It is thanks to all of you that I can be here right now. I am really grateful.”
“As long you are safe, that’s all what matters.”

Perhaps because he was embarrassed, Grayson turned his face sideways and replied shortly. Lady Mind seemed to have been used to such attitude from him and happily answered with “yes”.

“Yes, I am really glad that nothing happened.”

Ronald smiled sweetly.
The classmates who didn’t get along with each other get closer after overcoming the crisis together.
It’s almost like the youth novel I read in my past life. When I thought so, I was overcome with happiness and a smile formed naturally on my lips.

“I am really glad that everybody was safe.”

When I said so, for some reason not only the group members, but also the classmates nearby were stunned. Some of them even turned red and turned their faces away.


Even Emily turned speechless.
It almost looked like everything would end as a good story, but ultimately the hated person still stayed hated. I felt a little sad. 

At a later day, a knight order, that was dispatched by the kingdom, conducted an investigation about the monster incident. Since we had met it in person, we also cooperated with the questioning, but in the end it seems that they never found out why the monster appeared in that forest,
It has been said that the investigation will continue, but there are no high expectations for better results.
Although I was curious, there was nothing I could do.

Two years passed since the incident during the extracurricular lesson and I turned 14 years old.
That incident became a trigger for establishing a good relationship with Lady Mind and Ronald and we became friendly enough to be on a first-name basis. As a result of that, I feel that, albeit very few, there have appeared people who put their prejudices aside and look at me properly.
I haven’t become that friendly with Grayson, but he hasn’t been as hostile as during the extracurricular lesson.
This would be something impossible in the novel《The Saint is Loved by the Prince》. However, it’s still early to rejoice. Because the biggest problem still remains unresolved.
In the novel, Claudia meets the heroine when she’s 14 years old. In other words, it is from now on that my destiny starts to genuinely head towards the BAD END.
I wonder what will happen to me when the heroine appears? While holding onto such anxious thoughts, I entered the classroom with heavy steps.
Looking at my state, Lady Mind ―― revised, Lily called out to me.

“Claudia, did you know? Apparently, somebody who has the protection of Light Spirit King exists.”

Hearing Lily, my face paled for a second. But I immediately plastered on a smile and played it off.

“Oh my, is that so?”
“It seems that for two people who have received the protection of Light Spirit King and Dark Spirit King to exist in the same era is something that has never happened since the foundation of the Kingdom.”

Normally, the attribute is inherited from a parent, but light and darkness are exceptions. Even the people who have light and darkness attributes are rare. And when it comes to the people who have received protection from Spirit Kings, they’re basically a legend.
The teacher entered and brought an unfamiliar female student in a noisy classroom.
Following the teacher, she stood on a platform and smiled.

“Nice to meet you, I am Amelia Logan.”

It’s the appearance of heroine ―― The one who has received the protection of  Light Spirit King.
Amelia Logan, the daughter of a Baron. She is a person who is heavily connected to my destiny.
Golden hair and blue eyes. Perhaps because she has a small stature and a childish face, she gives an impression of being younger than her actual age. Her appearance is the same as described in the novel.
Although she has some charm, when compared to noble ladies who have been refined to every nook and corner, she looks like an ordinary girl.
She leisurely looked around the classroom as if confirming the faces of each of the classmates and smiled.
Looking at Amelia, the students got even more noisy.

“Logan? From the Baron Logan family?”
“I don’t remember that family having a daughter…”
“I heard that she’s an illegitimate child. Apparently, she’s been living in the downtown until recently.”

I heard such voices.
Amelia’s personal history and the timing of her appearance are the same as in the novel. I wonder if from now on she will get closer to His Highness Edgar and marry him?Suddenly, a certain idea came to my mind.
Wouldn’t I avoid the BAD END if I married the royalty…?
But I immediately denied that thought. I’m not so desperate to avoid the BAD END that I would force an unwanted marriage on His Highness Edgar or His Highness Levy.
I regard both of them as my friends, so if possible I’d like to find a different way than marrying them.
While I was thinking about such things, I was suddenly called out to.

“Are you Claudia Letsya?”

Before I realized, Amelia was standing in front of me with her hands folded. She was looking down on me as if evaluating me.
His Highness Edgar and Emily frowned. It was because Amelia’s remark was way too rude towards me, the daughter of the Duke. It wouldn’t be strange for it to be taken as an insult towards the Letsya family.
I wonder if their meeting was like this in the novel too? No, rather than that, if the heroine is this domineering, there’s no way she can gain the readers’ empathy and get popular.

“Hey, are you listening?”

Amelia knit her eyebrows together and peered at my face.
Looks like while I was trying to remember the novel’s plot, I had been absent-minded.

“Y-yes, I am listening, Lady Logan. With all due respect, I think that this should be our first time meeting…”
“Yes, that’s right. Your hair, eyes and even skin really are black. It’s exactly the same as written in the novel from my past life.”

