I Will Quietly Disappear – Chapter 03

How could I live alone in the first place?

Hello everyone, I am in the middle of my sword training now, and I am still thinking about what is necessary to live alone.


I received my master sword, deflect it, her blow is too heavy!

My master Clause is my grandfather comrade, a person with a scary face with a characteristic scar on her right eye.

At first, I am scared, if she walks side by side with grandfather, even a devil will run away barefoot.

Although saying that, she is gentle. And a cute person who says she is good at sewing.

And I sewed a stuffed bear before.

Oh, the topic has shifted.

What is necessary to live alone? To be able to cook? It is already included in education curriculum, and I already know how to cook.

And next is the way to earn money,  I have an idea for this.

First of all, I have healing power, and I can be hired somewhere. However, if I do it inside the country, there is a chance my family will found me. So I will be working in another country.

And then, there is a place called a Guild in the neighbor country. It seems that race and the past are irrelevant in there

From the beginning, healers are few and valuable, so it seems I can easily be hired..

「this is it!」and I still freshly remember when I think about it.

At that time.



My sword was knocked off.

「look like you worry about something?」

As I though I can’t hide it after all.

「ah yes… I am worried about okaa-sama condition」

And say a lie.

Well, in reality, my mother is sick now….

But it’s okay, both mother and children who are going to born are fine.

「i think your mother is okay…  Because she is a strong one」

And she patted my head.

「even though Rouche-sama is truly a fast learner. At this pace, maybe this old one will be defeated in the future.」

No no no, it’s impossible, and I am still four-year-old.

And is it possible for a four-year-old child to move like this in the first place?

It’s break time.


「what is it?」

「sensei, you has been to another country together with ojii-sama right?」

「wel, I went around a variety of countries with your grandfather…are you interested in another country?」

「Yes! I read it in books, I thought that the culture is totally different in each country.. And I thought that I would like to go someday.」

I thought that it was abrupt as expected, but it can’t be helped!

「is that so? some day you will go to another country as the diplomatic figure, but it is wonderful that Rouche-sama wants to know about outside country, Rouche-sama is really eager to learn…. Really resemble your mother.」

Apparently, she thinks I am eager to study.


「ah? It’s nothing, if you don’t mind I will tell you story about it.」


「Really! Then I want to hear the story from Athens Kingdom in the neighbor country first! 」

I am begging to want to know the story from the country that has the guild first.

First of all, i must know that country.

My plan is going on steadily.


「ya! Clause」

Adel, the current head of Lizstil family, is my bad friend and my comrade.

「what do you want? In this late at night」

Even though I say so, he is pouring tea into my cup, what a nice person.

「i am about to ask about my grand-daughter」

「give appreciate to Maria-dono, she gave birth to such a straightforward child, I am really glad that she did not resemble you.」

「how rude, rouche look like Ada when she was young」

She will be a beautiful woman in the future.

「just her looks, but her inside is really resembled her mother- dowaa-」

The person who can evade that attack is just the two people who had a long experience in the battlefield, In response to the thirst for blood, until the dagger comes flying on him between the eyebrows, about a tenth of a second.

「it’s dangerous!! Ada!」

Two people shouted.

A woman called Ada came out from the dark and smiled lightly.

Ada Maya Lizstil. She is the best warrior general who was the wife of the current head Adel and also called as onihime. [demon princess]

「just hear someone talk badly about me, I am just trying to close that mouth.」

Wearing a blue dress, walking with a thin smile on her beautiful face, a woman who no one would think she has a granddaughter.

The death god, who told that there are no living behind her on the battlefield.

Clause yelled.

「before that my life will be gone!」

She always has a smile like she had eaten a man and dominates and rule the battlefield.

Countless time I was helped by her strategy, even though I nearly die countless time because of that.

Resentment is deep. I believe it…. I do not believe it.  [TLN : ???!]

「don’t get confused, we are talking about your granddaughter.」

My grandfather, do not say it yourself! That is! She came so far and sat down on Chairman place without permission.

「it seems that rouche grew up to be an obedient good child」


Ada laughed happily. Even for Onihime, it seems that grandchildren are cute.

「she can handle then sword at that age, she will be a great swordsman」

「without a doubt about that.」

「i see」

「what’s wrong?」

Ada’s face is cramped.

「That girl is a nice girl, she never makes a selfish request… But I am worried about her being too adult」

Today she was worried about her mother.

「something get stuck in your mind, right? Ada」

Something always gets stuck in Ada’s mind, about rouche being too adult.

From that day. When that girl hit her head.

Litzsel  is a family of warrior for generations. And from time to time, without care about age, they will always be drafted into the battlefield. As for Ada she was 11 or 12 in her case. That is why in order to survive there are times when an abnormal child was born.

Ada was different. I thought it was the case until I saw it, as I saw it I understand that I was wrong.

「that girl is resembled」

In that single word, the two understand her. The distant past rises.


Clause look at Adel. it is rare for this onihime to cloud her face.

「well, everything will be okay, Ada, Clause」

That face remained the same as usual.

It was a face of a bad friend who remained the same no matter how much get caught up on the battlefield.

「that child has us. We will watch over her」

Yes, i will never repeat what happened at that time.

As he said, the former marshal Adel Jin Lizstel laughed.

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