Average Lady – Chapter 03

On the day of the Shion festival, I wore a indigo blue dress and a plain make up as usual. Ribbons were attached to my sleeves and back, the sleeves and the hem are full of lace, the design was plain overall.

I was escorted by Jeremy. He was by my side exactly as stated.

While I had childish talks with my school friends I hadn’t met for a long time, his Highness and Emilia  headed in our direction.

His Highness, with azure eyes and blond hair, had a soft smile on his thin lips, a well-balanced physique, and his walking appearance was dignified and elegant. By his side, the mysterious Emilia, with loose wavy blue hair and eyes of the same color, her pink lips were soft and glossy, her white skin was peeping out from her light purple dress, she was beautiful like a porcelain doll.

Indeed, this was a world from a game. Those two people made a lovely picture.

Even so, nothing would happen. I wonder how it was to die in a world from a game.

While admiring this lovely couple, I was lost in thoughts.

“Hey, Jeremy. As expected, was it for the Shion festival that you took a day off?”

When his Highness greeted Jeremy, Jeremy made an expressionless reverence.

“It’s been a long time, Iris”

“Yes. Long time no see. Emilia too.”

Because we were at school, I exchanged friendly greetings.

“I occasionally see Jeremy, but it’s been half a year since I’ve seen Iris”
[tln: Emilia is talking to Iris]

“That is right. I am studying at home now. I am going once a month at school to receive guidance on paper.”

“Is that so. How about having lunch together next time?”

“Yes. Certainly.”

I see. Because Jeremy was a close aide to the Crown Prince, he often went to school. I had never heard anything about the heroine, I wonder if they had been in contact.

Anyway, to be the center of attention, together with beautiful people, was a sight for sore eyes. It was hard for me to stand out from the crowd.

Simply being conspicuous with them, I couldn’t calm down. Of course, I didn’t reveal it with my behavior.

While four people were talking for a while, the hall became livelier. Turning in that direction from the entrance, a tall young man having a trained body, tanned skin with silver hair behind his back, and emerald green eyes, came here.


His Highness greeted him.

“Hello, Louis”

The young man named Raymond called his Highness intimately by his first name. While I had a blank look, Jeremy whispered to my ear.

“Raymond is the second Prince of a neighboring country. To deepen the friendship between the two countries, each royalty must study abroad. I am in charge of those kind of formalities.”

It seemed the reason for Jeremy to be so busy lastly was because of the second Prince.

“Who are those beautiful ladies?”

His Highness introduced Emilia and me. Emilia and I made a reverence to Raymond.

Because it was a world from a game, wherever I went, there were only handsome men. Oh? Emilia’s cheeks became red somehow.


Three months after the Shion festival, I was surprised in the living room of the Duke mansion.

“What do you mean?”

“I told you, his Highness and Emilia’s engagement has been cancelled. Emilia is now engaged with Raymond, and after graduation, it has been decided she will undergo the bride training in the neighboring country. They will be married after one year of preparation”

“I heard that. Why!?”

“Because Emilia and Raymond fell in love with each other? The worried Emilia stopped eating until she collapsed, so his Highness cancelled the engagement.”

Jeremy kept going.

“In the first place, it wasn’t an official decision. Well, even if the cancellation is not desirable, since it is their feelings, this unexpected situation happened. Since those two were engaged for a long time, they seemed affectionate, but it didn’t mean they were in love with each other.

Besides, a Duke’s daughter marrying Raymond isn’t bad to build friendship with the neighboring country. That is why his Highness cancelled his engagement.”

Jeremy kept going at the frozen me.

“If it was otherwise, it would have been difficult to cancel the engagement. But because the present King married out of love, I guess he was comprehensive”

Oh my god. No way, the key flag was revived on the verge of graduation. To begin with, it was so easy to cancel a royal engagement. I was completely deceived the pretense of the noble world.

I leaned against the sofa from exhaustion. Jeremy silently looked at the me becoming an empty shell.

Suddenly, noises were heard at the entrance, I was not far from it. A butler came into the room, whispered something to Jeremy, then Jeremy clicked his tongue and went out of the room. I, who was left alone, stared absentmindedly at the outside of the window.

The door of the room opened once more, Jeremy and his Highness came in. I opened my eyes wide, tried to stand up and bow in a panic, but his Highness stopped me with a hand gesture.

“Ah, Iris, don’t move. I surprised you with my sudden visit.”

I paid my greetings and sat down.

“Really. You are ruining my precious holidays.”

Jeremy’s way of speaking didn’t hide his displeasure, not afraid of lese-majeste. I didn’t know about their relationship, but His highness didn’t seem to care.

“What can I do for you?”

While Jeremy sat next to me, he faced his Highness with a cold gaze.

“I canceled my engagement, right? In that case, I have to write a lot of tea party invitations and portraits for a fiancée. Usually, Jeremy always deals with the troublesome things, but today, you were not by my side? That is why I escaped.”

Jeremy sighted openly.

“This stupid cancellation, haven’t you though about it enough? You have to decide on a fiancée rapidly.”

While saying that, my eyes met with his Highness who was smiling wryly. His Highness showed a mischievous smile.

“Iris, you have not decided on a fiancé yet, right? Won’t you become my fiancée?”


