Not Sure, But It Looks Like I Got Reincarnated in Another World – Chapter 12

I am now living with a dog! But I actually like cats! Well, actually they’re wolves not dogs. How nice, now life won’t be as lonely.

 That aside, it was around mid-October and the winter season was drawing near. It was cold. Gardening was getting difficult, so I had harvested all the vegetables and had stopped for the upcoming winter.

 I was now preparing for winter and increasing my hunting frequency. Time to secure meat! But in the worst case I could manage with Creation Magic.

 Hm? Is the way I’m speaking reverting back to normal? Yep, it is. I’ve grown tired of it.

 I ran into a group of orcs several days ago, it was a group of ten orcs. Hm? Did I think I was about to die? No, it was just beyond what I had expected I guess?

 I hadn’t detected the Orc group with Detection. Instead, Norn, the mother wolf that I befriended had warned me of them. And so I was able to snipe them from a distance.

 As such, I was able to obtain a lot of pork or rather orc meat. Orc meat is edible and often used as a source of meat. Plus, it tastes just like pork. But, orc meat is expensive so I never had a chance of eating it at the orphanage.

 Moving on, there was Norn. I thought she was a bit too smart, so after annihilating the orc group I had used Appraisal on her.

Age50 Years Old
OccupationMonster; Ren’s Friend


  • Magic: Water LV3
  • Magic: Wind LV3
  • Magic: Ice LV3
  • Alert LV6
  • Detection LV7
  • Stealth LV7
  • Magic Attribute Aptitude: Water • Wind • Ice • Electric

A Fenrir was a super rare monster from legends, so I was quite thankful.

 They were about slightly larger than a normal wolf, and Norn was about 2m when we first met.

 According to legends, Fenrirs could also speak, but it seems Norn would still be considered young so she didn’t know how to talk yet. But she seems to understand what I am saying, so I’m looking forward to the day where we can talk.

 Furthermore, as a Fenrir grows older it will become classified as a divine beast instead of a monster. However, it apparently can take up to hundreds or even thousands of years for that to happen. Which is a shame.

 Norn’s skill levels were also higher than mine. However, she was still somehow injured, I think she might’ve been ambushed or something. But still for something to be able to bypass a LV7 Alert skill and injure her, there was probably something really strong living in this forest.

 It might not even be safe here too, so I should consider relocating somewhere else.

 Hmm. Oh right, moving on to Bell.

Age1 Years Old
OccupationMonster; Norn’s Daughter


  • Alert LV1
  • Detection LV1
  • Stealth LV1
  • Magic Attribute Aptitude: Water • Wind • Ice • Electric

Bell was still a child, but some of her status were still higher than mine. Like STR for example. It’s not like I’m jealous or anything! So let’s just fluff her up a bit! Anyways, with these sort of feeling we finished up hunting and returned home.

“Today was a big success thanks to Norn.”

 It was sunny outside and the weather was perfect for hunting. Recently, there were many days where the weather was bad, which made it difficult to hunt. As for today’s spoils, we managed to catch two large birds and two orcs. I was quite happy.

 Norn and Bell also didn’t eat as much as I had initially expected. The two were Fenrirs, and big, so I had thought they would eat a lot.

 But, unexpectedly the two consume just an average amount of meat. That being said, Norn and Bell basically procure their own food to eat.

“What should I do for tonight? Should I fry the orc meat? Or should I try broiling the bird meat? ……Hm, but the soy sauce seems to be running low, and it’s about time to restock the other spices.”

 There was still quite a lot I needed to do. Since a lot of fat could be taken from the orc meat, I could go with a simple stir-fry method. But since I didn’t have any bread crumbs, deep-frying would be a no go.

 I also found out something after testing it. It seems that orc fat doesn’t sit well with me. If I eat too much, it would go right to my stomach. Fried foods were devastating in more than one way.

 As such, I was looking for plants that could be used for their oils, but I haven’t found anything like that yet. How annoying……

 As I was brooding over my own thoughts, Bell came bounding over to my feet. It sure was peaceful.

 On a side note, this world has soy sauce and miso. And the universal language was Japanese. What was with this reincarnation setting?



 As I walked leisurely thinking about the dinner menu, Norn suddenly reacted to something.

 Then she started running, so I gave chase. A reaction soon appeared within my Detection range. 3 goblins. And 1 human.1

 An attack? Should I save them? Yep, let’s save them.

 I decided to use a Status Boost Potion. It was a low grade one and would boost my AGI. The effect was a +2 status boost. I activated Storage and directly injected it into my veins. This method would save me the trouble of having to actually drink it and was more effective in smaller doses. But the effect time would be shorter. Plus, it would cause more stress on the body. As such, my body would probably feel sore tomorrow, but for now I concentrated and picked up speed. I soon saw them.

 A group of three goblins. It seems they haven’t noticed me yet. The leftmost goblin raised its sword. There was a human figure in front of it, so I started preparing ammunition.

“Norn, take the farthest one out, please!”


 I aimed at the head of the leftmost goblin. I launched forward a stone I made with earth magic. The stone met its target and the goblin’s head exploded. The goblin towards the front noticed, but Norn jumped over it and snapped down on the neck of the goblin behind it.

The goblin in front followed Norn’s movements and turned around. I accelerated further and jumped up, delivering a kick to the goblin that bared its back to me. A dull, unpleasant feeling was transmitted to my feet.

 I then made a graceful landing on the ground, which I felt was quite admirable considering my athleticism. When I looked up feeling satisfied with myself, the goblin was being crushed by Norn, she gave a squeeze and it convulsed, before going limp.

…….Is it already over?

 After confirming the death of the goblins, I pulled up the hood on my cloak.

 Since it had become cold recently, I made a leather cloak using the hide of the prey I had hunted. I had pulled up my hood just in case.

 The effects of the potion had worn off. The duration lasted about 30 seconds……was it possible to have settled the matter sooner? On a side note, what I did was boost myself, it wasn’t doping. I had an image that what I did would be bad if I considered it doping. But these were just personal feelings.

 Oh right, is the person being attacked alright? I glanced over to confirm.

 …….A woman, no a child? Well, no, I’m also a child. But she was smaller than me. It looks like she is around 7-8 years old? Ah, it looks like Bell has finally caught up.

“Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?”


 Hm? Why is she looking behind me? What…… As I look back, I saw Norn nosily devouring the group of goblins. Ahh, this is a bit–!?

 I wish she wouldn’t eat it right now…… I was momentarily stunned, but then I heard something fall over in front of me. When I looked back at the child, she had fainted.

 …….It’s not like she was going to eat you.

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