Because I Can Control Darkness Doesn’t Mean I’m a Bad Person! – Chapter 08

On the next day, the rumor that I bullied Amelia with my followers circulated around. The people designed as my followers were the three noble ladies who were in the library yesterday.
I might be falsely framed like this and exiled. Thinking about my future made me feel gloomy.
However, the noble ladies, that were in the library, have been actively denying the rumors. When I thought about it, I stopped feeling that I was surrounded only by the enemies.
Besides, most of the people who know Amelia’s personality, don’t believe the rumor.
Though, it’s the fact that things have become a little uncomfortable 

A week after I clashed with Amelia, I came across her followers as I was walking in the corridor. Grayson and the Pope’s son, along with the Marquis family’s son – It was those three.
The moment Grayson noticed me, he awkwardly averted his eyes. 
As for the other two, they called out to me as soon as I entered their sight.

“Hey, you.”

The one who addressed me like so was the Pope’s son. Although he wasn’t to this point when he entered the school at the beginning, now his attitude has become awfully arrogant.
It is rude to call someone『you』out of sudden. Let’s just ignore that kind of person.
I tried passing through without stopping.
Hereupon he put his hand on the wall and blocked my path.

“Are the people from Letsya Ducal family taught to ignore others if they speak to them? As expected from the prestigious Ducal family.”

What a cliched development. I’m already fed up. 

“Was it His Holiness which taught you that it was polite to call noble ladies by『you』? If so, then he is quite a gentleman. ”
“Shut up! Don’t insult Father!”
“It is you who insulted my family first.”

It’s not like I feel an attachment towards the Letsya Ducal family, but I don’t want to let him keep talking as he wishes.
When I beat the Pope’s son, another follower that was next to him joined the war.

“Lady Letsya, it seems that you have made terrible remarks towards Amelia.”
“I have no recollections of doing so.”

Pope’s son once again lashed out at my answer.

“Don’t play dumb!”

While thinking about how improper it was to raise a voice in the middle of the corridor, I argued back.

“I do not remember. What exactly are you implying it is that I said?”
“You told her to not make friends, didn’t you?!”

The second follower said while pointing eyes full of contempt towards me. It was a story that I had absolutely no memories of. Without caring about my puzzled state, he still argued intensely.

“In addition, you’ve also seemed to have proclaimed that we are in a romantic relationship with Amelia.”

I only told her to『not get close to the gentlemen with fiancees』. Why were my words interpreted like that? 

Pope’s son snorted and said as if scoffing at me.

“You must’ve been jealous of Amelia because you’re the most hated person the class. But even so, you’re the worst for threatening Amelia. Dark Spirit King’s contractor is really a good-for-nothing. You are our country’s shame.”
“Who in the world would believe the words of that ‘most hated person in the class’?”

When I asked exasperatedly, he replied full of confidence.

“It’s obvious that you used your followers to make others believe you. You have a high status, after all. There must be people who draw close to you.

Isn’t it all speculation? I’m so unlucky to be held up for something as stupid as this.

“Do you have an evidence?”

When I glared at him, the Pope’s son again laughed mockingly.

“Haa. Who else is there besides you?”

The other one nodded too as if to express his agreement.
I suddenly noticed that there were a fair amount of onlookers gathered around. Well, considering this kind of noise right in the middle of the corridor, it’s not surprising.
Perhaps thinking that all the onlookers were on their side, Amelia’s followers looked somewhat proud.
However, the eyes of the onlookers, which looked at me, possessed a hint of empathy. 
Suddenly Ronald appeared and stood between me and the followers.

“How about leaving the matter at that? Even if it’s you guys, this kind of absurdity won’t work.”

Ronald said while smiling, but he was giving out the air of intimidation that wouldn’t let people say no.

“Pinning a crime on the Duke’s daughter would require an appropriate resolution, wouldn’t it?”

After hearing that, perhaps thinking that they were at a disadvantage, they quickly backed off with frustrated faces.

