I Will Quietly Disappear – Chapter 13

I almost let out a sigh. What are you doing here.
The King is the symbol of this country. An important person to be protected. If he die … … I’ll be getting the death penalty.
I suddenly realized while holding down my headache. Wait a little …. This situation is not easy! I finally able to chill out, but somehow now the current king and the future king is here. Furthermore, our mansion’s guards are looking so pitiful! They are just looking on and do not move like always but their eyes are looking teary. Their body trembles and their armors are making noises. Poor thing. This society have strict hierarchy so the king’s presence might be a bit too much for them. 
Though here the king can also be protected from groups of assassin as this is the main building of the Mansion. The security is strict, though not as much as at the Royal Palace.  Lets not tell Grandpa about their reactions. I glanced briefly towards Luca and nod to him.  “Excuse me.”
Luca went away.
“That’s quite heartless, Lady Rouche.”
While looking at that direction the Majesty laughed happily. The face and the words do not match.  “Please value yourself more, Your Majesty, please do not waste my father’s efforts.”
I said coldly. As expected, however, the king do not mind my sarsacm.  “It’s all right, because not a lot of people know that I am here.”

No, I do not know where information leaks from!! Your Majesty who lives in the Royal Palace should know more about this. 
“… … Father … … what … what did the Marshal said …”
Prince Rashmere is also pale. It is beyond the acceptable limit as expected.  I agree. Father, is this ok? I think of my father in the Royal Palace.
“Because I also wanted to see Little Glenn. Even if I told to bring him to me, Adolf would say no. I also can only see Lady Rouche 4 years later. Even if I say I’m only going to the main building. So I just come myself.”
So, I came.
His Majesty said cheerfully.  What!! Just saying it so naturally!! You are the king! !                                                      
“Ok, ok. Let’s just go to Glenn’s room.”
I do not want to think of reality. Let’s fulfill their original purpose. And hopefully they return home. I decided to head to Glenn’s room.

While walking through the corridor that I had walked thousands of time before, this is the first time I am feeling awkward.
“It’s been a while since I came here.”
The king said slowly.
“Have Your Majesty been here before?”
It is strange that the king of this country came here.
“Yeah, I was coming to play, because I was just a boy at that time.” 
That must be a long time ago. The way the king look at the garden through the window is somewhat innocent like a child.
In contrast to the blue face of the knights walking from behind. It is truly a hard work. 
“I cannot imagine Father’s childhood”
Rashmere showed a doubtful face. Yeah it’s hard to imagine, I agree. 
“Even I was a child once. And Adolf … well with two mischievous kids, Lady Rouche’s Grandmother and Grandfather were always angry at us. We always received knocks to our heads. ”  That always hurt …. The king remarked with a bitter look on his face.  “Ah yeah. Also,”  “In that big garden, while practicing the sword, I did not win against Adolf even once.”
Well, Father is strong.

I do not know anything.  The hands of the maids who lower their heads in the hallway, that black clothes are dyed slightly red.  There was a person slowly spilling blood under the window where the King had look out of.  The Impregnable Demon’s Mansion – The House of Litzsel. No assassin ever come back.

“1, 2, 3, 4 …… Its less than I thought. Luca, you had work hard.”  “Ah, its nothing. Hmm, another guest?”  I have to show my hospitality.

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