I Will Quietly Disappear – Chapter 16

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“Rouche, Father still have work at the Royal Castle, so I will return.” 
The murderous look that had been directed to His Majesty disappeared, and Father got back to his smiling face. Somehow I felt bad, but that only stayed in my mind. 
“Yes, please do your best, Father … … take care of the knights as well.” 
I lowered my head since Father had help me a lot with this. I also don’t want to be scolded. 
“No, no! It’s us that’s very sorry for this inconvenience!”
One of the honest – looking knights said so, and ran away with his armor clanging. It’s a bit of a shock. Even though I try to look as cute and as agreeable as possible why do they react so strongly.
Another knight lowered his head in silence.

The carriage carrying his Majesty left for the Royal Palace. I watched it drive away until it disappeared from view.
“My Lady”
“Luca. Aren’t you late.”
Luca is not out of breath, but I felt a bloodthirsty atmosphere around him.
As if he can heard what I think he abruptly lowered his head.
“I am sorry Milady, I had went and baked a cake.”
What he really went away to bake a cake!!
It was really baked! ! Is this child a natural airhead?
“Please eat it later”
“Yeah … Luca’s cake is delicious, I’m looking forward to it.”
I decided to forget all about it since Luca’s cake is tasty. And I told Luca the words said by Rashmere.

“His Highness Rashmere, are looking forward to a little bout next time.”
“That is····,”
Somehow though he was expressionless I could felt his reluctance. I understand your feelings. It seems to be the death penalty if he injured the prince. 
“I’d ask Father’s permission to get out of this. But he’s the prince … anyway even so it’s not that bad.”

Let’s up our fighting spirit. If His Highness Prince Rashmere always lose he will practice more. Become stronger. Then we will not lose in the war. That’s killing two birds with one stone.
Luca’s face was expressionless, but it seemed to be slightly dissatisfied…

“So, did you understand?”
There were two people in the King’s Office in the heart of the castle. An ancient magic was applied so that nobody could eavesdrop into the room. It’s a place where listening magic will not be effective. That is why it was suitable for top secret discussion.
By the way, the king properly apologized to the guards. Rather the guards will die if anything to happen to the king. The Prime Minister who is not here seems to have gone directly to the medical office because he puke blood after hearing the report of the missing king. Its decided later the two people will send something gentle to the stomach for the poor Prime Minister.
“Well, they know your movement, and also able to hire that much ‘guests’. So we can almost pinpoint them.”
He do not seem to be totally interested in being aimed at. Well, this guy is not going to be killed.  ” I guess the person himself seems to be impatient about the fact that the ‘guests’ never return at all. What will you do?”  I’m not going to be here all the time.  “… It’s okay. It’s a shame the meek guys have become noisy lately. I do not want to do anything unnecessary until Rashmere becomes King.” 
“Well … I won’t complain if that’s what you decide. But those people is not the only one.”  Adolf looked at the king’s face. A next door childhood friend since little. He looks kind and simple, but I think that the most suspicious man in this country is definitely this guy.  However, the king always sport a harmless smile on his face.  “Well, no point in stirring up trouble. It might not look it, but they are in the same boat as us. You… don’t make that face. They are just small fries and we have a lot of guards. Let’s just keep quiet for a while, rather than being jumpy for any little thing.”  They knew who was drawing the thread. However, the aim was not there.  “If you hit it dust will come out and you can catch it at any time. Though that’s not the first choice right?”  “Soon, the most troublesome people are going to make their move …. That small fry also have a little connection with them, don’t you think that’s a good reason? ”  “Do you feel like having a battle?”
” Can’t we? Rather, do you not think its troublesome to keep them alive until the day Rashmere become king? It would be better to end them here, they are the people who are making fun of diplomacy, those who do not trust the treaty. This will set a good example, showing the consequence of these people’s action… Its not a bad timing for you too right? General Ada, General Adel and Mr. Klaus are behind you. The neutral faction also borrow a lot of these guys to make a lot of noises and complains. Your worries toward Lady Rouche because of her age is really unwarranted. It is the foolish aristocrats themselves who have made their decision. The blasted Litzsel is also the same aristocrats as you~ “

It is the king who is said to be a gentle king, but few people know that he is actually militant.
“I will not oppose your decisions … … And now that we have the definite direction.”
“I wonder … … your wife may weep.”
“Do not worry because just because she look weak and beautiful, that is a woman of the Litzsel House. Rather, it would be the Queen who would cry.”
“It’s ok because her crying face is still beautiful.”
It was a wonderful smile. From the bottom of his heart Adolf sympathized with the Queen. I’m really sorry, but it is true that the Queen cannot believe fully in this man. But please do not divorce him.
I think that word is suitable for this.
  “You will be the same, like that time …”
“I don’t think so.”
“Well, there’s no point in deciding here now. We have to consult the Prime Minister first when he gets well. He’s a cushioning material in every direction.”
“There will be more holes that open up in his stomach.”
Undoubtly me saying this so casually will make Prime Minister think of me as his demon.  “Yeah more holes will open up.”
And this person that said it with a carefree smile…is the devil.

The story of the knights

“That is the rumored Lady Rouche…”
“That child is the next Duke of War… I cannot imagine something like that at all.”  She is a beautiful little girl with beautiful blonde hair. She will grow up to be a dazzling beauty.  “General Ada is also very beautiful and still fight, so it does not depend on the appearance. But she still have a long way ago …”  It is as my colleague says. I shouldn’t based my perception about her ability on her appearance. That’s why I always get the cold shoulder from other women.
So that’s the daughter of their superior officer, Lord Adolf. Perhaps that’s the first time they saw the Child of Demon Lord Adolf’s smiling face. Though let it be said, I really did not want to see that face. Well I want him to be a little kind, but…  “I hope when that girl become the marshal she will be a little gentler…”  “In the first place it would be doubtful whether we are around at that time. However, the Duke’s Mansion …” 
“Oh, it was a wonderful home, bigger than mine by several hundred fold. As expected of the High Nobility, and the maids were also beautiful …” 

However, my colleague look at me with disappointment.
“What is it···”
“You, aren’t you a knight.”
“So noisy! I think…that’s what real power is.”  At least, I’m weaker.
“… You are really humble.” 
To tell the truth, I do not know why I was a knight. The reigning king prefer meritocracy, thus social status is not important. I have confidence in my sword, but there were also other suitable people. I cannot use magic much …. Since I was chosen I tried my best to fulfill the role. I tried not to mind so much, but sometimes I wonder.

“… …”
Then I he smacked my shoulder.
“You are honest to a fault. Such people are also necessary for the Imperial Guards.”
“Are you comforting me or making fun of me?” 
“We need someone that stand out, but we also need someone who able to keep the group together. That’s why His Majesty and the Marshal need the Prime Minister.”  “… … … Is the Prime Minister sufficiently able to stand out?” 
“… That’s right.”  His suffering, whose name is still unknown, starts here. Nobody knows yet. His future figure

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