“Thank you for saving me, Ronald.”

When I thanked him, Ronald laughed while saying that it wasn’t a problem.

“If you want to thank someone, say it to Grayson. He was the one who came looking for me and asked for help because he couldn’t stop the Pope’s son on his own.”

It seems that at some point Grayson had left us and went to call for Ronald. 
When I looked around, Grayson’s figure as he was leaving with the two others entered my sight. I expressed my gratitude on the inside while looking at him.
This time I unintentionally engaged them tit for tat, but let’s not get involved with Amelia and her followers from now on. That way, the rumors about me bullying her should also disappear soon enough.
Anyway, I’ll try to lose contact with her and avoid any strange rumors spreading around.
I decided so inside of my heart.

However, the attack from Amelia’s side didn’t stop at this. 
Even though I’m trying to avoid Amelia, she’s using all sorts of tricks to mess with me. Looks like she wants to bring forth the same development as in the novel no matter what. 
One day, while I was talking with Lily, Amelia tripped dramatically tripped right in front of us. 
Then, while still sitting down, she looked at me and started shouting.

“Why…why are you doing something like this?!”

Both I and Lily were bewildered, not understanding what was going on.
Lily  act thoughtfully and for the time being called out to Amelia.

“You seem to have tripped quite showily. Are you okay?”
“I’m not okay! Lady Letsya tripped me on purpose! Cruel! So cruel!”

Amelia covered her face with her hands and started fake-crying.

“Do you hate me so much, Lady Letsya?!”

Yup, I hate you.
Just how good would it be if I could say that? But if I said my true feelings they’ll get noisy about bullying and so on again. Ah, what a pain!

“I have not tripped you. You are the one who fell on your own.”

In fact, similar events have been happening all the time recently and the students who are checking out the situation from afar are making faces as if saying “again?”.『Claudia, should I kill this noisy little girl?』

Gerald must be finally at the end of his patience too. He said his words while releasing bloodlust.

『You can’t. No matter how annoying she is, killing her would make things troublesome』

I calmed down Gerald via telepathy.

“Lady Logan, we will excuse ourselves with this. Let’s go, Claudia.”

Taking the opportunity, Lily quickly stood up and told Amelia rapidly. 
And before Amelia could manage to say anything, she pulled my hand and left the place at a quick pace.


One day while I was evading Amelia’s attacks, I was called to the academy’s greenhouse by Brother.
There were other students too here and there in the greenhouse, but everybody was far enough to not hear each other’s conversations.
The reason why Brother called out to me was to ask about Amelia.
Amelia continuously messing with me seemed to have naturally reached Brother’s ears too. Of course, His Highness Levy was also aware of it and was worried about me.
I lost to Brother, who told me to tell everything without hiding and told him about everything that had happened so far.
When I finished telling everything, a high-pitched voiced entered my ears.

“Is the one in here Liam-sama?”

When I looked towards the direction of the voice,  Amelia entered my line of sight.
The moment Brother saw her, he scowled and turned on his heels.

“Let’s go, Claudia.”

Hiding me from Amelia, he started to walk away quickly.

“Uhm, to where?”

Both I and Brother were thinking of leaving the place as soon as possible. However, Amelia, who couldn’t read the mood, called out in order to stop us…or rather, my brother.

“Our matter is already  finished so we are going to return to the classroom.”

My brother answered as if fed up. His attitude made Amelia surprised for a second. Looks like she hadn’t even dreamed that she would receive this kind of treatment from my brother. However, her expression changed only for a second and she immediately said with a smile.

“In that case, please let me accompany you.”

Amelia absolutely never looked towards me. She seems to be trying to build a different world only with her and Brother, ignoring my existence.

“Please do not joke. If somebody saw me together with you, strange rumors might start to spread. I will humbly decline your offer.”
“Now, now, as it’s just a simple chat between friends, no one would gossip about it.”

