I Will Quietly Disappear – Chapter 12

Father’s struggle.

“No, no way. I can not find him anywhere!”
I heard a sorrowful cry from my men.
Hello. Do not mind my name. Right now, I am doing my Knightly duties as an Imperial Guard in the Imperial Palace of Artemia Kingdom. In short, its guarding the Royal Family. And I was given the honour to protect His Majesty the King.
The current king is a wonderful person. His Majesty is not a person who put particular focus on the bloodline, but more on meritocracy. It is thanks to him that a Lower Nobility like me able to became an honorable Knight. The current Knights order have a lot of people like me from commoners and lower aristocrats. There are some Higher Nobility, but no one is disgusting. They were all kicked out.
I have a warrior I admire. It is the Royal Family’s sword – the Head of the Litzsel Family, His Grace Adolf Litzsel. Although he is a severe person, he will never do anything unreasonable. He is a respected person who treats everyone equally.  They were friends from a young age and is often seen talking as friends rather than a king and a vassal. Everyone know their deep trust to each other. With that kind of impression from the leaders of the country, every Knight pledge to give their all in their heart.  But, I wanted to withdraw that pledge. I am in front of the King’s Office. The king have a gentle and mellow atmosphere. But it does not mean weak at all. I have seen His Majesty’s might at the Order of Knights before, so his ability is certain.  Now hair-raising atmosphere emitted from the office. Strange, why do I see dark lines flowing out?  I do not want to enter, I think from the bottom of my heart.
And then remember.  It is a fact that they have a close relationship. It is also a fact … … that these two also like to fight a lot.    
“… … ok.”
With plenty of breathing, I resolve myself. I have to go through this door for this country.  My colleagues look at me with hope in their eyes. Hey, do not worship me like that, I’m not dead yet!  All of you just looking, also help!
“Pardon the intrusion, this subordinate of the Imperial Guard wish to report!”  “· · · · · · !!”Someone should praise me for not screaming.
There was a man. He is not the genial Majesty. He is The king ‘s sword Litzsel family Marshal Adolf.  He is an esteemed warrior and my goal. He is feared as a Demon’s child in other countries, but I think he is not a Demon’s child. He is actually a splendid full-fledge Demon.  “Did you find him?”
That voice is calm. It is terribly calm.  “No !! The Knights are searching for him with full power, we search all over the Royal Palace! Her Majesty the Queen also unable to understand where did he go!”  “· · · · Also, the hole in the Prime Minister’s and Queen’s stomach · · ·”
“Just … that …”
Ok, this is the critical moment.
Gradually sharpening eyes stare at me. Scary, I am too scared. However, here is what I have to say. I made up my mind and opened my mouth. 
“It is said that His Highness Rashmere was headed to the Litzsel family home !!”
“What the!! That little shi … that prince! What selfish little! … No, is this good or… But … arggh shit! · · eh? Maybe it has something to do with it… ” 
I have decided to ignore the outburst. I’ll take it to the grave. It will never get into the ears of the anti-Litzsel.  “The escort of the prince came out crying earlier.”
His face was pale and he was about to commit suicide. We stopped him.
“Did you let him go alone?”
“No !!!! That is that …”
I was speechless. I do not want to say It really does not want to say. I want to escape.

Father, mother, give me strength! !

“No way ….”
“No way.”
Marshal Adolf’s face darken.

I will never forget the incident that happened the next moment until I die.
“Get prepared!!! We going to attack —– !!!!!!!”
I shouted the moment I entered the Knight’s Tower.

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