I Won’t Hand Him Over to Some “Saint”!

 The moment I woke up, I remembered.
   Huh? Wasn’t this world an otome game?

   My name is Meirim. The wife of a noble. Just now, at this very moment, I remembered the my memories of my previous life. Or, so I say, but I actually have no idea what sort of life I led. All I can remember is that I spent an obsessive amount of my time in the other world playing this game.

   And now I’m inside that otome game. Why? I have no idea. I’m not the heroine, but the wife of one of the love interests.

   This game, “The Saintly Woman is Lavishly Loved”, has a few fantasy elements in it, but it was intended for a mature audience, so it’s targeted at women in their twenties and beyond.

   The time period resembles Middle Ages Europe, but in a world with magic. A sudden drought fell all over the world, the hearts of the people despaired, and crime became widespread. During this calamity, there was a diviner who sent the people a ray of hope.

   “Summon a Saint from another world. If you do that, the path will open,” he said.

   Taking those words to heart, the greatest King in the world invited the most famous wizard and priest to his kingdom, and bid them summon that person from another world. The one who showed up was a Japanese female college student.

   Why wasn’t she a high school student? As if I’d know! That’s not the problem, it’s the love interests!

   In total, there are six love interests.
   The Prince of the kingdom which summons her, and its Prime Minister. The Knight Commander in charge of the guards, and his ranking officer, the General. The Wizard, who had been in charge of the summoning, and the Priest, who is in charge of the Church. There was also the Diviner as a hidden character, but he’s unimportant, because—

   The Knight Commander is my husband!!!

   THE PROBLEM IS THIS! There is a big obstacle you shouldn’t climb over, even when it comes to love interests. He already has a wife like me, his beloved work with the law, and there’s an age difference between them, too! If she does climb over it and obtains true love, she can save the world. From that point on, the “sweet” development that happens takes a bit of an adult turn, which is how the game got it’s Rated M label. Personally, I think it should’ve gotten an even higher rating.
   By the way, the General is my father. In ・ other ・ words! I am the “obstacle” for the Knight Commander and General’s routes!

   Nooo! I hate this! I don’t want to break up with Gaira-sama (my husband)! I won’t let it happen! Because, because, I love him with all my heart!
   I mean, yeah, according to the game, our marriage is one of convenience. He had no choice but to marry me in order to become the next general. But! I love Gaira-sama, and he must feel something for me, too.
   …I’m not very confident about that.
   What should I do? Gaira-sama and my father are always gone because they seem so busy. Just like the one in the game, this world seems to be heading straight towards the summoning of the Saint. It’s just a matter of time before she arrives. Supposing she chooses Gaira-sama…and he responds to her feelings…I wouldn’t be able to bear it. It’s too late to cry now.

   If it’s going to be like that…

   Even if I’m only starting now, I need to deepen my love with my husband!

   Yeah! That’s what I’ll do! Watch out, Gaira-sama! Before long I’ll drown you in love!!!

      Early morning.
   The moment Gaira-sama gets out of bed, I follow suit. While it may be true that I’m a noble, I don’t sleep in late. I mean, even if it’s only one tenth of a second, I want to be with the one I love!

   “Mornin’, Meirim.”
   “Good morning, Gaira-sama. Ah, ……mm, nn.”

   In the waking of the morning, he didn’t forget my kiss. No matter how much time passes, these kisses that vividly recall the previous night’s lovemaking sessions always embarrass me, but they fill me with happiness, too. They make me believe he sees me as his proper wife even if it’s a political marriage.

   “Mmph! Nnn…ahh, don’t, Gaira-sama. Morey is, ahn! almost—*kiss* here…”
   “You were the one who didn’t want to cross swords with me, so don’t say another man’s name.”
   “OK, but…nn, mmnn, *kiss*.”

   Sometimes we’ll go too far and sink back into bed, but we’ve been warned by the butler, Morey, not to before. The madams of this world must have a lot of stamina to do this every morning.

