I Ended up as the Hero’s Mother After Reincarnating?! – OneShot

A long long time ago, there lived an adorable noble lady. Her beauty and charm was renowned not just in her own country but in the neighbouring countries as well.

The King fell for her on first sight and had her brought back to his castle, and this love resulted in the girl bearing their child.

However, the King was already married to another for political reasons. The Queen who sought the King’s love hated the noble lady and had her expelled from the castle.

From then on, the noble lady raised the child on her own despite her being of noble heritage, most likely out of her love for the King.

The child was named Areido. The great hero whom was loved by God, defeated the Maou to save the world and united the lands torn apart by various warlords.

The story of Areido who received God’s oracle and awakened as a hero is not what this story is about however.

This is the story of the Holy Mother who raised the hero on her own, the story of Rifirudeidoa Kiaru Madeireido.

Ria who was named the Holy Mother actually has a rather unique secret, and that is…

Ria PoV

There exists incomprehensible things in reality. I had merely gone to bed to sleep away the flu, yet for some reason I had ended up as a baby before I noticed.

Well… I suppose this is what is known as reincarnation. At least I hope so, I would be troubled if I was actually possessing this body instead.

In any case, this body is already close to 30 years old. I even have a kid, a boy who is almost 18 years of age.

He has soft and silky blond hair, thin and long eyebrows and his eyes are slightly drooping which gives off the air of kindness.

In short, he is completely different from how I was like in my past life, an ikemen. Furthermore, he has good character and is known in the neighbourhood as a perfect man. As such he is neighbourhood housewives’ idol, idol you hear?

Compared to my past self… yeah a male who was about to become a wizard after living for 29 years because I did not have a girlfriend. To make matters worse, I did not even have friends or family who got worried when I got sick.

“What’s wrong, kaa-san?”

“No, it’s nothing”

“…is that so? You seem to have a rather painful look while staring at me, did something happen?”

“Sorry, Areido, it’s really nothing”

Yup, I, with the appearance of a girl, am by no means jealous of my son. That’s why it’s nothing. Really.

“Kaa-san, if something happened say it clearly okay? If not…”

“a~a~, I cant hear you”

Areido PoV

With her ears cupped and her head slightly shaking while saying that, even I as her son found her actions cute. How should I say this….she feels more like a little sister instead.

That’s right, my mother is extremely young. She was about 12~13 years old when she gave birth to me. Furthermore, she doesn’t age.

….It was my fault. After having given birth to me, she somehow stopped aging.

God. The existence that sends heroes to defeat the Maou and brings light back to the world. As a reward for having given birth to me, a hero candidate, it seems her time was stopped.

As a result, my mother looks like a young girl…

Since she has always looked younger than her age suggests, even before giving birth to me, she told me that she was not bothered by it, but how can that be true?

I really hate them. God aside, The King of the Kingdom of Heroes, Makugaia is really detestable.

Heroes can only be born from those with the lineage of heroes. From the bloodline of the first hero Makugaia who founded the Kingdom of Makugaia.

Thus, heroes are supposed to appear within the royalty of this kingdom to battle the Maou.

However, I was born in a self-governed city state and found by the mikos (Note: shrine maidens) of the Holy Kingdom who received God’s oracle, thereby officially becoming a Hero.

Impossible. There’s no way it can happen, a hero not of the lineage of the First Hero.

My existence caused the world to descend into confusion, but those who investigated my mother’s background somehow came to terms with it.

Ria, my mother who raised me on her own, her true name is Rifirudeidoa Kiaru Madeireido. Hero Kingdom Makugaia’s noblility, she is the second daughter of Viscount Madeireido.

At her 11th birthday party, the King fell in love with her at first sight and abducted her, confining her to a room in his castle and got her pregnant.

However, her pregnancy released her from her confinement and she got evicted from the King’s castle.

Even when she returned to her parents, she was handed some money and turned away with the reason of her being likely to cause trouble for them. In this manner, with her in the midst of pregnancy, she left the country and arrived at the self-governed city state.

It must have been extremely tough, not only was she a sheltered noble who knew nothing about the real world, she was also in her early teens. She had to struggle through this cold and unforgiving world while carrying a child. It would have been natural and understandable for her to hate this world, or even hate me as well.

But, she showered me with love and care.

…Once I turn 18 I will have to leave on a journey to defeat the Maou. This is something that has already been set in stone, a fate I cannot escape from. I as well do want to set out on the journey, to show the Makugaia who cast away my mother.

