According to Rumors, He Seems to be Trash – Volume 01 – Chapter 10

Broken Engagement and Punishment 10

Erlein Waldorf von Nate Feel

The second prince of the Kingdom of Natefield and my former fiancee.

When you talk about him, you probably don’t see the words “piece of sh*t”.

After meeting Baron Rodelloi, he doesn’t feel like there’s such thing, or anything close to it, but I think he’s still blind at best.

At least to me.

The words which struck me with astonishment were,
“Well, that’s a novel interpretation.”

To the puzzled me, Liechtenstein is

Excuse me. I’ve heard the rumor, but I’ve used the dirty language.
It was just a misdirection, and for some reason it was illuminated.
Somehow, I was irrelevant, and for some reason I was shy.

“I’ll make Marie’s cup of tea… …

Marie, did you brew this tea? “

“Yes! Altenrich!”

Marie walked onto the terrace and bowed by the set table, answered with pride.

I saw Liechten’s cheek twitch at that joyous smile, and I thought,

“Lichten, it’s okay. I’ve misunderstood Marie’s arm in the past month.”

In this mansion, where the lord was away for a long time, Marie had little experience brewing tea.

In a small number of residences, the tea at dinner time is poured only after the banns, and it is not impossible to serve as the Lord’s Representative.

In addition, she was a little clunky and clumsy.

That’s why her brewed tea until a month ago had a mysterious taste that I couldn’t understand what made it taste like this.

She practiced with me as I learned how to make tea (Tracy was still very strict) and she really improved.

It’s been drinking it, without saying anything recently, even as Vance admits.

After seeing Mary with a glimpse of smile, Liechtenstein seemed to be Lichten, seeing Mary’s smile, sniffed at her once and seemed satisfied.

After seeing I Had taken a sip and saying that it was delicious, Marie, with a tearful smile left the terrace with a little bow at the knees.

I’m sure heading to Vance in a hurry.

Was Tracy’s sermon over, if ever, well whatever, forget it.

… Marie, I’m really sorry …

“So, do you want to hear more?”

“Yes, please.”

Just a moment, eh? I thought, but I’m sure he hasn’t found out….

Now that you mention it,  he was talking about His Highness, Elleine.

“His reputation is now dirt. It is still in the school and the castle, but it seems that it is spreading to the royal capital. ”

“Wait a minute, Liechtenstein. The Highness, I knew was not the one to have such a bad reputation. “

“Yes, I thought so too. At first I doubted my ears. I knew he had met Baron Roderei, and had changed his mind. I was outraged at his behavior, and it was a strategic engagement with his sister and I also felt it was unavoidable.”

“I think, His Highness hates me. I’ve been sorry for that.”

Liechtenstein, who muttered, “Sister…” his eyes swimming in tears, continued to clear his throat.

“You needn’t worry about her! Rather, it’s my sister who was hurt.”

Besides, there is no excuse for His Highness, who is really a scumbag after breaking off the engagement. ”

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