Average Lady – Chapter 01

I woke up with a start. While breathing heavily, I looked at the window and it was still dark outside. I guess it was the middle of the night. My body was drenched with sweat.

I was shocked to remember that I was the villainess in a world from an otome game.

In my previous life, my name was Haruka Momose. I died in the middle of my thirties, run over by a truck ignoring the red traffic light while I was using the pedestrian crossing. At that time, I was reading a lot of novels and was addicted to stories about villainess from otome games, although I had never played those.

In this world, I was Iris Rayseal, daughter of a duke, 6 years old. My family was composed of my kind parents and myself. My father and my mother were very close and doted on me since I was an only child.

I couldn’t remember what the title of this otome game was, but I was convinced that this world was similar to it.

No way I was a protagonist… Was it a good or bad thing to have read so many novels? Still, the world of an otome game… I think I was gaining additional memories.

While receiving memories from my previous life, I suddenly lost strength and collapsed. The feeling of my falling body and the creaking sound of the bed made me reconfirm that this was real. Coming back to my senses, I finally remembered the contents of the game.

The capturable targets were: the Crown Prince who would become my fiancé, the son of my duke’s family – later, he would be adopted in the duke household and be my elder brother – and… Ah, I didn’t remember because I have never played the game. The heroine, who was a commoner with high magical powers, would enroll at school as a freshman, while I would be in my last year of school as a third-year student.

Magic in this world existed and many had high magical powers amongst nobles. Occasionally, there were commoners with particularly high magical powers who enrolled at school as scholarship students.

The story was, being jealous of the relationship between the heroine and my fiancé the Crown Prince, I was convicted of bullying the heroine, had my engagement annulled, and the Crown Prince and the heroine ruled the kingdom together. After the cancellation of my engagement, I vaguely remembered being sent to a monastery.

Ah, it was such a disappointment that I didn’t remember everything.

I was completely wide awake. Although I was a little shaken, I rapidly regained my composure, probably because I was once an adult in my previous life.

I needed to think of countermeasures for the event flags I remembered.

Although this world was like a game, this was not a game. From the knowledge of novel, I was conscious of a situation where I did wrong and got hurt in this place. I was thinking over while looking at the ceiling. The luxurious pattern of the ceiling was dimly standing out in the dark, looking eerie.

I had to crush the event flags. But it was impossible to do so. To begin with, I didn’t remember all of them. Moreover, since it was reality, the situation could be altered by other factors. Therefore, I should decide which flags were keys and which were not, then prioritized them and crush them.

The greatest achievement, with minimal effort, was basics. Hence, it would be good to crush the root of the event flags, which should be as a tree structure. It was very likely that a root was a key flag.

To begin with… It would be good if I didn’t become a fiancée, right? Me. There were other girls who could become a fiancée, right? If this succeeds, all the events should be avoided.

Another important thing was the meeting with the heroine. Since the game begins with the enrollment of the heroine, let’s stop attending school in third grade. If I was not mistaken, I should have passed the graduation exam, so let’s try to achieve it before becoming a third grader. If I passed, I should be exempted from coming to school by submitting a paper, and therefore, I should be able to avoid any contact.

If I didn’t become a fiancée, I wouldn’t have to struggle with the heroine. Until my engagement with the Crown Prince had to be arranged by my family, there was nothing that I could do, so let’s study for the graduation exam. I was very unwilling to do it, but it couldn’t be helped.

Nevertheless, I wondered if there were other key flags… surprisingly few?

Actually, I wanted to sit on a desk right now and wrote down all the things I remembered but I might be discovered if I turned on the light in the middle of the night.

Also, the only child of a relative and a capturable target. When I would be 6 years old, we would adopt this child. What was his name… Ah, it was Jeremy. If I remembered correctly, he would lose his parents in a pandemic, would be taken custody by our duke household and over time become an adopted child of our duke household, right? In this country, women could not inherit court rank, it was either my husband or an adopted child who could, however, in the game, I was the fiancée of the Crown Prince, so Jeremy should be adopted to inherit the title.

