I Will Quietly Disappear – Chapter 14

“Not yet! Not yet! Still not yet!”The man was walking back and forth in a luxurious room, cutting quite a laughable figure. There was only one good news that the man waited for.

“Oh, this is the rumoured Little Glenn that Lady Rouche said very cute.”When I returned to Glenn’s room, Glenn was already quieted down by the nanny. It seems that he stopped crying though he still look a little nervous. I reached out for him the moment I entered the room. He’s just too cute!
“Well … that is, what is the rumor?”
“Rouche is cute, and become even more cuter when you hold Glenn. That Adolf always boasted about it, going on and on on how cute you both are. I was going to get him to the doctor for having such hopeless behavior. Even his subordinates don’t know how to react.”
That father …. I am ashamed. I am sorry that my father is behaving idiotically. I am sorry for his subordinates seeing him like this.
“I’m very sorry in behalf of my father.”I seriously apologized.
“Well, children are cute, so it cannot be helped.”That’s also right – that’s why I like to poke Glenn. Incidentally, Glenn is in His Majesty’s arms right now.
I’m glad he did not cry. Glenn hates being hugged by unknown humans. But maybe he realized he cannot go against His Majesty, or is it he know how to handle babies well… anyhow  he’s quiet. 
“He looks like Adolf”I am told that I resemble my mother, and Glenn is like Father. 
“That’s right”He will be absolutely handsome. 
“What a little thing, get big and strong quickly alright.”Why is that so great though. But the way the prince said it while stroking Glenn was very gentle. Well, he does have a lot of siblings at home.
Ah, I realize.If I’m not here, Glenn and Prince Rashmere will work together. I have to make them get along.
“Would you like to hold Glenn too, Prince Rashmere?””… Why are your smile so creepy?” Excuse me for having a creepy smile.
“No, I just thought its no big deal… but …””…… Hmm, Father, I also want to hold him.” “Yes, yes, carefull.”His Majesty said while handing Glenn to the prince. And at that moment –
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!”*Gashan*”!!!!”Did something broke? I felt that I heard something broke from the outside of the window.
No, rather than that,”Hey! Rouche!! He cried !!!””Your Highness, what did you do?”Even though he was so quiet just a second before!
“I didn’t do anything!”Its been a while since Glenn cry so much.”Oh, you made him cry Rashmere.”His Majesty looks like he is enjoying himself.
“No, Father!”“Because you have such a scary face, maybe you should smile more … Are you ok? Was it scary? … see? Scary brother no longer here”His Majesty picked up Glenn from Prince Rashmere. Then the crying stopped immediately as if he never even cried before. What the heck? 
“Prince Rashmere …”Perhaps I showed terribly pitying eyes. “Do not look at me with such eyes!” Ah, so pitiful…
“Well, Glenn usually cries when he is held by an unknown person, rather the Majesty is an exception. Please do not be too bothered.”From then till now, Glenn always cry when meeting others for the first time so His Majesty is the unusual one.
“Children don’t really like me, so I’m very happy.”That’s surprising. His Majesty is such a nice and gentle person.
“It’s because they are too pure and innocent to stand your dangerous atmosphere.”“ Father!”It was my father who was supposed to be in the Royal Palace.And why are you so sweaty …?

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