Average Lady – Chapter 02

When I was 8 years old, the fiancé of the Crown Prince was decided. It would be the daughter of a Duke house. It was a pretty and elegant girl.

In this world, there were 5 Duke houses, added to the Marquis and Earl houses, there were a considerable amount of girls of suitable age at the tea party.

It is a miracle that I was chosen in the game. I don’t know if you fell in love with the prince at first sight or wanted to be a queen, but you did your best, the me in game.

I was worried for a moment that the role of the villain daughter was transferred to the fiancee, but because her expression was different, I was convinced that she would be okay.

I looked at the mirror. Having sapphire eyes and straight black hair, a young lady with features that looked a little harsh was reflecting. A mole near the lips was rather sexy for her age. She wore an olive colored dress and a plain hairstyle. In a word, it was delicate.

My society evaluation would be quiet and reserved, a lady who looked calm. In short, a young girl that appears a bit lacking in her sense of clothes, and a bit dark too.

I was laughing at the me reflected in the mirror.

“What is so funny? Iris.”

Jeremy opened the door of my room and entered.


I smiled amusingly at him.

“Hmm? It is time for the tea party, so I came to pick you up.”

“I’ll be there soon.”

I left the dresser and headed towards Jeremy.

I got along well with Jeremy as originally planned. I think I was doing my best. We were taught at the same time by a private tutor and were having tea almost every day. When we were apart, wasn’t it when Jeremy practice the sword? Recently this time has decreased, but a while ago, once or twice in a week, we were sleeping together after reading a book. It was worthwhile to answer to his hand holding request.

Besides, when my parents attended to the solitary Jeremy, I didn’t behave like a spoiled child. I don’t feel much rest, but this is for the future. I must not traumatize Jeremy.

So far, Jeremy doesn’t seem to look at me with disgust or jealousy. I think it is rather positive.

Come to think of it, I don’t know when it began, but I was surprised by his habit of easily clinging to me. When I was doing a stroll in the garden, Jeremy was crying alone near the flower bed, and I comforted him. When I comforted him for a while, Jeremy suddenly twisted his face and hugged me with all his strength.

For the time being, the relationship between us is good. If this goes on, even if heroine and Jeremy are close, I probably won’t be sent to monastery.

Today’s weather is nice, so the tea party is held at the summer house’ s garden.

The royal garden was magnificent, various vegetation were planted, the trees grew lively and verdant, flowers were beautiful and in full bloom, there were also butterflies and birdies. Thanks to that, I didn’t feel bored having come here.

“Does Iris want to become the fiancée of the Crown Prince?”

I looked at Jeremy, surprised by the sudden question. Jeremy who was holding elegantly his cup, looked at my direction with an earnest gaze.

I answered, pretending to be calm.

“No at all. Why?”

“Err. Somehow”

“I am not fit for an important role like a Queen. I am plain and reserved, so it is impossible, right?”

“Although your clothes are ordinary, compared to the other girls… Iris is not plain. You are terribly cute. Besides, thanks to this shyness… if I can spend more time with you, it is good to me.”

I didn’t know how I should respond to this, but I had to say something so, for the time being, I should express my thanks.


According to the established route, I, who entered school, was going to be a third grader soon. It was finally time for the heroine appearance. From here, it was a do or die situation.

My qualifications for the graduation exam were excellent. It was for this day that I worked so hard I felt like spilling blood. To openly indulge myself in books, I asked to be instructed by a private tutor. I studied extremely hard especially concerning magic.

I sat the graduation exam and passed it splendidly.

It has been decided that I will spend the remaining school days at home since it was my wish as a third grader.

“Iris, welcome home!”

As soon as I returned to the Duke’s mansion, Jeremy hugged me at the entrance and pressed his lips on my forehead.

During the 2 years spent in the dormitory without meeting him, Jeremy became very tall, his childish features disappeared from his face, and his manly charm was all around.

