I Will Quietly Disappear – Chapter 07

“Rouche, he will be your personal follower from today, Luca”
Everyone, thank you.
I have news today.
“My Lady Rouche, I am Luca Gardell. From today on I pledge to serve you with my whole life.”  As he said that, he remained expressionless as he bowed elegantly in front of me.
I got a follower.

“… … … a follower?”
“That’s right. I don’t want to put it off any longer. Actually I was thinking of introducing him a bit earlier, but there’s always something else going on. Glenn was also born safely, so I believe this is the best time to introduce you to him. “

The follower … is someone who will take care of anything that I want or need. An important person that will live his life for me. Even though I got used to the maids, the hurdles are high for something like a personal follower. Because I was a common people in the past.

“Is that so? Luca, thank you. I am Rouche Lina Litzsel”
Well, it cannot be helped. I will have to have him for at least another 8 years.
“Thank you, Milady.”
“Luca is excellent he will also serves as an escort for Rouche.”
“Well, I will rely on you.”
Is he serious? To be honest, Luca look like only around 12 years old.   “By the way, how old are you Luca?” 
Anyway, we need to get along. For the time being, I decided to ask for his age.
“I will be 12 years old this year, Milady”
I hit it.
“Ah. Is Luca a relative of the steward?”
It is common for family’s stewardship to be handed from one generation to the next. That’s why I thought he was his relative.
“No, I was picked up by Master, Milady.”
It is an amazing new fact. Alright, you picked him up, Father?
“Picked up···?”
“I am an orphan, Milady.”
Luca’s face has not changed at all.
“I’m sorry.”
I apologized for making a 12 year old boy expose his pain. 
“There is no need for apology Milady. I was found by Master and I am very indebted to the Litzsel House for my existence. When Milady was born, I was appointed to serve and attend Milady in the future and I had devote myself to this pursuit until today.” 
“…Thank you. You had work very hard”
 He must had worked very hard. My father may sometimes act childish, but he is actually very strict and severe to others. Luca was only 8 years old when I was born. What did Father told to such 8 year old child? 
“Every time I saw Milady walking in the garden, I imagined one day I’ll also be able to follow behind Milady and it motivate me to work harder.” 
Did you stay in the Mansion for such a long time, Luca? I did not know.
“Thank you for that, Luca”
 If you are doing your best for my sake for so long, the least I could say is ‘thank you’. Thank you for your effort. But it will be wasted in another 8 years. 
“… …”
Then Luca stopped moving, expressionless. There is no reaction at all even when I waved my hand in front of his face.
“Luca? Luca !!”
“My utmost apology, Milady. I am just very happy to be able to be of use to you.”
Thank you Luca. But it’s a bit embarrassing, so please do not say so much. And with that expressionless face…

“Hehe, isn’t he cute, Luca?”
We were in my baby brother’s room. Glenn is getting bigger day by day. I decided on this little get-together so Luca and Glenn can get along well. Also maybe a bit of Luca’s expression can change. 
By the way, even if I touch Glenn, I had not Seen anything recently. Honestly I appreciate it. This Power come and go whenever it want. 
Luca’s expression did not change. Although it was so cute too that his facial expressions did not change. Glenn was now asleep in my arms. Really cute. What an angel.
“Luca, try holding Glenn as well”
I offered Glenn to Luca.
“Apologies Milady, I have to decline. I’m terrified I will disturb Young Master.”
Then it was refused by an immediate answer. It was a step back.
“It will be fine. He is sleeping well, he will not cry”
Glenn was deeply asleep. But the maid said he was usually a very fussy child.
“That is because it is you, Milady. Young Master is sensitive to other’s presence, he is frightened by stranger’s touch.”
Is it really? Looking at Luca, it is kind of frustrating. Our point of view is just not aligned.
“Luca … … Maybe … … you are not good with babies?”
“There is no such thing”
It is an immediate reply again. Suspicious. But I stopped because he seemed to dislike it. Well, supposing he hold Glenn and he cried that will look bad.

It couldn’t be helped.
I looked back towards the cute Glenn.
“Hehe he …”
A strange voice escaped while I repeatedly poked the soft cheeks. Let’s say it over and over again. Super cute.
“Milady, I do like Young Master Glenn very much.”
Luca said as he peered into the swaddle.  
“Because Glenn is very cute isn’t he? He look like an angel.”
I turned my face toward Luca.
“… Well, Milady was like an angel, too.”
It was said so smoothly it did not registered in side of my brain for a while.
Luca’s expressionless face did not change. Ah yes, it’s natural to see me since I was born because he was told he will become my follower by Father.
Somehow it was embarrassing. I could feel my face getting red.
I wonder why this child says embarrassing things since a while ago.
Is this the true Luca? I was troubled.
“Luca. Do not say such embarrassing words.”
“But it’s true, Milady.”
So, do not say it with a serious face! Too cheeky! ! I vowed to correct Luca’s way of speaking. I will die if he said things like that all the time. 

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