“Im, Impossible! It is a mismatch with me!”

“Your Highness, please don’t say that kind of joke.”

Jeremy and I spoke at the same time. His Highness was a little surprised, and looked at us, amused.

“Why? Isn’t Iris a Duke’s daughter? There is no problem with her social status. Furthermore, you brilliantly passed the graduation exam as a second-year student. Although you have not received the Queen training, I think Iris is plenty capable.

Also, recently, we came to have lunch together at school and I am very pleased with Iris.”

His Highness and I occasionally talked after the Shion festival. Of course, Emilia was there too.  When I came to submit my papers at school, we were having lunch together.

“Your Highness”

Jeremy’s voice was lower than usual. Looking at Jeremy’s face, he was sending a pressuring gaze at his Highness.

Jeremy, if you do something like that, his Highness will burn to a crisp. Because it can be lese-majeste, stop it.

“You are scary today. I can’t picture the usual you anymore. When it comes to Iris, you become extremely narrow minded.”

His Highness laughed, having seen something interesting. Jeremy didn’t answer to his Highness, turned his dangerous stare to him, but his Highness was still amusingly laughing.

I felt cold sweat dripping down my back.


On that night, I finished bathing, and while relaxing on my bed, I was thinking of a countermeasure for the key flag.

At 3 months until graduation, I wondered how quickly the heroine would be intimate with his Highness. I could not predict what would happen anymore.

While thinking carelessly on the cushion, someone knocked at the door.

“Iris, are you still awake?”

“I am awake. Go in.”

While answering, I stood up from the bed, and Jeremy came in. He came from his bedroom as well, because he was wearing a dark grey silk pajama. His slightly wet hair after taking a bath were enticing, my cheeks flushed.

His wasted charms were still leaking out.

Jeremy came closer and sat on my bed. Close enough to touch.

“What’s wrong?”

“Does Iris want to become the princess of his Highness?

“No. Though I think I told you before.”

This story again? He is awfully fixated on it.

“Good. Then, how about being my wife?”

I opened my eyes wide at this question I never expected. Jeremy stared at me with eyes filled with hope and anxiety.

While I was at a loss for words, Jeremy opened his mouth.

“Am I unpleasant since I am not a noble?”

“Your social status is irrelevant.”

I shook my head in a panic. Jeremy was referring to the situation he experienced indebtedness toward this noble family. Although the class system was loose, this country was a noble society. I was denying it here with all my strength.

Besides, with the influence of my previous life, it was true that I would prefer a reliable man rather than a stupid, good for nothing noble.

“Then, what is the problem? You don’t like my face? Or my personality? Or my present job?”

“Eh? Your face, I think, is attractive. Yes, you are very good looking. Your personality is gentle and sweet to me. Although I don’t understand well your work, it does not mean that anybody can become the close aide of his Highness, I think it is amazing.”

I was answering to Jeremy’s questions one by one.

“I think Jeremy is making a lot of efforts. You lost your parents at a young age, and despite this incident, you looked ahead and studied a lot. You graduated as a top student at school too. Even though fencing, and despite winning a sword tournament, you didn’t content yourself with this title and until now are still training.

Besides, I heard that you are not only working as a close aide of his Highness, but you manage our territory with father, and also had started to support the company left by your deceased father. And yet with your busy schedule, you come over to keep me company during my shopping… there is no one who will hate marrying Jeremy.”

I spoke thoroughly and suddenly noticed.

I was wondering why he didn’t have a fiancée, when he was such an excellent prospect. Although not a noble, he was yet related to a Duke house, was handsome and clearheaded.

As I wondered, Jeremy turned his arms around my waist and gently pulled my forehead to him.

“If you see me that way… I am glad.”

Remembering what I said to Jeremy who had a bewitching smile, I felt my cheeks getting hot.

It completely sounded like a love confession.

“Je, Jeremy, why do you not have a fiancée?”

I was asking this question to dodge my embarrassment.

“Ah, because I decided to marry Iris. Although I had many occasions, I mind peacefully decline them all? However, Iris, will become my wife, right?”

Pressing a final push with a smile, I who couldn’t talk so far, had no other choice but to nod. From the start, I was in love with Jeremy.

As I became conscious of it, a sweet tickling feeling spreads in my chest.

“I am glad. Iris, I love you…”

Jeremy hugged me tightly and buried his face on my shoulder.

“Jeremy… I love you too.”

Hearing Jeremy’s happy tone, I felt my chest warming up, and gently put my arms to his back.

Although Jeremy was supposed to be my older brother, for us to be married… Huh? That’s right, what will father say?

“Jeremy, regarding father…”

While saying it with hesitation, Jeremy gently stroke my head.

“Do not worry, leave it to me… Ah, I am relieved. If you had refused, I would have kidnapped you and locked you up… Iris ending with another man… I don’t even want to think about it.”

During his restless dialogue, my body was twitching. Jeremy faced me, took my hair in his hand, and slowly kissed it.

“Does Iris hate it too? I too didn’t want to rush it. Because of his Highness, I will get married earlier than expected. I love you, my Iris.”

How long does he intend to say such disturbing things?

I was a bit confused. Jeremy smiled, touched my cheek and put his lips on it.

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