Amelia showed an unnaturally pure smile.
I and Brother were both surprised by her words.
This should be Amelia’s and Brother’s first meeting. Normally, you wouldn’t call people who you haven’t talked with properly, friends.
Not to mention, On top of being in different grades, Brother is of much higher social status than her.
Both I and Brother showed our displeasure openly but without paying attention to that, Amelia continued.

“With all due respect, it seems like Liam-sama is troubled by worries about something. If it is alright, I would be happy to consult you…Ah! Please forgive me. I still had not introduced myself yet. As you may know, I am Amelia Logan who has the protection of Light Spirit King. Please call me Amelia.”

Brother was so dumbfounded by an overly one-sided conversation that he couldn’t utter a word. I don’t know where to start pointing out flaws in her words either.

“And what kind of matter is troubling you, Liam-sama?”

Amelia’s one-sided conversation continued.

“Sorry, but I don’t have any worries that I could tell to a person I’m meeting for the first time.”

Even when Brother showed a clear sign of rejection, Amelia didn’t listen at all.

“Are your worries perhaps related to Claudia?”

Wait a minute. I’m literally in front of you, though?

“With all due respect, Lady Logan――”
“Please call me Amelia.”
“….You are not close with my younger sister, right?”

『Don’t you be calling my younger sister without any honorifics when you aren’t even familiar with her!』is what he indirectly said. But unfortunately, it didn’t communicate with her.  Amelia sorrowfully lowered her eyebrows and said.

“Yes. I have been putting in effort to become close with her , but it is quite difficult. Claudia is jealous that I am the most popular in the class and seems to hold a grudge against me”

I wonder since when did Amelia become the most popular in the class? I have a feeling that she’s being avoided instead.

“I understand your feelings, Liam-sama. It must surely be tough to be an older brother of such a girl.”
“I don’t know what you are misunderstanding, but I am proud to be Claudia’s brother.”
“Oh my, how kind. But it is okay to not hide your true feelings in front me. Because I properly understand your feelings. The whole family has fallen apart at Claudia’ fault. Your mother has become bedridden…In truth, it was bitter and painful, right? How pitiful, Liam-sama.”

Amelia was completely treating me as I don’t exist. However, her words wounded my heart. Just like she said, my existence is destroying the relationship between my family. My parents are definitely not bad people so as long as I didn’t exist, they would surely create a peaceful, good family.
My darkening thoughts were blown away by Brother’s single word.

“Get lost.”

It was the lowest voice I had heard from his until now.


Looks like even Amelia noticed that Brother’s actions were strange.

“Never show your ugly face before me ever again.”
“You’re free to think whatever you want, but I love Claudia. I have never hated being her older brother. Got it? now, get lost.”
“Strange….this is strange! This is impossible!”

Amelia screamed with a ghastly face.
However, this is a development that would be impossible in the novel. But, the world we live is not the fiction, but a reality. Since she didn’t understand this, Amelia’s mind seemed to be completely in chaos.
Even when the other students which heard the uproar gathered around us, Amelia didn’t care and kept screaming.

“You are troubled by Claudia. You must be ashamed of having an arrogant, merciless and despicable woman as your younger sister! It has been decided a long ago!”

Yes. That’s Claudia from the novel. But this is reality and different from the novel.

“The arrogant, merciless and despicable woman is you, who’s screaming before my eyes.”

Brother only said those words over his shoulder and turned his back to Amelia.

“What the hell! Impossible, there’s no way this is happening!”

Amelia was still shouting in the greenhouse that Liam and Claudia left. The onlookers eventually disappeared, but I stayed there to wait and see.
Then, I approached vexed Amelia, which was biting the nail of her thumb.

“Are you alright, Lady Logan?”
“Who the hell are you?”

Saying so, she glared at me.

“I am your classmate, Ronald Windor. I am from the family of Marquis Windor.”

The moment I told her that I belonged to the Marquis family, Amelia’s attitude did a 180 degree turn.