Did she just say 『past life』?
When I looked around the classroom, my classmates had tilted their heads, as if not understanding what was going on.
I don’t think it’s possible, but could she also be a reincarnator and has read that novel? Even if that’s the case, judging from her behavior, it doesn’t seem like that she came here to tell me to that we, as two reincarnators, should get along.
Amelia snorted as if making fun of me.
Seeing that, Emily sternly  glared at her.

“Aren’t you extremely rude?”

Amelia was surprised by Emily’s conduct.

“…Why is Emily taking Claudia’s side? Aren’t you my best friend?”

Amelia is saying that a girl she has met for the first time is her best friend. As expected Amelia must be a reincarnator which has read that novel.
After being talked to with a familiar tone, and on top of that called without honorifics, Emily’s face turned suspicious.

“It should be our first time meeting, right?”

Emily indirectly told her to『not talk to her familiarly』, but Amelia didn’t show any signs of minding it and smiled radiantly.

“Yes, it’s our first meeting.”

It cannot be helped if I’m looked down on because I have Dark Spirit King’s protection, but Emily is impeccable Earl’s daughter. It’s unforgivable for Amelia, the daughter of the Baron, to call her without any honorifics.
Unlike the high society, the school isn’t very noisy about the social status, but even so, there probably would be none who wouldn’t scowl at her behavior.
The eyes of the classmates looking at Amelia was cold. Perhaps thinking that things would turn bad if this went on, Lily softly gave her a warning.

“You were, umm, Lady Logan, right? I am Lily, the daughter of Earl Mind family. I will tell you as your classmate, that you should reconsider your attitude. If you take such an attitude towards the nobles with higher ranks than you, you cannot complain even if you get punished.”

It was a very kind warning. However, Amelia flatly rejected it.

“I don’t want to be lectured by a Mob.”
“Mob? What are you talking about?”

A word that doesn’t exist in this world popped up. The mob is a shortened version of mob character, basically referring to many other characters who aren’t the part of the main cast.
Even if she doesn’t understand the meaning of the word, Lily must’ve understood that she was told something bad. She was bewildered and scowled.
Tense atmosphere filled the classroom. At that moment, His Highness Edgar talked as if growling.

“Shut up.”

Attention of the students in the classroom gathered on him.

“You’re too noisy. Shut up.”

His Highness Edgar told Amelia with a low voice. Even though she was being scolded, Amelia seemed somehow happy.

“Yes~ I’m sorry, Your Highness Edgar.”

After smiling broadly, Amelia returned to her seat.
That reminds me, I feel like the meeting between His Highness Edgar and Amelia in the novel also started with His Highness saying 『You’re too noisy. Shut up』. That part is exactly the same as written in the novel.
Many things that were impossible in the novel have happened until now. That’s why I was hoping that I would be able to lead a different life from the novel’s Claudia, but looks like things won’t be that easy.
I made up my mind to brace myself more than until now.

During the lunch break of that day, I was eating with His Highness Edgar and Emily. Lily and Ronald were also here so basically all the usual members were together.
Then, His Highness Levy and my older brother Liam joined us.
The moment Lily saw His Highness Levy, she immediately corrected her posture. She seemed to be quite nervous.
Without paying much attention to that, His Highness Levy talked to me.

“Hiya, Claudia. Can I sit next to you?”
“Good day, Your Highness Levy. Please take a seat.”

His Highness levy smiled broadly and sat next to me, while my older brother sat next to him.
Then His Highness abruptly cut to the main topic.

“The one with the protection of the Light Spirit King transferred in your class, right? How was she?”

Seeing that I was lost for words, His Highness Levy and older brother looked at others as if asking for an explanation.

“What is it? Did I ask something bad?”

His Highness Edgar answered to his question.

“No, Elder Brother. It’s just that, the transfer students has so many problems, that we are worried about where to start.”

“I see…I’ve been thinking that if the person with Light Spirit King’s protection got along with Claudia, who has Dark Spirit King’s protection, aversion towards her would calm down but…does it seem difficult?”

His Highness asked me.

“….I will put in some effort.”

I will put in some effort, but don’t expect much – was the meaning my reply had.
Perhaps finding that our responses were quite unexpected, His Highness Levy and elder brother looked at each other.

