Absolute Happiness☆Heroine

I am the daughter of a duke.

It’s terrifying.

Up until a little while ago, I truly believed that the world revolved around me. I thought everything would always go the way I wanted it to.

Then I remembered.

This is the world of an otome game.

However, did it really have to be a passionate game like『Absolute☆Heroine!〜Only I Can Save You〜』?

One day after waking up, I remembered seeing my previous memories in a dream. I could only hold my head in my hands.

It would appear that I had a previous life.

I was a woman a little younger than thirty, who quietly enjoyed various otaku-like hobbies.

Well, I liked otome games, if I hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have known.

How many times did I think about entering this kind of world?

However, now I just want to leave.

It’s because Absolute☆Heroine is a game that makes only the heroine absolutely happy. Everyone else is pretty miserable.

Absolute☆Heroine wasn’t a famous game. It only had three capture targets, and didn’t have much mainstream success. Some people really appreciated it, though.

For example, people who like stories about unhappy youths.

It’s great when your beloved is happy, but when they get beat up or die for you? This is bad! Something like that, I love it ♡

That’s the kind of person that greatly loves Absolute☆Heroine. In my previous life, I was one of them.

The capture targets that the heroine doesn’t choose are condemned or even killed. I’m getting fired up! Amazing! Sui-sama’s lifeless face looked really precious too.

We’ve strayed from the main point, but the scary part about this game is that many around the capture targets are dealt miserable hands.

It was so impressive that it was almost praised as both an otome and battle royale game…[1].

In the Bad Ending, the heroine is sent to a monastery where she lives out the rest of her days. So why are the other characters convicted of being involved in some rebellion? Although the scene was blurry, I thought the mass-beheading scene would haunt my dreams because of the voice actors’ intensities.

The Bad Ending is said to be the most difficult to obtain after the True Harem End. In this game, though the heroine is always happy, those around her face so much misfortune that it makes my heart ache.

Well, the fact a game like this exists means that those types of characters are popular.

The villainess’ name is Duchess Saracia Houston.

That’s right. The current me.

I’m the fiancée of the main capture target, Crown Prince Sureiasu-sama, hailing from the nation’s highest ranking aristocrat family. Beautiful and brilliant with a terrible personality: truly a villainous villain.

In the Prince’s route, “I” eventually die, but not before going mad with jealousy and attacking the happy couple; even managing to slash the Prince’s shoulder.

The second capture target is the son of the Prime Minister. In his route, I’m falsely accused of a crime and hanged. The Prince abandons me and watches the execution. Afterward, he uncovers a conspiracy plot involving my family and sentences them all to death as well.

The third capture target is a knight who is childhood friends with the heroine. In his route, the heroine unintentionally offends Saracia who retaliates against the heroine’s household. Enraged, the knight kills Saracia and the couple escapes in order to avoid punishment. They join the rebel faction and loot the country. In the end, I’m killed because they love each other too much.

Anyway, Saracia eventually dies in all the routes.

In the Bad End, a civil war breaks out and aristocrats are targeted and killed off by the masses. It goes without saying that in the Harem End, “I” once again go mad with jealousy and try to kill someone. I’m executed for treason against the royal family.

Saracia really dies in every route.

In the sequel game, you can get a bonus scene of Saracia: a diary entry recounting a dream from the Prince’s route that’s basically overflowing jealousy.

The players appreciated the eroticism and grotesqueness of the game; aptly categorized R18. There were even fan-works portraying Saracia as happy, beautiful and healthy.

Basically, I am that girl.

Furthermore, I’ve already met the heroine and said something pretty terrible to her at our first meeting.

Worse still, the Prince saw the exchange.

Why couldn’t I have remembered this all at the beginning…everything feels stacked against me.

One day, I was agonizing over these problems. I didn’t know what to do anymore, I’m tired of thinking about it.

I just wanted to be alone. I was walking down the stairs with my followers, when I noticed someone climbing up.


I made a choked sound and felt like I couldn’t breathe.

Suddenly I remembered a scene where the heroine falls down the stairs after being pushed by the villainess. If that happened, I could really kiss this life goodbye.

The heroine opened her mouth.

“Good morning, Villainess-san.”

That smile which can’t be described as anything other than adorable was so dreadfully terrifying to me, that at that moment I lost consciousness.

I awoke to an unfamiliar ceiling.

“Are you awake Saracia-san?”

Seeing the heroine next to me, I stiffened in fear.

“Am I really that scary? Did you remember something?”

That adorable smile…

Why was it so scary?

Her eyes narrowed to two crescents, making it difficult to deduce her emotions. It’s like she’s wearing a mask and I can’t face her directly.

“Saracia-sama, I should be happy right?”

The heroine whispered to confirm something ‘obvious’.

From these words, the unmistakable words of a player, I began to cry in despair.

I was confused.