“Oh my, so you are called Ronald. Were you watching? Claudia’s so mean, isn’t she? She must’ve been putting strange thoughts in Liam-sama’s head and manipulating him.”

What a mannerless woman, to address me, a member of the Marquis family, without any titles. But if she’s this stupid, I might be able to use her well.

“Yes, it is truly awful. Poor Amelia. Please let me comfort you.”

Amelia fell easily when I said so while making full use of my charm.
So she’s not only stupid but also promiscuous. I’d rather avoid touching this kind of woman, but she should be enough for killing time. Do your best to be of use.
I thought so and smiled at her.


Two weeks have passed since the case in the greenhouse.
The fact that Amelia acted incomprehensibly towards me and my brother became well-known around the school in the blink of an eye.
Surroundings started to avoid her more and instead I, who was supposed to be hated, for some reason started to get more sympathizing looks. Not only that, the number of people who would at least greet me increased and they no longer averted their eyes from me unnaturally.
Seeing that I didn’t get mad at a low ranked noble Amelia no matter how utterly rude she acted towards me, the surroundings seemed to have started to reevaluate their assessment of me.
I wonder if this is also Amelia effect? If so, I’d like to thank her for a little bit.
However, I still can’t let my guard down. I don’t know where the pitfall could be hiding. Besides, it was only a little while ago that I caught a word of a suspicious matter.
I was sitting in the library of Letsya mansion and holding my head.

『What are you doing, Claudia?』

Gerald called out to me via telepathy.

“Nn~ thinking”

This library contains books collected by the successive family heads. It’s full of the smell of books and I like it very much.
Being burdened with a tragic fate even since I was born, my heart was always full of anxiety. But as soon as I would smell this scent, my turbulent heart would immediately calm down.
That’s why whenever I want to contemplate something, I always come here.

『What are you thinking about?』
“When I walked in front of the Duke’s office a moment ago, I overheard contents of the conversation…”

My father was talking about the war with Galdia Kingdom.
The novel mainly concentrated on romance, so the details about the state of affairs between Leycia and Galdia weren’t written thoroughly.
As a result of researching after my reincarnation, I found out that Galdia has been aiming for the land of Leycia, which is loved by spirits, since ancient times.
And currently, Crown Prince of Galdia ―― Prince Carlos is commencing the preparations for starting a war. Basically, it’s only a matter of time before they invade us.
In the novel, the war broke out and I was married off to Galdia as a sign of truce and peace. In other words, if war happens, I’ll get one step closer to the BAD END.
I’m gaining more and more allies, while on the contrary, Amelia keeps losing her popularity. The future must’ve changed to some extent. Still, the possibility that I will be married off to that country is still not zero.
When push comes to shove​, it fells upon me to protect myself. Thus, I should use everything at my disposal.

“Hey, Gerald. Will you gather the information about Galdia Kingdom?”

『If I start to look things up, I will have to leave your side. I don’t want that』

Indeed, it wouldn’t be very good for Gerald to not be near me. As I was thinking about what to do, he opened his mouth once again.

『How about asking my kin? Dark Spirits can hide in the shadows of people and collect information. It’s just that, my kin can’t understand complicated conversations and although it would be a different case if it were me, it’s difficult for them to leave the kingdom.』
|“There’s no need to leave the country. I want them to enter the Duke’s shadow and tell me the contents of his conversations regarding Galdia Kingdom. Even if they can’t understand the meaning, they can relay the contents as it is, right?”

My father is the Head of the Knight Order. If there is a movement within the neighboring country, he will definitely be notified.

『Hmm, that’s fine. I will make it so you can hear the conversation as soon as the report comes to the Duke…You guys heard that.』

Saying so, Gerald stretched out his right hand. Then, palm-sized dark spirits gathered around it.

『If that is what Princess wishes.』
『We shall fulfill Princess’ desire.』
『Princess’ desire.』

Dark spirits chimed unanimously​ and disappeared.