Jeremy was not a noble but was blood related with a Duke house. He was now a close aide of the Crown Prince and travelled back and forth between the Royal Palace and the school. In school, he graduated as a top student, skilled in magical, literary and military arts. I was very proud of him as a future young sister. He was extremely popular with the ladies, I often saw him being surrounded by them at school. I was afraid that it would be a trauma for him and made him change into a misogynist.

“I’m back, Jeremy. You are exaggerating. But I am glad to see you too after such a long time.”

“My cute Iris is back. I am so happy.”

He hugged me once again.

Those physical contact and exaggerated words were too much, but it was a long time since we last met, so it couldn’t be helped.

Even so, why were the gazes of the butlers and maids so warm?

We moved to the living room and we had tea for the first time in a while.

“How was school? Is there someone who has caught your attention?”

“No, no one in particular. I couldn’t do much while studying.”

I answered carefully.

Despite enquiring teasingly, the stare of Jeremy was not smiling.

“That reminds me, his Highness and Emilia are very close.”

Somehow, I remembered the Crown Prince and his fiancée Emilia. Their relationship might be exaggerated, but their engagement continued without incidents.

“His Highness and Emilia? Well, since those two are engaged… Why do you bring his Highness up suddenly…? Perhaps, as expected, his Highness is fine with it?”

Jeremy smiled. I was impatient to have his reply. I looked composed, but the reality was different.

“No. Not at all!”

His voice grew unnaturally.

Jeremy turned his doubtful eyes in my direction and eventually turned silent without averting his eyes.

Maybe he misunderstood.

I sighed a little.


“Iris, who are you going to the Shion festival with?”

Today, I was walking in the garden with Jeremy, who was on a break after a long time. Jeremy seemed to be busy recently, and rarely came for dinner.

Half a year was remaining as school life, at this period, there was an evening party at school called “Shion festival”, every third graders were expected to participate. It was like a pre-version of the graduation party.

By this time, the young noblemen were settled with fiancées, so it was common to attend with them.

Despite being a Duke’s daughter, I still didn’t have a fiancé. I didn’t know if it was because father and mother married for love, or because they doted on me, or if they had another reason, but I had no urge from them to be engaged. Since I was not particularly interested, I didn’t listen to anything about it either.

“I haven’t decided yet. I think I will ask a classmate who doesn’t have a fiancée…”

Honestly, I didn’t want to go. I knew that the heroine was going to school, but I didn’t hear a rumor about her being in a relationship with the Crown Prince, and because nothing happened, I was wondering what was going on.

After all, I couldn’t remember much event flags. However, because it was an otome game, it was unlikely that nothing would happen during the festival.

My mood was gloomy, I was thinking of countermeasures while looking at the lovely blossoming flowers.

“Then I will escort you.”

Jeremy picked a light pink rose, pulled out the thorns, and put it on my hair. I was surprised and stared wide-eyed.

Jeremy, who became an adult, was not doing skinship like a child he once was, but like a lover, the thought made me flustered. I was hesitating to say it, but finally argued vehemently against the idea.

“Am I not good enough?”

Don’t look so close. Your charm is leaking!

I instinctively turned my face towards the roses.

“Older brother, it is not that. Jeremy, what about work?”

I inadvertently called him older brother. Because I always thought Jeremy was going to be my older brother, it just came out of my mouth.


Jeremy slowly grabbed my shoulders and turned in my direction.

“Although we were always together during childhood, I am not your older brother… But I will protect you no matter what happens and won’t leave your side.”

His smile was full of pressure that left no place for refusal.

I reflexively twisted myself. Jeremy took off his hands from my shoulders and pulled my waist to hug me.

“We will go together. Okay?”

Jeremy’s seductive voice swept through my ear.

Jeremy softly released his arms from behind my back and entwined his hand with mine. For some reason, as my face felt hot, I joined hands with Jeremy and walked in the garden.

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