Reader – Chapter 03

“Soo Hyuk.”

As soon as the message appeared, Soo Hyuk opened his mouth and answered.

[Do you want to set-up the character’s name as ‘Soo Hyuk’?]


[The character’s name has been set as ‘Soo Hyuk’.]

[The character’s appearance will be set-up.]

[Scan in process.]

Once the character’s name was set-up, it went straight into the character’s appearance. And then a message appeared stating it was going to scan. A short while after, in front of Soo Hyuk, Soo Hyuk appeared. Soo Hyuk thought to himself as he looked at his character.

‘Should I continue like this?’

The only thing you can change in the appearance set-up was some height, face, skin, and hair.

‘Let’s raise only the height.’

It was not very hard to raise the height. You only needed to raise the numerical value. It was also not hard to set the skin color, but he did not want to change it.

The problem was the face and hair. A really minute setting was possible that it was feasible to become a different person altogether.

‘It would take too much time.’

However, it would take too much time to make the type of style he desired. Soo Hyuk wanted to go to the library as soon as possible, so he raised only the height to the maximum value and finished his character’s appearance set-up.

[The character has been created.]

[In order to gain access, please make contact with the character that’s been created.]

Soo Hyuk thought to himself as he saw the message stating that the character’s been created.

‘Am I unable to decide the starting point?’

The set-up was only the character’s name and appearance. The starting point was not yet decided.

‘Do I need to access in order to set it?’

By any chance, would you have to connect in order to set the starting point? Soo Hyuk raised his hand and made contact with his character.


At that moment, Soo Hyuk’s character twinkled. And thereafter a message appeared.

[Accessing character ‘Soo Hyuk.’]

[It will be the first connection.]

The access message along with the surrounding area was filled with darkness once again. And a short while after, a house appeared again. It was the house where his character was created.

‘What the, is the starting point random? Or is it already arranged?’

He thought he would be able to decide the starting point once he gained access, but he was wrong. By any chance, was the starting point decided at random? Or was it arranged? While having various thoughts, Soo Hyuk opened the door and came out.

“Wow, it’s amazing.”

“It’s huge?”

Soo Hyuk looked around in amazement as he saw several different users. And it was at that moment.

[Quest ‘Find Guide Kajan!’ has been created.]

[The quest can be found in the quest window.]

The message appeared and Soo Hyuk opened the quest window.

<Find Guide Kajan!>

Go find Guide Kajan in the central plaza!

Quest reward: 1 gold, 1 hard bread

‘Why is it so unfriendly?’

Soo Hyuk confirmed the quest and frowned. He thought there would be a friendly explanation but the quest did not have any particular explanation.

Exactly like what appeared on the message, the contents only stated to find Guide Kajan. Although it showed the location, how would you find the guide if you don’t know where the central plaza is?

‘Do I familiarize myself by just walking around.’

It was indeed an unfriendly quest.

“Where is the central plaza?”

“I don’t know, I should look for it now.”

“Wow, I like it because it’s unfriendly.”

“Why? Does it feel like you’re having an adventure?”

Soo Hyuk closed the quest window. And looked around his surroundings as he listened to the users’ conversations. While confirming the quest, the users increased drastically.

‘I think I need to get out of here quickly?’

Soo Hyuk began walking as he watched the quickly increasing number of users. If he stayed still like this, he felt the users would block him, making him unable to move. After Soo Hyuk was able to get away from the starting point, he began walking slowly as he looked around his surroundings.

‘It feels like I came inside a real novel.’

While reading novels, the feeling of the fantasy world he imagined exuded strongly.

“Haha, and?”

“I just did a rear-side kick! This wound is from then?”

As Soo Hyuk was walking and looking around his surroundings, he saw others approaching him from the other side and thought to himself.

‘Should I ask?’

Looking at their attire and image, they did not seem like they were users. No, it was for certain they were not users. How long has the game been open that they were wearing leather armor? They were clearly NPC. After Soo Hyuk finished his thoughts, he approached the NPC.


“Huh? Who are you?”

As Soo Hyuk approached, a man wearing leather armor asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“There is something I would like to ask but would it be alright to ask?”

Soo Hyuk replied to the question the man asked.

“If it’s something that I know, I will give you the answer.”

The man shook his head as if he understood Soo Hyuk’s response. And as soon as the man shook his head, Soo Hyuk quickly opened his mouth.

“I’m trying to go to the central plaza, where do I need to go?”

The thing Soo Hyuk wanted to ask was the way to get to the central plaza.