The Iris from the game was totally self-indulgent, treated Jeremy like a servant, and bullied him because of jealousy towards his abilities… Jeremy became a misogynist. That is how it was.

But Jeremy was Jeremy, he saw Iris doted by her parents, though he was a good boy on the outside, deep down he was jealous to a great extent, distanced himself from Iris and became sarcastic. What a troublesome child, right? But the heroine would heal that Jeremy.

Let’s get along with Jeremy while keeping proper distance. Provocation was prohibited, handle him with care.

Thinking so far, the eyelids got heavy. The mind was around 40 but the body was 6 years old. I fell into darkness.

One week later, father brought the young Jeremy. Beside my father, a beautiful boy with ice blue eyes and soft black hair was standing. Because it seems like he had just lost his parents, his downcast eyes were filled with sorrow, his long eyelashes were forming a shadow.

What a perfect face. The Jeremy in the game was described as a quiet and handsome young man. His skin was smooth. As expected from a world of a game, it was impressively poreless.

While I was in admiration, remembering the game character introduction, Jeremy grasped tightly my father’s hand, feeling insecure and cautious of me.

“Iris, it is Jeremy. He is 8 years old, 2 years older than Iris. Jeremy’s parents died from an epidemic. It has been decided he will live in this house. Get along well with him.”

“Nice to meet you, Jeremy. I am Iris. I am very sorry for your loss.”

I smiled at Jeremy.

Having just lost his parents and brought alone in the house of a relative, it was hard.

While he was in this house, I wanted to make sure his mind felt at ease.

“I am Jeremy… Thank you… Iris-sama, please take care of me.”

Jeremy greeted me while looking down. I gently took Jeremy’s hand.

“Please don’t use honorific. Because Jeremy is older.”


Jeremy looked a little surprised and looked down again.

Because Iris was a noble and has a court rank, her status was higher. Although Jeremy was a relative, his house didn’t have a court rank. It seemed he came from a wealthy merchant family.

When I smiled sweetly at Jeremy, he bowed his head and paused.

“I understand. Then Iris-sama too, please stop using honorific language.”

“Okay. Please take care of me, Jeremy.”

“You too, Iris.”

It looked like I could be friends with Jeremy.

I spent the past week trying to figure out if there were any other key flags, or figuring out how to crush the key flags. In the end, I couldn’t remember the key flags because I haven’t played the game.

If I corrected my personality, I would perhaps alter the story one day. Until now, I was especially doted and totally self-indulgent. Out of question. Starting from my parents to the servants, they were surprised by the dramatic change when I decided to be a good girl because of a nightmare, but I was glad. My parents came to dote on me more.

While getting tea with Mother, I remembered by accident the first key flag, that is the event of my engagement with the Crown Prince.

“There will be a tea party sponsored by the Crown Prince in the royal palace very soon. I will attend together with Iris.”

I suddenly raised my face. That’s right, there would be a group interview during the coming up tea party. Daughters from nobles closed in age with the Crown Prince are gathered, and the candidate who was closer to him became his fiancé.

“Is the fiancée decided at this tea party?”

“That’s right. But the final decision will be taken after the graduation of the Crown Prince.”

“Does Jeremy go with us?”

“I am sorry but this time, Jeremy is staying at home.”

I was lost in thoughts while slowly drinking my tea. In other words, until the final decision is made, it appeared I could not relax. Even if I was able to avoid it at 8 years old, there would be about 10 years until the official decision. During that time, the flag could come back if the fiancée could not continue her engagement.

Until graduating from school at 18 years old, let’s be a girl who did not deserve to be a fiancée. A girl who was not bad but passable. Average, shy. I would go with this appearance until school graduation. After that, I would find a job in the Ministry of Magic and would become a magic teacher.

I secretly did a fist pump.

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