Not Sure, But It Looks Like I Got Reincarnated in Another World – Chapter 11

Hello, this is Ren.

 What a horrible incident……it seems I can’t just pretend to ignore it. Right, I’m sorry.

 In truth…..a few days after that incident, I think my period came? It was my first menstruation. The shock was……quite terrible. Anyhow, I was now all of a sudden LV5.

 And how should I put this? My body felt very sluggish due to the symptoms from menstruation. And I wasn’t able to move around for a while.

 Ah, I did use the knowledge from my previous life and made painkillers with [Creation Magic] so I could move around now. But it took a while before that idea came to mind. No, I couldn’t help it, I was upset.

 Anyways, I could now move due to the painkillers, but even so, I didn’t have the energy to move around. And so I’ve just been laying on the bed all day long.

 As such, I was considering to strive towards living a wholesome life. Therefore, let’s start over, I’m Ren, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

 Eh? My tone is different from before.

Ah– It’s because of that. My thoughts were becoming more feminine.

 Most likely due to what I had done to cause the whole LV5 incident, or because of the menstruation. I believe that is the cause, so I’m assuming that the state of my mind is being affected by the body.

 For now, I accepted the circumstances since my body was female. The base of my current personality was the accumulation of ten years of life in this world. But, regardless, I wasn’t able to just erase the values and memories of my middle-aged male self from the previous world. My masculine thoughts would come out every now and then.

 Anyways, the female body sure was complicated. 

 ……Rather, isn’t this all because of the skill!? Therefore, it’s not my fault!

 Also, my nighttime routines ended up increasing. As such, I would lock the bedroom during those times to prevent any sounds from leaking.

 ……At this rate, my days of reaching LV6 is probably not too far away.

 But that aside.

To be honest, there was also nothing else to do. And I didn’t want to go outside hunting since I wasn’t feeling well. So instead, I was just sunbathing in the garden. Now, this is wholesome!

 Eh? I’m not really striving to live wholesomely? Ahh…

 But living peacefully would still be considered wholesome, it’s true okay?

 ……..Hmm, Detection was reacting to something. ……What is it? A wolf? But it doesn’t seem to be moving much…….it’s a bit strange that it’s staying still.

 To begin with, what was a monster doing so close to be within my Detection range?

“Hm, there’s no point in thinking about it here, let’s go see what’s up.”

 Alright, let’s prepare! But I only ended up grabbing a straw hat. And a sickle too!

 …….No, never mind, let’s leave the sickle behind. That would be a bit too much……

 Anyways, I arrived at the crime scene. Although, it wasn’t really a crime scene.

 Now let’s see, two wolves? What are they doing here……ah, it’s an injured mother wolf and her child.

 Ah I see, I placed monster repellants around this area, so the two wolves probably came here because they knew monster wouldn’t appear here. Hmm, what should I do now…..I could just leave them alone, or kill them for their fur. Since it’s my freedom to choose what I want to do…….

…….Then, should I help them?

 Hah, it seems I’m being influenced by the ethics of my past world…..I would probably just leave them otherwise.

 But how can I help them? It would be easier if I could use healing magic, but my only recovery methods are potions. Would they drink it? Wild animals usually wouldn’t drink what a human gives them. The wolf growled menacingly as I approached. Of course.

“Are you scared?”


 Yep, knew it. But I was still a bit shocked.

 Well, it’s fine, the potion should be effective even if I just pour it on the affected area. So I guess I could just pour it from over here. Right, let’s just do that.

 Ahh, it was barking quite a bit as I splashed the potion over them. But it would seem the potion worked. The wolf child suddenly sprung up towards me excitedly. Its body was quite warm.

 It seems the wolf pup now understands that I was trying to help them. But wouldn’t splashing stuff on animals usually be considered abuse?

 As I was thinking random thoughts, I watched on as the wounds on the mother wolf gradually healed. The growling mother wolf immediately became quiet. After the wounds completely healed, it rose and stared at me.

 Ah, does she understand that I healed her?

The mother wolf continued staring at me for a bit, then turned around and left with its child.

 As expected, it’s not like she would thank me, too bad. Well, I did splash stuff on them so…

 Or that’s what I initially thought.

 But the wolves were now sleeping in my garden. So how did this happen?

 Well, a few days ago, I went hunting because I was feeling a lot better. The wolves ended up following me for some reason. So I shared some of my spoils with them.

 Afterward, every time I went hunting, I would share what I caught with them and they became aware that I would feed them.

 I guess I would be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling lonely living in this forest by myself. So, to be honest, I was very happy.

 I also decided to give them names. The mother wolf with grayish-silver fur is Norn. And the silvery-white wolf pup is Bell. Am I basing the name off something? Ahh, well……yeah. It would’ve been great if there had been three wolves. I could’ve used the word that came after.

 But with this, I would be free of my loner life. Eh? But they don’t know how to talk? This and that are two different matters.

 ……Besides I’m able to fluff their fur!

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