I Will Quietly Disappear – Chapter 08

From that day on, Luca was always by my side, from the early morning and even on holidays. However, I did not hate that life as much as I thought. Because Luca seemed so natural to be there it do not feel awkward. I couldn’t explain it well.  
“Good morning, Milady.”
The curtain was opened abruptly. The light of the merciless sun stabbed my eyes.Wow, bright. I may understand Dracula’s feelings now.  
“Good morning···.”
I did not want to wake up, but I had to because I didn’t want to bring too much trouble. Let’s meet again, my bed.
Luca’s uniform was as immaculate as always. There was no sign of sleepiness. He was the image of the perfect servant. 

“We have a full schedule today starting from morning, Milady.”
 As expressionless as usual. While dodging to say the horrible reality.

 “… I know ….”
Ah, I hope afternoon will come faster. The sword class is fun.

“Good afternoon, Lady Rouche.”
Finally this time has come! I got criticism after criticism from angry teachers all this morning, even though I tried so hard! My brain is pretty good but I am very tired. Ladies Education is terrible.  Clause greeted Rouche with a smile, and saw the person waiting to the back.

“Oh? Isn’t that…? ” 
I tried to introduce Luca to my Teacher, but her reaction was surprising. Were they two acquaintances? 
Spontaneously I looked towards Luca, who expressionlessly said
“It is Teacher Clause who taught me martial arts in general.” 
and, he said unexpected things.

“What! … … is Luca my senior disciple!?”
“I… did not teach him as much to be counted as a disciple, but … Is Luca useful?”
 “Yes, very much.”
I immediately answered that. In fact, Luca is a very capable child. He is so familiar with my thinking it’s as if he could read my mind. From the cakes I wanted to eat to the tea I wanted to drink. He brought the stuff as soon as I thought of them. If I tried to do research while browsing a book, somehow I had another related book waiting behind. I had no idea how he did it. And his facial expressions did not change at all. 
“That’s good.” Teacher looked happy.

“Are you doing well?”
Clause called the former ‘pupil’ that was sitting in the shade.

“Yes, the Lady is very gentle towards me.”

Luca stated without expression. But his voice was slight, and soft.
He did not turn his eyes upon the Teacher at all. His point of view was towards the little Lady that had taken a towel from a maid to take a break.
 It seemed that it was going well, Clause reassured.
“The word usage has become quite a lot. Only the face is somehow…”

“I will try harder.”
The voice have no feeling at all.

Clause remembered several years ago – 

“Shut up !! Shit! Stop !!”
 Adel brought in a wild eyed young assassin. It’s not anything special because he had seen a lot of people with such eyes. However he was surprised and hesitant when Adel said “I will make him the follower of Rouche.”
Even Ada would not do such a thing…maybe. However, the arduous training made him obedient, and his conduct definitely seemed like he succeeded Ada.

Then Luca stood up. He started walking in the opposite direction where the little Lady is.

“Hey…!? “
I noticed it belatedly. Someone was watching. I failed myself. Lady Rouche, I will hang up my sword immediately. It’s the pupil that are more alert than the teacher.   

“I will clean up the garbage … so please tell a reasonable excuse for the Lady.” Luca said as he walked away.


“I am tired … “
“Good work, Milady, it was very wonderful!”
The maids clamored around and praised me. Thank you everyone. I mean, my Teacher is still too strong. 

I looked up a bit to see the direction Teacher was facing. Apparently she seemed to want to tell me something, but I headed for a break in the direction of the maids.  
“By the way … did you guys know about Luca before?”
I decided to ask what I’m interested in.

“Yes, since he came to this house.”
Well, I have not heard of it. Although he have been here for such a long time, I had never notice him.

“Was he living well?”
I was wondering how he get such a blank expression. He is such a good child, though.

“Yes, he was living well and a very nice friendly boy. He is also a good cook. The cake that Milady Rouche had eaten was baked by Mr Luca.”
You had to be kidding, it was really delicious. Hey, what’s up with today’s 12-year-old children?

“He stayed up till late night to learn from the Chef.”
No, Luca. Please sleep properly. It’s bad for your health and you will not grow properly.
And looking at Luca’s direction again, he had gone. Eh? As I thought, the gaze disappeared at the same time. That’s strange, an arrow supposed to fly towards me from the back. That’s why I am still holding on to my sword.  I wonder if my Future Sight was off. The Future Sight and the Dream were just awkward and troublesome because I cannot control when and how many times do I get it. I hope I can control it soon. 

Whatever. The gaze had disappeared so I take my break slowly.
The day is still fresh.


Daisyu Sashidocha
“Hi, hiiiii!!! Help!!””Noisy.”
Bright red blood slowly pooled.

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