I Will Quietly Disappear – Chapter 06

He was born at last. My brother.
Rouche thought as she sank into the bed in the room.
I had Seen the moment I touched him. That child is a genius with all four magical powers. There is no doubt. That child is above me. He will be a better successor than me.

That future will definitely come. If I do not move from here, war will definitely start. This beautiful country will be burnt to ashes.

A sigh comes out. Living here is a lot of fun. A loving and carefree family, with maids and mentors.

I do not want to leave.

That thought is consuming me. It go round and round inside my head. I am also very happy that my brother is so talented. If that child is not … I hate to think about such terrible things. 

I have to accept it.
There is no future if I stay here.
I have to prepare my mind. Be ready to leave here anytime.

The first candidate I considered to escape to is the guilds in the Athens Kingdom. From Teacher’s story, there is a considerable demand for healers. Being a swordsman is also good because they are strong. So my livelihood can be managed somehow. Moreover, public order is good and seems to be quite safe, and as a Japanese we are quite weak towards anything dangerous. Also, it seems that the climate does not change much within this country, but the foods may not suit me ( Teacher said)

The country itself has the Royal government, and the King is famous as the Wise King. There are no war recently, and the reign is stable. Our country is on good terms with this country.

The next question is the most pressing problem …  how to enter the Athens Kingdom? There are carriages, and there are cases where some travelers hitched in with the merchant troops. The traveler become another eye and become the merchant’s bodyguard. 

But there is a problem. There will be an uproar if the first born of the Duke who is closely tied to the Royal Family is gone. The security around the checkpoint of all roads will be tightened and I will definitely be caught. Besides, I need an ID badge. 

It is the biggest problem.

“This is the biggest nuisance ….”

It will take me two weeks. Even if you whip the horse and rush through a forced march, the news will probably come earlier when it is transmitted by wind magic. It is troublesome as there’s expert magician able to divine location so I need to master divination and location technique to not be detected.

“Uuu, there are various problems … Do I need to pretend to be dead…?”

That may be easier. There is no one to divine the location. However, the problem of corpses comes out… Maybe falling off a cliff and goes missing? There will be no corpse … or is there?  
“Can it go wrong?”This may be the best. Corpse … is there any way to make it? I have a rejection in killing people. Maybe because I am a Japanese. Morning came when I made my decision.

“Milady. Congratulations on the birth of your brother !! … eh, what happened? Milady looks tired. ”  The maids clamour around. 
“Oh, I cannot sleep for some reason” I cannot say I was thinking about how to manufacture corpse.
“Certainly, it is natural that Milady is excited because your little brother is just born …. Because today is a holiday, there is nothing to worry about, Milady can sleep more for a while” 

“I will do so …. a holiday is it?” I certainly got a little sleepy.

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