   We also eat breakfast together. Couples who eat separately seem to be thought of in their households as having marital discord. It’s not like I don’t know how married couples act in high society so that they don’t give others the impression of being close. But, no matter where we are, I have show off how “lovey dovey” we are!
   “Gaira-sama, have a bite.”
   “Mm. Delicious. When you feed me, meals taste even better. Here, you open up, too.”
   “I’m fine, but you need to eat before you go.”
   “What are you saying? Yesterday, you exercised a lot. If you don’t eat properly, you won’t have energy for more, y’know?”
   “Ahh! Geez! Gaira-sama, you mustn’t, touch me, there!”
   “Heh. Don’t make such a cute voice…it makes me not want to go to work.”

   ?? Before our marriage, he was married to his work, wasn’t he? Oh, I see! He’s just buttering me up. It still makes me happy, though. It makes me believe I can keep trying my best!

   “…Lord Gaira, time is approaching. By all means, please make haste.”
   “Understood. Sigh…I have to go soon. Meirim, will you send me off?”

   Of course I will!
   Sending him off is an absolute. No matter how much my lower back hurts, how much my legs don’t want to stand, or even if I need maids supporting me from both sides, this is nonnegotiable. It’s the privilege only wives have!

   “Then I’m off. I’ll probably return around the same time as usual. Be a good girl and wait for me.”
   “Gaira-sama, I’m not a child! I can watch over the house while you’re gone!”
   “Not a child, huh? Well, I wouldn’t be able to do this to a child.”
   “Ahh, —mmm, nnn, haah…, mmph. Hya…”
   “Mmm… Haa, what happened? You’re quite bold today. You’re usually a little more shy.”
   “Oh…should I not? Do you dislike forward women? Is it improper?”
   “No, I want you to do it more. Get even more drunk on your lord.”*

   Oh, Gaira-sama just called himself my “lord”. Even though he’s only supposed to say that in our room at night…

   After our mouths had completely devoured each other, Morey cleared his throat emphatically, and I just about died from embarrassment when I came to my senses and remembered that we were standing in front of our home. Gaira-sama left for work, completely satisfied. He probably wanted to show everyone, “This is a political marriage, but we get along well~”, but I wonder if my judgment wasn’t wrong?
   I’m bored. Especially since I didn’t plan a tea party for today, and a countess doesn’t have to work (Gaira-sama holds the title of earl!), so I have nothing to do. All right! I’ll plan out my “Make Gaira-sama fall in love” strategy. First off, let’s hear what the maids have to say!

   “Make the master fall in love? That’s no longer necessary, is it?”
   “I think he’s already plenty in love with you, my lady. In fact, I wish he would hold back.”
   “The master’s love is, how do I say this, extraordinary? My lady, you must put up with a lot.”

   Crushing ・ Defeat.
   That’s right. Even when I asked the maids, I couldn’t make heads or tails from their opinions, because to them we already act like a couple who get along well… But I did hit on something! According to a maid who recently joined us, “Are you trying to entice him? Then I think you should make him jealous! I’m sure he’ll flare up with passion!” is what she suggested.

   I don’t know if Gaira-sama would get jealous but, it’s certainly one way of ascertaining exactly how deep his feelings for me go! But, if it turns out he doesn’t care at all…what would I do…? Le-let’s just try a little bit! Yeah. Would it be OK if I talk with another man? If I don’t get a response, I’ll even dance with him. But if there’s still nothing, I’ll have to give up. I don’t want anyone other than Gaira-sama touching me, and if he gets fed up with me, I’ll lose everything. I’ll name it the “Measure his love with jealousy” strategy! The decisive battle takes place at the Prince’s birthday party this week! Until then, I have to make Gaira-sama fall in love with me a little bit more! Good luck! Me!
   Meirim has no clue. That from the beginning it wasn’t a political marriage, but a marriage planned by Gaira to make her his “captive”. That he was hit by love so hard, the people around looked at him with pity. That for her own best interest, she shouldn’t go through with her jealousy strategy. That that strategy would prove extremely effective from the very first step, and for three days straight she would experience his unleashed passions firsthand. That even today she, the woman who has no clue whatsoever, is buried in Gaira’s love.

   “……Commander, can’t you do something about that slack face of yours?”
   “Impossible. Today, Meirim was cuter than ever. As soon as this is over, I’m going home. I need to tease more of those adorable reactions out of her.”
   “I know your wife is cute, but can’t you consider my feelings at work?”
   “What do you know? Come, let’s train! I’ll beat it out of you!”
   “No, that’s not what I…wait! Please don’t take out your sword! Do your job properly until the eeeend!?!”

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