I Will Quietly Disappear – Chapter 04

“Rouche, I’m very happy to tell you.”
A gentle mother with a happy smile and her hand resting on her stomach. 
“Inside Mother, “Oh, this day has come.”Is your little brother.””Really!?”I wonder if I can smile properly. It is nice to have a brother ….

“Hey, Rouche””… …””Hey … … Rouche !!””Yes!? … What is it, Your Highness?”

I am in the Royal Palace now. It seemed that Rashmere wanted to apologize for the previous incident.
To be honest I do not care, but I cannot go against His Majesty. 

 By the way my father and His Majesty are having a pleasant conversation in the gazebo. Or is it…? I feel like I can see something murky, but it is because of my mind! !”There’s nothing to forgive for”

“Why do not you call my name!? … … I properly called your name””· · · · · · · ·” 
Dang, I was thinking about my life plan and spaced out a bit.
“I’m sorry … Thank you for calling my name Your Highness Rashmere”
“… Are you worried too?””No” 
“Well, that’s right … … soon, your brother will be born.”The Prince sat next to me.”Yes, its sure to be a healthy boy, and soon I’ll be an older sister.”

“You always insist the baby will be a boy … as a magician, the probability of it is high.”Because I had seen it. I cannot say that, so I told him that it feel like a boy.

“Well, either way it’s not bad to have a little brother or sister, they are all adorable.”
That’s surprising. By the way, the king has only one queen. He is famous as a devoted lover. Three princesses (one pair of twins) and two prince, with Prince (6 years old) as the lead. It is a lot of children for one person.
“…””What is that face …?””I am surprised, you are a good older brother,””What is that!””Because you look down on me greatly, I wonder if you boss around your siblings a lot…”Oops, I unintentionally spilled my terrible thoughts.
“… I already apologize for that matter! Besides, there is nothing great about those who always still speak their inner words.””Hehe, that is right.”Ah, what a good child.

“Hey … … you are good too””What?”What do you mean?
Surprised, I see His Highness face turned red.”… … You can also be a good Duke of War !! … … Sorry that I said you cannot do it before.”No Thanks. I was about to say it, but I was unable to speak it out.Yes, he already apologize so no need to make it difficult for the kid.

Because he can definitely be a good king.”I did not say Your Highness name today, sorry okay!.”His face a little red and looks like a doll. I was laughing at last.  
“You are saying it so seriously!”
Ah, I made him angry. But your Highness, I cannot agree with you.

Prince’s feelings
I am Rashmere · Gill · Artemia, First Prince of the Kingdom of Artemia.My mood is quite terrible. It is about Rouche who had just went back.  
The kingdom of Artemia is in a strategic location, with the fertile ground and a vast ocean trade to the east. The military force is also not inferior to other countries (my tutor taught me).It can be said that the leading cause is the Litzsel family.
My father has Adolf, in that case I will also have someone from that family to stand by my side, or so I was taught. Initially, the person will be a woman is not a problem. General Ada had been called the Death God and the Demon Princess by other countries due to how terrible and strong she is. So I do not think women are useless on the battlefield.
But, I was made a fool by a prince of a neighbouring country, who could be said to be my rival.
I was irritated and unconsciously offend her.
I do notice that I it was wrong of me.
The adults – my parents and Duke Litszel had always paid attention to me. I especially do not want to incite anger from people of my own generation as they will stay silent about it.  
“Oh, damn”I throw myself down on the garden of my residence in the Royal Palace. The blue sky is hateful.
Then suddenly a shadow engulf me.

“Oh my, are you regretting it Rashmere””Father!?”When did you come!

“Just now. I think it’s going to be tough to say …. Do you think that it was bad?””That is … but it is …”

For some reason, I do not want to admit it.
“Oh yeah, but if you apologize, you have to make it sooner, as it will not be easy to apologize if its too late. As Lady Rouche is gentle, she will surely forgive you. I also often had it happen with Adolf.”
Okok, I will apologize.
I was surprised that my father and Adolf also had fights.
“I am a proper gentleman, and also a free spirit. And well, you are a primitive man that can barely talk! That what was shouted about yesterday.But well, since they are primitive people, we also cannot be idiots.”
“father·····”Why do the fact seems to be out of place….
“Well, I will return to work.”Father leaves as he strokes my head.

“… … …”

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