I Will Quietly Disappear – Chapter 10

“Everyone is useless!!”The man slammed the glass with sake that he was drinking. He was irritated. That damn Litzsel who just won’t listen! 
It is even more frustrating that all the assassin that had been sent never come back.
“Those youngsters … !!!”
His eyes were bloodshot.


Everyone, thank you. Here now is Rouche Lina Litzsel who is thinking how to run away from home. Actually, I am very angry right now.  “My Dear Prince, may I have the privilege to enquire about the reason why your Esteemed Self is coming into this humble abode without any preliminary notice?”
There is a Prince Rashmere in front of me now. 

Let’s start from the beginning just ten minutes ago. On this day I was reading a book in Glenn’s room. Because Ladies Education was unexpectedly cancelled, I came to Baby Glenn’s room to be with him. He will be so fussy without me and I wanted to help the maids a little. 
With the very troublesome stuff gone and I was feeling too tired and too old to do anything, I was pleased that I can do whatever I want in my room today. However, it went without saying that the moment I heard Glenn’s crying voice, I had a bad feeling.
Glenn seems to be quiet when I stay in the same space. So now he was sleeping soundly.  I already forgive you for being cute.

By the way Luca was near the room exit, standing almost in front of the door. I told him to come near and sit down several times but was refused, saying that Glenn will become anxious. Even though I said not to worry about it.  
And what I was reading now was the history of this country. It was told in a story-like manner and look like it have little credibility. It’s just like a fairy tale. However, it seemed to be true that the first head of the Litzsel family in this country was a woman. I wonder how hard it was.

I told Luca that I want to read book about magic, but he said it is not allowed. Apparently until I turn 12, until I know the attributes of my magical power, I cannot read books related to magic at all. Children in this country are Appraised of their attributes by an expert magician when they are 12 years old. Then they will enter the Academy and learn about magic. For children whose spirit is still unstable, magic is also dangerous and may run wildly and cause a rampage, that’s why the country is banning children below 12 years old to learn magic.

Well, even as I say so, the number of magicians who are able to Appraise attributes are really small. Therefore, the first borns were Appraised together. And the result is told secretly to the parents without informing the child.  Glenn and I were like that.

“Milady, will you like to drink some tea?”

Luca stood by my side without me noticing. Stop it because it really startled me.

I drank Luca’s tea while taking a breather. Ah, I’m content.

“Milady was very enthusiastic in reading the book. Is it very interesting?”
“Yeah, it is very interesting. Its about the Founding Story of this country.”
I did not know what to expect, but I read it through. I wonder how I’m going to be interpreted in the future.  “It is a story on how the Litzsel House first founded.”
“Milady, is it true the Founder of Litzsel House was a Lady?”
“Yes, so in this country women can work in the same position as men, unlike other countries.”
I said that and we looked into the book together.
“I see····.”
In Medieval Europe, and also by looking at the history of Japan but basically women stay at home. Even with this world the basic idea is the same.

“By the way, Luca.”
I was startled when I raised my face. Luca’s face was directly in front of me. It’s expressionless, but it’s pretty. Eh? That face seems like…

“Uwaaaaa ~”
Glenn started to cry. At that moment Luca retreated to the front of the door, standing upright, is it only in my mind that somehow he look unhappy?
“Glenn? Oh, what’s wrong? … Are you hungry?”
It seemed not to be a diaper problem. Glenn was crying until his face turned red.
I picked him up and tried to calm him down. Don’t just look Luca, please help me! .

“Milady Rouche! Please excuse me!”
The maid looked like she was going to cry and in a great hurry. You do not have to panic so much.

“Why are you in a panic?”
“Sorry Milady, you have an Esteemed Visitor… “
“… a visitor? “
I have not heard anything about a visitor from Father. Commonly in this era a visitor always give out preliminary notice first before coming.
“Forgive me Milady, since there is no one at home right now I am necessitated to ask Milady to receive the Esteemed Visitor.”
Good grief where is everyone? Glenn is crying his head off right now and I cannot just leave him.
“Who is the visitor?”
Luca asked.
“That is … that …”
The maid look at my face. Why are you looking at me?
 “The Esteemed Visitor is His Highness Rashmere, Milady.”
Did I heard wrong?

“His Highness Prince Rashmere come to visit Young Master Glenn and Milady!”

I chewed on the word that was told vigorously again, in about 3 seconds.
Only that much word came out. What is the child doing? 
“Glenn just cannot stop crying ….”

Glenn did not stop crying no matter how much I cooed or rocked him in my arms. No way … because the Prince came?

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