I Will Quietly Disappear – Chapter 11

“You are beautiful, Milady”
Where is the gloominess from before? Now you are able to say embarrassing things without any expression. 
“Don’t say such embarrassing things, Luca”
How are you (readers)! ! I am now having my hair painfully done.

After that announcement from the maid, I left the crying Glenn to maids. Although that made him cried even harder, maids you all need to work hard ok! It seemed that I needed to keep the Prince waiting a little longer. 

When I quickly returned to my room, the maids were all armed to the teeth with a lot of hair ornaments and various combs. There were no time to change the dress, so it seemed that the maids were determined to make the hair more presentable. I think its already fine but they did not think so. Its just too troublesome. Moreover, he is that prince I met before. Why are you bothering me? Well, if I say such a thing he’s going to get angry so I will not say that.  
Whatever it is now I have to deal with having my hair worked with. Ouch it hurts, what do you do if you pull my hair out? I do not want to suffer from thin hair at age 4 years old. Oh I hope my hair roots able to withstand such assault or else I’ll need to do a comb over at such a young age.  
After a while, it seemed that the maids felt it was enough and I was finally released. I was tired mentally and physically.

I breathe in and out deeply while facing the door towards the drawing room, before Luca opened the door.

“Excuse me.” 
“Rouche! You are late!”
There was the little devil who had a cute face but being as unruly as usual. Who’s to blame of my lateness. 
His Highness was sitting in a chair with two guards behind it.
I freeze.
“… …”
I was roused from my trance by Luca’s voice. Let’s just say I had not Seen it. Yup. I do not know anything. 
‘Your Highness, I am sorry I am late.’  I came up to him with a dark smile while greeting him. Be nervous my little prince.
“What, what’s wrong?”
Apparently he realized I am angry. Hmph, not bad.
“Your Highness, why didn’t you send a preliminary notice first?”
I decided to cut to the chase
“Well, that is … …”
“Your Highness must be busy with various things, so it stand to reason that I am also a very busy person.  I happened to have a day off today, otherwise there would be no excuse for the teachers who had come all the way here. First of all it is rude. Did you want to be made fun off by other Princes and Nobles for not having the proper decorum and etiquette?”
“Sorry …”
I laid it out all at once. This is important for children’s discipline.
Then the Prince profusely apologized. This child is very obedient. The Prince seemed to understand his thoughtless behavior so I believe the lecture is enough.
“Because I also had time, that … … I came to see your brother.”
Ah yes the maid did said that the Prince come in to see Glenn.  
Luca came in bringing tea.
I decided to introduce the Prince when I see Luca’s face.
“Your Highness, this humble servant is named Luca, a follower for Lady Rouche”
What a wonderful face the Prince was making.
“Why do you have a follower?”
“Because he also serves as my guard. Why, do Prince not have them too?” 
Why are you so upset? Don’t scowl at Luca so much. And Luca, stop that expressionless face.
“Are you strong?”  Are you a personnel interviewer? What are you up to?  “I’ll protect Milady with my life.”
No, why are you saying something so extreme? Let’s live peacefully. I will cry if Luca gets injured.  “Hmmm … with your life? Being a guard is useless if you die, you need to live to protect her.”
What you are talking about is decent. I was quite surprised.

Although this little prince can be somewhat impertinent, he do feel troubled in trying to say the right thing. My evaluation on him go up and down, up and down eh.  But he say what he mean, which is good.

“Naturally, Your Highness.”
The prince stared at Luca for a while.
Let’s just say that Luca was amazing.
“Luca is also my martial brother in the sword art. Teacher Clause attested that Luca is strong.”
Though I have never seen him fight, so I do not know.
“Did you say Teacher Clause!? You, you are learning from Teacher Clause!”
How rude. Why are you so surprised.  “It is true. Teacher Clause was once Grandfather and Grandmother’s subordinate and until now Teacher is friends with them. Why?”
“Clause Roy Gardella … … Your Grandfather’s retainer’s sword skills are very impressive. A lot of knights want her to be their teacher, however she refused everyone no matter how much money they offer! ”  Wow…Teacher is such a renowned person? It must be Grandfather that begged Teacher to teach me sword arts and she reluctantly accepted. I am sorry. 
“Because I need to learn the Royal Sword Art, I cannot be taught by Teacher Clause, but I still want to be instructed at least once …”
“Oh, is that so?”
I don’t know what to say to that.

“Anyway, you, the follower there!”
He pointed straight to Luca.
“Let’s have a spar sometime when I come here again.”
I feel that Luca is unusually confused. It is indeed troubling to reply to something like that. I decided to help.

“Prince Rashmere, let’s set aside this matter first. Didn’t you come to see little Glenn?”
I forcibly change the direction of the conversation.
“Ah yes, how was the gift?”
How simple. Oh yes, after Glenn was born, gifts from His Majesty and Prince Rashmere were delivered to the Mansion. They were baby clothes. It was something usable for everyday use, how surprising.
“Glenn really like them. Thank you so much.”
The clothes are very soft and made from good fabric.

“That’s good. It is the same fabric that I use when I was a baby, I thought he would like it.”
Of course it is made with absolute quality, so a Prince will wear it.  “Glenn is now in the room on the second floor…Will His Highness escort going to follow us up?” 
From the moment I entered the room they never left my field of vision. My face got a cramp trying to ignore their intimidating presence.  “Oh, these guards can stay here…”  Prince Rashmere unable to say the last word.


“Yes, I also want to see Little Glenn.” 
With a convoy of guards, a man with a noble and exalted bearing came in. 
It is the highest authority of this country.  ” Hello, Lady Rouche. How do you do, Luca.”  “He, hello Your Majesty.”  It was because he was the King.

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