After being summoned by His Majesty the King, I arrived at the audience hall to find cabinet members and the academy’s most important students all lined up, standing side-by-side. I tilted my neck as charges were read against me.

The nature of the offense was treason; price fixing of grains that lead to public anxiety in turn fanning the flames of rebellion.

But why would I hurt father?

It’s true that many of the documents produced as evidence contain my signature. Someone is distorting the truth in order to frame me.

This is wrong. Looking around I see that everyone’s gazes are full of contempt and accusation.

I’m upset that no one is on my side.

“No objections?”

“I did not do this!”

“Then what is this evidence!”

My father who was watching me looked furious at my words.

“…I thought you alone would never betray me.”


It doesn’t matter what I say, everyone is looking at me with cold eyes.

Even those classmates in the student council with me are diverting their eyes and awaiting father’s judgment. Responding now will only make matters worse. No one is going to protect me.

She’s one of them.

I met her eyes.


A cute student that has been stirring up my heart ever since transferring; she is a secretary in the student council. When our eyes met, her shoulders jumped a little.

The gentle you that listens to everyone, I hope you will believe me.

I stare at her thinking this. I must look like I’ll cry, opening and closing my mouth repeatedly.

Please say that I’m innocent.

However, after looking around, she murmurs an apology and turns away from me.

In that powerless voice, even she who – was like the Virgin Mary – smiled at and listened to everyone, has abandoned me. The reality hit hard.

No matter how hard I look around, no one is on my side.

Sitting in a daze, I could see my father opening his mouth to punish me, a cold and hateful look on his face.

“Crown Prince Sureiasu, for the crime of treason you are-“

“Please wait!”

It was my fiancée, Saracia, who threw the doors open and burst in.

This was the first time that I’d ever heard her raise her voice. She, who always had others do her dirty work. Further, it seems that she ran here because she’s panting and clearly out of breath.

That Saracia…?

“Saracia-sama, it does not matter who you are, it’s outrageous to interrupt His Majesty.”

“There’s a reason for this Your Majesty. Please look at this.”

The Grand Chamberlain ran over first and took the bundle of papers from her. Upon looking them over, his face changed color. He rushed towards the King.

“This is…”

“Would you allow me to make some supplementary remarks?”

“I’ll permit it.”

“If you’ll allow me to start from the conclusion. Your Majesty, these charges are false. Though it’s been meticulously concealed, Your Majesty’s personal attendant is a spy from the neighboring state. They are trying to weaken our national power.”


In spite of being in front of the King, all in attendance looked like they wanted to devour the documents in his hands.

“Grand Chamberlain, the Prince’s arrest is nullified. I never want to see that traitor again.”[2]


The entire room is filled with an awkward silence. No one can look me in the face; everyone is waiting for someone else to speak first.

Even more than joy at being vindicated or anger at not being believed, I feel far greater confusion at how only Saracia figured out the truth.

“Ah! Saracia-sama, you have my deepest gratitude for seeing through the neighboring country’s scheme.”

“I am honored by your words.”

“But, how did you know? My eyes were completely deceived. How could you see through their plot?”

For the first time today, Saracia seemed at a loss for words.

Looking troubled, she surveyed the room before locking eyes with me. Embarrassed, she looked away.

Though seemingly hesitating on whether or not to say something, the confession slowly began.

“It is…because I believed in His Highness. Even though I am only seventeen, he’s been my fiancé ever since I was born. Since I met him at age ten, I’ve longed to always be by his side. I’ve been watching him all this time, so I know exactly how much he cares for Your Majesty and our country. It had to be a trick!”

I was stunned by her words.

I thought no one believed me.

I thought I had to turn my back on everyone.

Yet, it was Saracia, who I had treated cruelly, that loved and believed in me.

Even though her ears were dyed bright read, she was still proudly declaring her feelings for me.

I continued to stare with wide eyes. She turned her head and our eyes met.

At that moment, her face changed dramatically.

“Aaah, Prince Sureiasu.”

She had always been a cold beauty who looked down on others. But now, her cheeks were bashful and red. She looked embarrassed all the way up to her beautiful eyebrows.

Waving both hands in front of her, she gave off a feeling of innocence.

“Your Highness, it’s not what you think…I wasn’t avoiding telling you. I just didn’t want to spring it on you out of nowhere, but I had to properly say it. I actually said that I was yearning for you, ahhh, but it’s true, I really am! Nooo, what am I saying?!”

Saracia went on like that for a bit longer before eventually quieting down.

She was in a state of complete disarray; her eyes full of tears threatening to spill over and her skin was dyed light red. She covered her face with her hands to hide her expression and whispered in a small voice that she wanted to disappear.

“Please don’t look.”

Her calming voice echoed throughout the silent chamber. Noticing this, her face seemed to let off steam, and she ran out.[3]

“Sureiasu, there seems to have been a great misunderstanding.”