A month has passed since Amelia transferred to our class. Early summer came and the sunshine gradually became harsher. In order to not burn their snow white skin, the noble ladies were fully invested in trying to avoid getting sunburned. I have dark skin to start with so at least that part is easy.
By the time when everything was surrounded by green leaves and the refreshing wind started to blow, Amelia was avoided by everybody. Probably because the first impression they got from her was bad, most students try to keep away from her.
Maybe Amelia didn’t have any intentions of gaining female friends either because she didn’t try to approach female students. She made eyes at male students, but it seems that they were limited to high-ranking nobles and she didn’t even spare a glance at the sons of the low-ranking nobles.
Such being the case, there are 3 followers around Amelia. Grayson – the prime minister’s son – the son of the Pope and the heir of the Marquis family.
All three, who are high-ranking nobles, already have fiancees. As you already know, Grayson is engaged to my friend Lily. Nevertheless, they are still flirting with Amelia in the public eye.
According to her followers, Amelia is just their good friend. However, I shouldn’t be the only one who thinks that they are sticking to her way too much for just being friends.
Only Grayson feels guilty towards Lily and somewhat seems to be apologetic. If anything, it felt more like Amelia being the one who’s clinging to Grayson.
I was looking at the three and Amelia from a distance. I did tell His Highness Levy that I would『put more effort in getting along with Amelia』, but I didn’t try to actively interact with her.
It’s because she’s a person who’s involved in my fate and above all, because our personalities wouldn’t match. Let sleeping dogs lie. Thinking so, I’ve been careful to not get into a quarrel with her as much as possible, but…

“Hey, can you give it a rest already?”
“Using amorous glances on every male.”
“You are lacking integrity way too much.”

I heard such voices while I was searching for a book in the library. Three high-pitched female voices. I quickly realized that one of the voices belonged to Lily.
Wondering what exactly was going on, I tried looking by peeking from the shadow of the bookshelf. There were three noble ladies, including Lily, confronting Amelia. It was an obvious scene of carnage.
However, even despite being cornered by three noble ladies, Amelia was still easygoing.

“What do you mean? I am only trying to become friends with everybody. And they are also calling me their friend.”

Seeing Amelia who wasn’t shying away at all, one of the noble ladies raised her eyebrows and snapped at her.

“How dare you make such excuses! A relationship that is rumored to be 『too intimate』cannot possibly be a simple friendship.”

Amelia responded in an easy going manner to that too.

“To lend ears to such rumors, you must be unexpectedly vulgar.”

“What did you say?!”

Flaring up, the noble lady approached her with enough momentum to grab at her.
Onlookers also seem to have gathered around, so it would be bad if things escalated. I reluctantly stepped in to stop them.

“Stop it.”

Among the onlookers who saw me, there were some who were startled by my appearance and left.

『This goody two-shoes』

I heard Gerald’s voice, but it’s not like I’m particularly doing this for anybody. I just interfered because I can see the development beyond this point.
Even if Amelia was the one at fault here, for the daughters of high-ranking nobles to surround a mere Baron’s daughter with many people, it would be only seen as bullying.
And thinking from the viewpoint of the novel plot, there is a high possibility that the people who bully her will end up being exiled from the Kingdom.
If I leave them alone while knowing this and Lily gets exiled, I wouldn’t feel very good.
If I oppose Amelia here, I might get closer to the BAD END, but it can’t be helped. It’s better than somebody becoming a sacrifice.
Thinking so, first I talked to the nobles ladies who were red with anger.

“I understand your anger, but why not stop here?”

When I said so, Lily seemed to have calmed down and said with a quiet voice.


Looks like her anger towards Amelia hasn’t disappeared yet. That much is understandable. There’s no way she could forgive a woman who keeps approaching her fiance.
I smiled understandingly towards Lily and the girls.
Then, after looking at each other, they took one step back. After seeing that, I stoof in front of Amelia,
Amelia looked at me gleefully. As if desiring to get bullied by me.
Her attitude fully convinced me that she had read the novel in her past life.

“Lady Logan, their complaints have some point too. There are definitely people who gossip that you and your three friends are in a romantic relationship.”
“No way~  that’s too much~ What an awful accusation.”

Amelia covered her face with both of her hands and pretended to cry. She made sniffling noises but if was obviously fake crying.
Lily and the girls were gaping at her abrupt change of attitude. It wasn’t the kind of reaction that could be befitting of noble ladies, but it couldn’t be helped. I almost reacted the same exact way.

“Please do not misunderstand. You are not a pitiful victim that’s being bullied by me. You are a bug that got close to those girls’ precious fiances…cough, my apologies, I meant perpetrator.”

When I unintentionally called her a『bug』, Amelia showed a triumphant expression for a second.

“So meannn. Even though I only wanted to become friend with everybody, that’s so mean!”

Amelia ran away while crying “uwan~”. As expected, she still didn’t have any tears.
She’s so bad at acting.
While I was thinking so, one of the noble ladies, who had been taken aback, opened her mouth.

“U-um, Lady Letsya…”

I looked towards the girls.

“I understand that you must be angry after having your fiance swayed by that kind of woman. However, it is better to not get involved with her that much. If you are said to have harmed the one with the protection of Light Spirit King, your position will worsen. Besides, if you accidentally end up angering Light Spirit King, there is no guarantee that you will stay unscathed.”

Saying only this, I left the library.

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