I Will Quietly Disappear – Chapter 01

「Unfortunately, Ojou-sama cannot use offensive magic.」

said the white beard old man sage, with that,

I could see my family’s stunned faces.

moreover, the old man continued,

「but ojou-sama have healing power, a strong barrier, and defensive power.」

the scene flew-

My younger brother was born. he has charming blond hair and captivating green eyes whilst I was blessed with green eyes and also blond hair.

I could definitely be called beautiful, as my parents were also one. And I am happy with it.

Going back to the topic, my younger brother seems to hold tremendous power even the old man sage was surprised. It was said that he could use all attributes of offensive magic; water, fire, earth, and the wind.

if he can use everything, it won’t hurt if I could use one of them, isn’t it?.

the scene has changed again.

that is…


Rouche Lina Litzsel, a four-year-old, woke from her dream.

「haa…haa」 it was a bad dream, No, it is not a dream, this is what will happen in the near future.

「it’s awful..」

I, Rouche Lina Litzsel had memories from my previous life. I remembered when I tripped over a stone and hit my head, I did not wake up for a week, and when I got up I saw strange sight of my grandfather kneeled in front of my grandmother, and grandmother put her feet in his head.

I was a high school student in my previous life, but I was hit by a car and died.

I think I was incarnated.

Shouldn’t you go to heaven or hell when you die? Well, it can’t be helped. Anyway after I woke up, I could see bits of the future. The first dream was about an assassin sent after me.

I actually only thought of it as a terrible dream.

However, it actually happened. The clothes and weapon of the assassin along with scenes of what happened are no different from what I dreamt, so I got convinced that what I see in my dreams are all bits of what will happen in the future.

I’m actually glad for the foresight I possessed and consider it a ‘luck’. Until it showed me a cruel future.

The house where I was born, Duke of Lisztil, is a family called as the Artemia Kingdom’s sword that serves the royal family for generations.

The eldest child inherits the house, whether a man or a woman, the rule was made to prevent futile fights between successors.

When the war begins, one should cut their rival, and it’s a trouble for me who could not use offensive magic. As what my dreams told, the only thing I could do are things that’ll require healing and defensive power. I could also say that Clairvoyance is one of my abilities.

Of course, these abilities could be considered rare, perhaps in somewhere country, I could become a miko-hime (TLN: Priestess). Even though these abilities are rare, they’re deemed useless to inherit the house because of fighting prowess, a force to overwhelm other countries, is what should one be endowed.

Soon, anyone will realize that an impending problem will arise as the talk for inheriting the house grew closer.

Both my parents will push my younger brother as a candidate for this house’s heir while my grandparents will take my side talking about how the country’s sword shouldn’t fight for who will be the successor and should follow what the rule states, without exceptions.

My abilities are indeed rare and it contradicts to the purpose of what the Duke of Lisztil should do. Instead of it being helpful in offensive circumstances, it’s only beneficial in defending and support.

While the conflict for succession drag on, a war will occur as a foreign country invades ours creating a long war.

Why is my life is not going well? Even though I was born with an extraordinary gift, I can use fantasy power. I mean, I was born in a household where I don’t need to worry about food and money.

Maybe it was because I died once, but I currently feel no sorrow. When humans have to give up and go to the next stage when they cannot do anything wrong. I pondering in bed.

Anyhow, I will give my younger brother the house as I see it as the best thing for this country and me. I was originally an inhabitant of Japan, a peaceful country. Although I could still recall that my hobbies those times were archery and sword-fighting, killing someone is an impossible task for me.

But how could I do it? How can I hand over the house to my younger brother peacefully? Should I become a delinquent? but it doesn’t suit my character, and furthermore, I don’t want to work to death.

And I realize my own situation. because I should not be here. So I came up with a good idea.

Yosh, let’s run away from home.The world I’m currently in is different from the previous one, here, demons and monsters exist. It’s basically a fantasy-filled world, even creatures called spirits also exist. It’s a new environment and I’m really intrigued so I should probably see the world.Fortunately, I can still remember how to hold a sword and I am born intelligent, so I could probably survive.Truly, the blood of the strongest aristocrat family is not just for show.

It will be a year after that my younger brother will be born and in eight years, I will gain more understanding of the power I hold. By then, I should learn how to fend for myself.

Rouche Lina Lisztil, who became four this year, has a future dream of running away from home.

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