Above all, with my mother being this adorable, if I leave things alone, the Maou or something will definitely take her away.

That’s why I have to defeat him before it can happen!

That’s right! Shitty Maou, I will defeat you!

And while I’m at it, I will also destroy Makugaia that burdened my mother with this fate!!!

Ria PoV

Somehow he suddenly has such a scary look on his face? When an ikemen puts on a scary expression, it is really imposing. In any case, I wonder what this child is thinking of, probably some weird delusions again?

His chuunibyou (Note: the condition whereby one thinks he/she has special powers) is really incurable…I’m slightly worried about his future. That said, since he is actually a hero, maybe it isn’t considered chuunibyou?

…..oh well.

Come tomorrow, he will be 18. Back in Japan he would still be treated as a kid, but in this world he will be seen as an adult. In other words, he comes of age tomorrow.

He should live as he likes, whether he sets out to defeat the Maou or even run away from his fate, he should do as he pleases.

Unlike how I was, getting abducted and confined by the King, then getting raped daily. It was really intense, I couldn’t even imagine being freed. It was the upper echelons of the country after all, staying alive was all I could manage, really.

Had I returned home, my bald and fat father I didn’t particularly like will likely only congratulate me for becoming a bride.

To be frank, as a former male, I wish I could be spared from that. Moreover, as an adult male, putting aside how “splendid” I was, I had memories of my life up till when I reincarnated. For me to become a admirable noble lady is seriously impossible.

I was slightly in despair upon finding out I was pregnant, but this child was truly a stroke of luck for me. Thanks to him, I was expelled from the castle! Truly a blessing ☆ (Note: the author really did put that star there. すんごく幸せです☆ )

As for becoming an eternal lolita, well…yeah.

While I have once entertained the thought that “it would be nice if I didn’t age”, I didn’t really expect God to actually grant it.

Seriously, spare me from that. Stop screwing around!

Thanks to that, I had a hell of a time while searching for a job…

AARGH! Pisses me off!

….Well, it seems I do still have a limited lifespan which is good in a way.

The hardships this appearance brought about was only limited to the beginning.

……It was truly difficult then though.

My current job is truly a blessing for me.

Erm, although I’m now hired as an accountant for a rich lolicon, even so, it really is a blessing.


“Nee Areido…”

“What is it, Kaa-san”

That’s why to prevent my son from having a strange deluded thought concerning me, I should reiterate once again. Somehow he seems to have the idea that me conceiving him brought me misfortune. For me, giving birth to him was truly a blessing.

….Regardless, I was a male in my previous life and now I’m a female. Wonderfully mixing the role of a father and a mother together, do I pass as your parent?


Staring at my son,

….Truly a fine and handsome man from all angles.

Seriously! My past life can’t even compare!?

Uwa-, just the thought of it makes me depressed–☆

Areido PoV

The appearance of my mother who called out to me with a voice full of concern and suddenly had her eyes filled with tears looked ever so frail. I’m sure she’s worried, worried for me who has to defeat the Maou as the Hero.

Kaa-san, it’ll be fine. I will definitely survive.

Until I defeat the Maou and destroy Makugaia, definitely, definitely…!!

As I renewed my determination, I hugged my mother affectionately and glared into the distance. I can’t let my kind and gentle mother see this vicious look on my face. Definitely not…

Ria PoV

Ah, he has started mumbling again. This aspect of him really reminds me that he’s my son. That’s right, a splitting image of how I was in my past life–an otaku and chuuni. Which reminds me, what was it that I wanted to say before this?

….Oh well. If it was something important, I will probably remember it. That’s why now, for now….

“Nee Areido?”

“What is it, Kaa-san”

“What do you want for today’s dinner?”

“…Meatballs would be nice”

“Ufufu, alright. I will do my best to make the most delicious meatballs”

“Un, your meatballs are the best. That’s why I want to eat as much as I can now”

“What? You speak as though you will not be able to eat it ever again”

“….You’re right. I shouldn’t say it in this manner. I will definitely return. Definitely…”

Narrator PoV

A Hero who has slightly too much delusions and a fairly unbefitting Holy Mother.

Surely with these 2, the world will be at peace once again.

The historians of future generations later uncovered the diaries of these 2 famous existences from their graves. However, upon reading the contents which destroyed their image and made the faces of the historians cramp, they then convinced themselves that the diary was a prank to console themselves.

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