I Will Quietly Disappear – Chapter 02

Hello everyone, Rouche Lina Litzsel here. I have sworn at this moment, let’s teach to children that it’s important to behave.  Now I am in the royal palace to meet the crown prince who I will serve to in the future.

I do not want to serve him though.

「Otou-sama, what kind of person the prince is?」

Is he like the one who came out from the story, glittering and pretty child?

Then an unexpected word came from my gentle father.

「hm? He is cocky shitty brat. If you are being bullied talk to me ASAP」


I heard ridiculous words from my gentle father right now.

What did you say? Cocky brat? After all he is a child isn’t it? Well, i never expected that my father says such a thing.

I really do not want to meet him somehow.

I came all the way up to the big door.

Ugh.. I suddenly became nervous.

The door opens. There was a luxurious room that seemed to come out from movie,

The chandelier is awesome. This place may be the King’s office. There is a luxurious desk in the center of the room, and there is a man.

I guess he is…

「Your Majesty.」

Your Majesty?…the King?! And I look at his face.

He is wonderfully gentle old man, looks cool, and shining.

「Ya, Grell, she is princess rouche isn’t it? She is a beautiful woman like your wife.」

Said the king to my father calmly.

「naturally, and let’s finish this matter fast.」

Father? Is it alright to talk to His Majesty like that?, however, his Majesty did not seem to care.

「don’t be impatient, he will come soon, however, this cute girl will be the next head of the Duke,  I will tell the foreign minister to avoid war.」

「Whoever the next head is, absolutely avoid war as much as possible. 」

His Majesty and father look like having fun, it seems they are a friend rather than a vassal, perhaps they’re best friend?

At that time, a knocked sound can be heard.

「It seems he came.」

The boy who appear certainly like a doll, light blue eyes, silver hair, he looks like His Majesty miniature.

Yeah, the appearance is a pretty child, he looks like a girl.

「Rouche, he is the first Prince, His Highness Prince Rashmere.」

Oh, i have to greet him.

「Nice to meet you, I-」

「hm so my next sword is a woman..」 

I make a disappointed face.

At first, i did not know what he was saying, but he was looking at me with gender distinction. Do you want me to kick you ha?

However, I should smile like nothing happen here.

「I am Rouche Lina Lisztil. And it’s my pleasure to meet Your Highness.」


I was ignored. At this point, my impression is the worst. This guy did not have any manner.

I glance at His Majesty face, He had a tired look. And for my father have his vein pop out.

I see. It is fine to do what I like, well, I do not want to serve this prince from the beginning. Rather it is convenient. I will leave it to you. My yet to see younger brother.

「Otou-sama, I have done my greeting, let us excuse from here」

Let’s return soon as this happens. I only said greetings from the beginning, so there is no problem.

「you’re right」

Lucky, my father also agreed.


The voice of astonished prince. I read the atmosphere because you seem not in good mood!

I think his aides have a lot of troubles, thanks for their hard work.

「Then, Your Majesty, Your Highness, we will excuse ours self」[TLN : i don’t really know how to excuse in english]

「wait, you.」

「Your Highness, my name is Rouche, don’t tell me Your Highness already forget about it.」


As I glance at His Majesty who trying to hold his urge to laugh, perhaps if it like this, I can say the next word without a problem. If his personality is not fixed, he will be good for nothing adult in the future.

「ho-how rude!」

「Your Highness is the one who rude here. Even I am the daughter of a Duke, I don’t want to be called “you” impolitely. If Your Highness did not want me a woman to be your sword, do not worry, a man will be born in the near future. If Your Highness do not pleased to be with me, then feel free to be with him.」

Well, I say no lies that in the future a boy will be born in our house.

And I glance at His Majesty.

「Your Majesty, Forgive me who say this way to the prince.」

「it’s okay, it is my son  who was rude」

I did not hear what the prince mumble about.

「Then, we will excuse our self, Otou-sama, let’s go」

Thus the first meeting was terrible.

「he is certainly was cheeky.」

I tried to speak to my father in the carriage.

「it is right? He is smart and excels in martial arts, so why he is like that. Even to you, unforgivable」


「Rouche. Whatever happen, the eldest is you.」

Apparently, it seems my father mind about a woman sword.

I don’t really mind it though, and I do not want to inherit the house.

「fufu.. It’s okay」

I told you so. For now.

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