I Will Quietly Disappear – Chapter 15

“Lord Adolf !?”
His Highness Prince Rashmere and I were really surprised but His Majesty just greeted Father with a smile as if he know he will come.  “Hi, Adolf.”
My father was out of breath, a scene I hardly ever seen before.
He must had rode like mad from the Royal Palace. Thank you for your hard work.  Father briskly entered the room. Behind him were several subordinates, saluting with respect to His Highness Rashmere.

“Arggh, this guy…!”
And, my father tried to do something with a sword, but his subordinates bravely tried to stop him.
“Lord Adolf, please calm down !!”
“Speak!! You better have a good excuse!”
All his subordinates stopped and closed their mouth immediately. Dear father, isn’t this not good?
Stop being so aggressive, I don’t want to be sentenced to treason!
“Please calm down !! He is more or less the King!!”
More or less… Am I the only one that think that seems terrible? However looking at their actions it seems its only me that are troubled by that. Well, they really work hard. I pray for them in my mind.

“Do not get so angry. I know I’m in the wrong. But you are also at fault, because you will not let me see the children at all.”
“Who want their children to meet someone strange like you! Rouche, did he do anything!?”
“Yeah, nothing”
He’s not a monster, he didn’t do anything.
“Are you hurt!?”
“No I’m not. In the first place, why would His Majesty hurt me? Father, you are being very rude. “

I am curious since a little while ago. Little things that made me wonder. Like Father’s panic. That sound like something was broken. These signs are a bit… I cannot see the cause.
“Oh, oh!! That’s right, that’s right, isn’t it?”
Father is really flustered. I think I should say something.
“Did you heard that, Adolf? This kindness of Lady Rouche, you also should learn it.”
“You are the only person that should learn! Because of you, the real guards of His Highness Prince Rashmere and that group of Imperial Guards wanted to commit suicide!”
“Boo. Don’t worry so much, they won’t do it.”
“You, just bring your guards properly !! Anyway, whether its Glenn or Rouche, they will serve in Prince Rashmere’s time! You will always be able to meet them in the future!”
“That kind of thing, I don’t care to understand.”
I’m sweating buckets now, I really want to get out of this situation.

“You · · · ·”
Father was holding his head.
“You are just saying, I shouldn’t be here.”
“Even you say so, you know you are the King. Try to understand the difficulty of the guards for your son that need to protect him.”  “I know, I know, that is wrong of me.  I guess we should return soon right, Rashmere. It become too noisy… Thank you for today, Lady Rouche. ”  The king laughed aloud.

“No, no, I am very honoured for your presence Your Majesty. Also Rashmere, next time give notice first so I can prepare sweets and desserts.”
“Why sweets?”
Eh, why are you miffed? Is it bad of me trying to entice him to proper behavior with sweets?
“Oh, do you dislike it?”
“That’s not it …. Oh well, that follower, he did not come back after all. Next time I’ll give notice first. Tell him that”

Indeed Luca did not return at all. What’s wrong? He didn’t start baking a cake did he?
“Next time when you come to the Royal Palace, I will introduce you to my sister that’s the same age as you.”
“…Please do.”
That’s troublesome.
His Majesty let out a chuckle. Eh, can you read people’s heart? No right?
“No, nothing. Lady Rouche, please come by all means”
“… … Alright”
I can only put out a smile.

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