Not Sure, But It Looks Like I Got Reincarnated in Another World – Chapter 08

Now then, today was a fine day. The weather was great for hunting.

 The preparations were complete. I was in light clothing, but it was slightly thick to provide better defence. I was also wearing light shoes with rubber soles, which were above the standards of this world. I wasn’t carrying any luggage. Rather, it would be pointless since I have [Storage]. I locked my house. Alright, let’s go!

 I activated my skills after travelling a bit away from home. I used the skills [Alert] and [Detection]. I obtained both of these skills about three months ago.

 Both were already LV4. How? Simple. Like [Appraisal] I used it almost constantly.

 Also, like how I used [Appraisal] I would multi-task while using it. As of now, I could split my thoughts into four ways.

 The first was for thinking. Thinking took about 60-70% of my thought process. The remaining 30% was divided three ways. The second was for [Appraisal] and [Storage]. The third was for [Alert] and [Detection]. The fourth wasn’t being used so far. I would like to have another useful skill to fill it with.

 And my current status was like this:

Age10 Year old
OccupationOrphan; Forest Dweller


  • Creation Magic LV2 
  • Magic: Light LV 2 
  • Magic: Fire LV3
  • Magic: Water LV4 
  • Magic: Earth LV3 
  • Compound LV3 
  • Blacksmith LV1
  • Metalwork LV2
  • Woodwork LV3
  • Apparel LV3 
  • Storage LV- 
  • Life Magic LV7
  •  Appraisal LV7
  • Alert LV4 
  • Detection LV4 
  • Cooking LV4
  • Farming LV3
  • Harvesting LV4
  • Resistance: Hunger LV1
  • Resistance: Fatigue LV1
  • Resistance: Pain LV3 
  • Magic Attribute Aptitude: All Attributes

I became a forest dweller. Uwah~ And the occupation! Orphan! I’m still an orphan!? ……It would appear that the number of occupations will either increase or decrease depending if certain conditions are met.

Water Magic? It leveled up since I used water magic for baths everyday. And farming. Was it because I used to have an indoor garden? But during my time at the orphanage, I also tried…, never mind, forget about it…..

 The reason why CHA went up was because my diet had improved and my malnourished appearance had disappeared. I also felt like my chest has grown recently. My height……there wasn’t any change.

 No, never mind. I was still growing.

 Yes, let’s take a positive stance!




 Nothing! There’s absolutely nothing!

I had been walking for about an hour, but nothing had appeared. Detection hadn’t picked up anything. Even when it did detect something, whenever I got closer it would move away. ……Did the animals perhaps sense me? Maybe, I should walk more lightly?

 At this rate, I wouldn’t find anything. At least give me a rabbit, or bird, or something……

 Another hour had passed. During this time I had been controlling my breaths and treaded lightly. And thanks to that I had obtained another skill. Stealth. If I recall, stealth should be an advancement of the skill [Light Steps]. So this was the result of continuously using it.


 I found a horned rabbit. And there’s two! Now I had to catch them. Plus both were big.

 The horned rabbit had a single horn on its head. It was also a common food source.

 I held my breath and hid myself. Fortunately, the direction of the wind wasn’t resistant. I took out a stone and aimed towards the horned rabbit.

 ……..And shoot! The stone tore through the air and landed with a splat.

 A direct hit! Hurry, the second shot! Another direct hit! Yes! Meat! I’ll be feasting tonight!

 No, enough of that. Was it the stone? Or rather the way I launched it? The speed was somehow different. Since I couldn’t drain the blood now, I placed it into [Storage] for the time being. It was very helpful since it kept the meat from spoiling. I’ll figure out how to skin it later. For now, let’s head home with the spoils!

 As I prepared to head back I saw it.

A huge wild boar. No, it was seriously huge. And very close. Eh, what’s is this?

 No wait, calm down! Now is not the time to be panicking! For now, just slowly back up and avoid agitating it, back up, just back up…..ah, my back was against a tree. The wild boar didn’t look like it was going to leave and it was giving me a dreadful stare. A really dreadful stare. And here it comes!

 I barely managed to dodge the wild boar’s charge. The wild boar’s tusk slammed into the tree, but it appeared unfazed. What is with this unreasonable situation! Ah, it’s charging again!

 I hurriedly launched a stone at it, but it missed. I launched several more stones at the incoming wild boar, however only a few met its target while the rest missed completely.

 Wait! Wait a second! It wasn’t this hard against the horned rabbits! What’s going on? Is because I’m moving? That’s it. It’s like sniping, I had time to prepare and concentrate but n–ahhh!?

 This time I really did dodge at the last second. But I couldn’t keep it up any longer. My feet were becoming tired. I was scared.

 It really was difficult to hit the target while it was moving.

 The wild boar rushed forward again. I prepared to dodge it. But my legs were trembling too much and the boar managed to clip me on the side. The impact sent me flying, but luckily, I managed to avoid colliding into a tree.

 …….Lucky? How? At this rate, I will die. I was in pain. I coughed and blood came forth. Were my organs damaged? The situation really was getting worse. The wild boar turned towards me and began preparing to charge again.

 ……I don’t want to die yet. I was finally able to live freely……something, was there something else I could do?

 The wild boar was even further than before. And I couldn’t move. If I didn’t move I would end up just like the rabbits. This wasn’t the time to lose hope. The wild boar was fine even when it rammed into a tree. I have to penetrate its head somehow. I would need the same strength as a rifle. I didn’t hesitate and shot with all my strength.

The stone ripped through the air with a tremendous force.

 A gaping hole appeared in the wild boar’s head and it collapsed. ……Did I beat it? I defeated it! But my side was in pain. Most likely several ribs were broken. I wonder if I’m going to die like this…my conscious was becoming hazy……no, wait, wait, I have potions! I need to hurry up and drink it before I die! Hurry, drink—

 Thus, that was how my first hunting experience went……no, wait a minute!? If I just looked at the results, this is a win!

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