According to Rumors, He Seems to be Trash – Chapter 03

Broken Engagement and Punishment 3

After only three months of living in what you might call a very lenient “house arrest” in our territory in the northern countryside, a great storm suddenly blew in. (T/N of the messy, not weather variety…)

Before my arrival, this estate, owned by the previous duke of the Rufus family, was a very peaceful residence attended to by only 5 people: a butler and wife pair who were initially from the main residence, a cook, one maid, and one manservant. Although I came here under very… special… circumstances, the staff (who at first seemed a bit difficult to handle) welcomed me warmly.

For these past three months, the estate had remained nice and quiet too, except for Liechten who was always bustling in and out, going between here and our townhouse in the Royal Capital. It seems that my father the duke is worried that if I’m left alone for too long I’ll cause trouble again, though I would be just fine by myself of course.

But this morning, our typically quiet residence seems to be somewhat noisy all of the sudden.

I originally thought that it was just Marie, our clumsy maid, having broken a dish again, but when I descended into the entrance hall, instead of broken glass, I yelped in surprise as I spied a group of girls standing there.

“Well, if it isn’t Alten Liecht Nathan Rufus. How do you do? In the short time I haven’t seen you, you’ve grown taller.”

“It’s been a while, Florence-sama. For what possible reason have you, the daughter of Marquis Matrove, forced your way into a duke’s residence without so much as an announcement or an invitation?”

“A duke’s residence? Oh my, how humble. I had thought this to be merely some sort of storehouse.”

The three girls shove past the frantically bustling servants to step in front of Alten Liecht, and thanks to the shadow of the stairs, they haven’t seemed to notice me yet.

“Oh! You are Alten Liecht-sama? I’ve heard so many rumors about you recently! This is our first time meeting. I’m Aisha Petigree. You know, there have been many young ladies remiss without you at the academy.”

“I’m honored to make your acquaintance, Aisha Petigree-sama. Alten Liecht Nathan Rufus, at your service. Since the academy is far away and the Rufus family has a lot going on right now… oh yes, primarily due to my sister, I’ve just been too busy. Speaking of the academy, weren’t you three my sister’s friends from school? …..Oh, excuse me, ex-friends I guess it would be.”

Since Liechten’s back was to me, I couldn’t see his expression as he said this but I could clearly see Aisha’s as it twitched and pulled tight. Thinking this is bad, I jumped out into the entrance hall.

Contrary to what I imagined, Liechten seems to be sneering down at them.

When did he even learn to make a face like that?

Even though he used to be so cute… just like an angel…

“Liechten, what’s wrong?”

Original translation at Carnations Scans

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