Not Sure, But It Looks Like I Got Reincarnated in Another World – Chapter 01

“…..The sky is blue.”

 Upon awakening, I saw a blue sky.

 I sat up and glanced around my surroundings. I was currently inside of a carriage that seems to have overturned. The door was overhead and open. Multiple bodies laid strewn about me. They were all dead. My body was covered in scratches and several cuts. My body also hurt all around.

 I am…… Ren I don’t have a family name. I’m a ten year old orphan girl. But…..I was also Yuuki Renjuro, the third son of a family of goldsmiths.

 Yep, it seems I was reincarnated. Furthermore, it appears I was reincarnated in a different world.

 From what I remember, I think I was some sort of engineer and developer, and also some researcher.

 I worked for a large corporation and I think I was part of what the general public would consider the upper class.

 I was single, even though I was past my mid-thirties. I also had so-called otaku interests and frequented the red light districts to fulfill my sexual desires. So I think I was enjoying the bachelor life.

 I think my death was due to an experiment of a prototype of some sort of new technology.

 I was caught in the aftermath of the detonation of the bomb. So it was most likely an instant death.

 Although the prototype had reached the stage where it could be used, it appears it was still a mistake to observe through a glass in the room next door. If I had been observing through a camera in a different room like I usually would, this probably wouldn’t have happened. Following safety protocols is important.

 If I recall, someone had said we should observe up close since it was a momentous event. However, since no one disagreed, it could be said that everyone was of the mad scientist part. I don’t really get it.

 Anyways, I used to live in a world called Earth, but I died in an accident, was reincarnated in this world, and regained my memories of my previous life.

 My name is Ren now. As I mentioned earlier, I’m an orphan who doesn’t have a family name. My current name was somewhat similar to the one I had in my previous life, which made me feel slightly better.

 Most likely, since I recalled my memories as an adult in my previous life, my current thoughts were being influenced by it……but it appears there weren’t any problems so far, so I will put this matter aside for now.

 Instead, I should prioritize understanding my current situation. I was currently underneath an incredibly tall cliff. My body was currently covered in wounds. So how did this happen?

……This world is in a medieval-like era, things like skills exist, there is also magic, demons and such, it’s similar to games where there are dragons flying in the skies. It was that kind of world. A classic, template fantasy world.

 In this world, children would also receive something called “temporary baptism” at the age of five. In villages located in more rural areas, people would go to a nearby large town and receive it at a church, but you become able to see your status after receiving this temporary baptism.

 Yes, that’s right. This world could be seen as some sort of game. It’s unbelievable!

 I don’t really understand why it’s like that, but that’s just how it is. As a researcher, I would like to figure out how the concept works someday.

 Although, I said I could view my status, it’s not like a window just appears before my eyes, but rather an image just appears inside my mind.

 Well, enough of that.

 It was said that if a child receives a temporary baptism, the child would gain access to the innate skills they were born with.

 It seems that the innate skills wouldn’t manifest properly until the temporary baptism was received. After receiving the temporary baptism, one would obtain their skills and their full benefits.

 Well, I don’t have those sort of skills.

 Furthermore, in this world, once a child reaches ten,, they would receive what’s called a true baptism.

 This would also be performed at the churches, but it was rare for someone to acquire new skills when undergoing the true baptism. But I did.

However, the skill I gained at that time was problematic.

 I had obtained the skill “Appraisal”.

 This skill was literally a skill that examines the details of various things. Objectively, I believe this skill was considered a very useful skill for merchants and such.

 Also the orphanage I was in was privately-owned and not state operated, and the investor was a rather wealthy merchant. And since I was an orphan that lived in that orphanage, naturally I was captured. Rather, the orphanage I lived in was a place that operated for the sake of acquiring children like me.

 Furthermore, the wealthy merchant who invested in the place, was someone with various bad rumors and a lustful personality.

 My future was pitch black.

 If I remained confined, I would most certainly become a slave, or perhaps something even worse. No matter how I thought, I could only imagine a horrible experience. But I was just a single, underweight orphan who was indebted to the merchant that funded the orphanage.

 I had no way to change the current situation, and in a few days, I was transferred into a carriage that was headed off towards the town where the lustful merchant was in.

 In order to get to the small town where the orphanage was located to the large town where the merchant was, it was necessary to travel through steep mountains and forests, or through a route that took a big detour, but the merchant was stingy, or just knew how to cut down on expenses, and had me transported through the mountain route.

 Which was a mistake as bandits ended up appearing. Moreover, it seems the carriage driver was some sort of idiot, as he attempted to rush through a gap he saw within the bandit’s formation thinking he could escape. Likewise, the bandits were apparently also idiots, as they shot arrows at the horse, and the horse ended up steering the entire carriage off the edge of a cliff. And now we arrive in the present.

“My feet…hurt…..”

I looked around inside the carriage.

 There were people who I had been traveling with for the past several days. Everyone was drenched in blood and their necks twisted in the wrong direction.

 …….I have a habit of curling up and hiding my head in between my knees and under my arms whenever I was in pain or scared. But thanks to that, I managed to avoid breaking my neck as the carriage fell down. Although, I suffered numerous injuries as a result.

 Why did I have such a habit? The reason was simple. I was often bullied by the boys at the orphanage. The reason was simply because I was tall. I was big, an annoyance, an eyesore and such, which led to me being bullied. But in the end, I was strangely saved because of that.

 I managed to crawl out of the overturned carriage, but it seems I twisted my leg as it had been hurting since some time ago. My body was also covered in bruises and I was unable to calm down.

 Now then, what should I do?

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