“Thank you, Gerald.”
『This much isn’t a problem.』

Now I can obtain the information. I’ll feel somewhat safer if I can promptly grasp the movements of Galdia kingdom.

“Oh, you’ve arrived, Levy. Take the seat over there.”

I was called by my father, His Majesty the King, to the assembly of the Congress. Central figures of the state were already gathered there. This time, an emergency congress was opened in order to discuss a certain matter. The topic was the movements of the Galdra Kingdom. Edgar isn’t here because he’s still young, but recently, I’ve been increasingly getting involved with the government affairs under my father. The same applies to Liam, who will eventually succeed Duke Letsya.

“It seems like Galdia Kingdom is going to start the war.”

One of the high-level officials gathered at the assembly said.
The news that Galdia Kingdom was preparing for the war had already reached the royal family and the Duke Letsya. However, agitated voices were raised by the nobles, which hadn’t been notified yet.
Isn’t Galdia wanting to invade Leycia old news? I stared at them with cold eyes.
Since the power of the spirits can only be used in Leycia, it’s rare for us to take the initiative and attack other countries. Taking advantage of that fact, Galdia is always meddling with us.

“Did we not sign a peace treaty just last year?”
“They are always the same.”
“That nation is good at breaking promises, after all.”

Anger, resignation, scorn. Various emotions towards Galdia kingdom flew about. Amongst them, the only one maintaining his composure was the Prime Minister of this country, Duke Alfar.

“Your Majesty, they will not learn their lessons no matter how many times were drive them away. How about we show them our seriousness here once and for all? We will grind them into the ground so hard that they will not think of starting a war with us ever again. The aggression of his country is clear to anybody’s eyes. I doubt that we will get criticized by other countries if we rake them over the coals for a little bit.”

His Majesty nodded at the words of Duke Alfar.

“You have a point. However, it is undesirable for common folk to be harmed because of the selfishness of higher-ups. Even if they are citizens of a foreign country, the invading soldiers are also innocent citizens”

“But of course, my compassionate King. I am not saying that we should commit atrocities against common people. Simply dealing great damage to the military should suffice.”

Hearing that proposal, my mother, the Queen, made a dubious face.

“Deal a great damage only to the military without harming the common folk? Are you saying that such thing is truly possible, Duke Alfar?”

Queen Consort hurled a sharp glare and a question towards the Prime Minister. Duke Alfar hadn’t said anything concrete yet. It was only natural for the Queen consort to have her doubts. The eyes of everybody at the assembly gathered on Duke Alfar. He stood up with a smile and spread his hands wide. The very sight of him was almost akin to a clown on a grand stage and I had a bad premonition.

“There are currently two miraculous existences in our kingdom.”

Duke Alfar didn’t say the names of the two he mentioned. However, it was plain as day as to who he meant.
I strongly ground my teeth.
Duke Letsya clenched his fists and Mother and Liam glared at Duke Alfar.

“Lady Claudia Letsya and Lady Amelia Logan. For the contractors of Light and Dark Spirit Kings, executing this plan would be a breeze.”

The voices of agreement rose towards Duke Alfar’s words from the foolish nobles one after another.

“Ohh! That’s a good one!”
“As expected from Duke Alfar.”
“Indeed, we still had that move.”

Don’t joke around, I thought.
Perhaps feeling the same way, Liam also stood up and protested.

“Please wait a minute. Those two are still students.”

I couldn’t care less about Amelia, but I can’t let Claudia be sent to the battlefield. I supported Liam’s words.

“I am also against it. This is a war that we can win even without borrowing their powers. There is no need to go all the way to send students. In fact, both I and Liam have been told to not go to the battlefield exactly for the reason that we are students.”

I put my hands on the desk and stood up, surveying the faces of everybody present.
Then, Prime Minister, Duke Alfar, said with a face that looked as if he wanted to ask why we were saying something so obvious.

“You two and those girls are in different positions.”

I was desperately trying to hold back my anger.

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