Everyone was dumbfounded, unable to make a single sound. I turned back to my father.

“Even if it was skilfully concealed, I was going to falsely charge you with a crime and strip you of your title. Yet Saracia-jyou, who is only a student, realized it.”[4]

“No…I too apologize for inviting such a situation without realizing. I was also compromised by a spy, I am sorry for causing this situation”

I smiled while answering, knowing that this would relax the strained atmosphere a little.

However, can I forgive you?

Can I so easily forget the humiliation that I’ve faced?

I’ll endure it for now.

I don’t want to be here anymore. I don’t want to forgive you lot, but I also don’t want to listen to your drawn out repentance either.

I have to chase after Saracia and make up for the past. That’s the most important. I want to see that rose-tinted expression and thank her as soon as possible.

Thank you for helping me. Thank you for always thinking of me. I want to run to her side and tell her these feelings.

“Are you happy Saracia?”

She suddenly said that she wanted to have a fun and leisurely teatime with just the two of us.

After the previous incident, she kept pestering me to become friends with her because we’ve both been reincarnated. We’ve had tea before, but this is the first I’ve been asked a question like that.

She tilted her head and her strawberry blonde hair caught the sunlight and sparkled.

I couldn’t see fraying, frizz or even a split end anywhere. Even if that’s the power of a heroine, it was fascinating. She called my name again.

“Ee, thanks to you, I’m happy.”

“If you’re happy, I am as well~”

I have some doubts about why she’s saying that and laughing, so I’ll just ask.

“You’re always happy aren’t you? Because you’re the heroine.”

Louise looks upset hearing that, puffing her cheeks like a squirrel.

“The heroine is meant to bring happiness to those around her, but it doesn’t directly affect me.”

“Ara, Louise isn’t happy?”

“Yeah…well, I was happy to be surrounded by people I love in the beginning, but it’s painful knowing that those close to me will be unhappy because of my choices.”

Fed up, Louise chews on some colorful baked goods.

“The game has reloads so you can enjoy both happy and sad moments, but living like this is a nightmare.”

“Is that so…I’ve never thought about it from your position. I’m sorry.”

“Aah, if I enter one person’s route then the others end up dead, but if I went after the Harem Route I’d feel like a terrible woman.”

My face falls, feeling like I’ve said something bad. Suddenly a bunch of baked sweets are stuffed into my mouth.

“I don’t like it when Saracia’s unhappy.”

“What are you doing?!”

Louise apologized while laughing, not seeming particularly sincere. Well, eating delicious food always cheers me up. The dark feeling blows away.

“If everyone wasn’t happy, I would hate it. This way everyone gets to be happy; Saracia is happy and I’ve also reached a Happy Ending.”

“You’re greedy.”

“Girls aren’t greedy.”

“I guess that’s true.”


While I was laughing, someone hugged me from behind, surprising me.

“Sounds like you’re having fun Saracia.”

“Your Highness…you’re too close.”

His deep, sexy voice next to my ear and body behind mine are too much to handle. I stiffen, feeling shy.

“Is this better?”

“That’s perfect, Your Highness. Saracia-jyou probably wants to be even more lovey-dovey.”

“Lafretto! Don’t teach His Highness weird things!”

I was so surprised by His Highness’ proximity that I didn’t even notice Louise’s lover. Lately she’s been with her childhood friend, the knight Lafretto. He’s completely smitten.

Though, that His Highness listened to my request filled me with warm feelings, making me smile.

Speaking of which, the Prime Minister’s son Alejandro and Louise don’t end up particularly close. Instead, after a family meeting, the ties between him and his relatives deepen. They become a close family.

The heroine is tied to her childhood friend.

The villainess is connected with the Crown Prince.

The Prime Minister’s son is happily running around with a father complex.

The neighboring country’s plans were foiled so there was no civil war.

Precisely because Louise was not a typical heroine, but a greedy one, everyone was able to find their own Happy Ending.

Accepting my good luck, I gave up against this small and adorable girl. Realizing that no one was a match for her, I happily accepted defeat.

[1] 虐殺 (ぎゃくさつ), so literally would have been “atrocity” game but I felt battle royale fit better.

[2] He means the spy.

[3] Probably that red-faced steaming effect seen so often in anime. Basically, she’s embarrassed. So cute (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚

[4] The suffix “-jyou” is used for unmarried women; like “miss”.

Author’s Notes:

My first short story! ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ Honestly, this one was pretty difficult for me so I had to rely on machine translations from time to time. Some guesswork went into this so I’m sure there are more than a few inaccuracies. I’m really sorry about that (。╯︵╰。)

Story-wise, I wish there was a bit more romance, but I’m glad the heroine turned out to be a nice lady! The father-con capture target made me laugh ☚(*´∀`☚) Good for him!

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