The Noble Girl Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off, Today as Well Pushes the Prince off from the Tower – Chapter 05

“Did you meet someone recently? There seems to be an unusual scent on you.”

I tilted my head at Book-sama’s inquiry.

I haven’t left the tower to go outside, and the only one who comes in for me is really just Prince Remnass.

Book-sama should already be aware of the thing with Prince Remnass, so I don’t think he would be making such an inquiry if it was about him.

“I… haven’t really left the tower. Remnass-sama is the only one who comes to visit this top floor.”


Book-sama stroked his long beard with his forelimb.

Just, what could this scent be?

“Hanabelle. Do please be cautious. Although there shan’t be any problems so long as I be present.”

Book-sama patted me on the head and combed through my long hair.

It will not do to cause such worries for him.

I have already been helped so much.

I swore to not leave the tower no matter what.

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