“The central plaza? If it’s the central plaza.”

Fortunately, the man knew about the central plaza.

“You need to go straight just like this. Then it’ll come out.”

“Ah, thank you.”

Soo Hyuk was elastic when he heard the man’s response.

“Haha, no problem. Is there anything else you’re curious about?”

“There is one more thing I’m curious about.”

Soo Hyuk replied to the man’s question. Soo Hyuk was not yet done with his questions. There was still one more thing he was curious about.

“What is it?”

“Is there a library in here?”

It was about the library’s existence.


The man tilted his head to Soo Hyuk’s question.

“Are you talking about the library that has the books?”

Just like the central plaza, the man knew about the library as well.


Soo Hyuk replied with a smile on his face.

“Sorry, I have no interest in the library. I’m not sure if there is or isn’t one.”

However, Soo Hyuk felt regret when he heard the man’s response.

‘As expected, is there no library because it’s the starting point.’

It was at that moment. A woman standing next to them, listening to the conversation between Soo Hyuk and the man, opened her mouth.

“If it’s the library, I know where it is! Haha.”


Soo Hyuk looked at the woman. And with the look in Soo Hyuk’s eyes, the woman spoke.

“Explaining the road exactly is hard, so if you go north, you’ll find the library.”


“Yes, you’re going to the central plaza right? There’s going to be a child named Kajan there. If you ask that child, he will be able to tell you.”


The woman spoke of the character Kajan, it was Guide Kajan for certain.

“Thank you.”

Soo Hyuk thanked the woman. And was it because of the thank you?

“I don’t know if Kajan’s going to tell you, just letting you know ahead.”

The woman answered.

“I heard that you need a special something in order to go inside the library.”

“Ah, I see.”

Soo Hyuk shook his head as he heard the woman’s response and thought to him self.

‘Do I need some kind of pass?’

He thought he would be able to just go inside, but was wrong. He believed he was going to need some type of pass.

“Then we will be leaving now!”

“Ok, please enjoy your time.”

Soo Hyuk stopped thinking as the man spoke, and said good-bye once more. The man and woman began laughing again as they disappeared.

‘They said go straight like this.’

Soo Hyuk also began to walk. If he continued to walk straight just as he was, the central plaza should come out and he’ll be able to meet Kajan.

A short while after, Soo Hyuk was able to arrive at the central plaza. Once Soo Hyuk arrived at the central plaza, he scanned the inside of the plaza.

‘Is it over there?’

While scanning the inside of the plaza for Kajan, Soo Hyuk soon discovered a strange area. It was a place where many others were standing in a long line. They wouldn’t be standing in line for no reason. Soo Hyuk headed towards the area where the line was.

“Is this the line?”

Soo Hyuk stood in line as he asked a woman in front.


The woman looked at Soo Hyuk’s face and gave a short response. She then looked forward again. It seemed a little cold, but why would that be important?

“Thank you.”

Soo Hyuk showed his thanks. And thereafter, he did not continue a conversation.

‘I came on the faster side.’

As the time passed, users began to arrive behind Soo Hyuk one after the other. Looking at the long line, he believed he was late, but that was not the case. Soo Hyuk was considerably early.

“Next person!”

The time passed and it became the woman right in front of Soo Hyuk’s turn. Soo Hyuk watched to see in what way the conversation would progress.

“Your name?”

“My name’s Yura.”

“Ms. Yura! Here you go! Good bye!”

“Yes, have a nice day.”

Soo Hyuk tilted his head questioningly as he heard Kajan and Yura’s conversation.

‘What is this?’

Something was weird.

‘You introduce your name then you receive a book and that’s the end?’

You say your name and received a book. And that was the end.

“Next person!”

While Soo Hyuk was wondering, it became his turn. Soo Hyuk still wondered as he approached Kajan.

“Your name?”

Soo Hyuk thought to himself as Kajan asked his question.

‘I’ll know once the conversation progresses.’

Earlier, Yura, who conversed quite naturally with Kajan disappeared. If the conversation progresses, I should be able to know. After Soo Hyuk finished his thoughts, he replied to Kajan’s question.

“My name’s Soo Hyuk.”

“Mr. Soo Hyuk!”

[Quest ‘Find Guide Kajan!’ has been completed.]

[Acquiring quest reward.]

As soon as Kajan called out Soo Hyuk’s name, a message appeared. It was the quest complete message and the reward-acquired message.


But, Soo Hyuk was unable to pay attention to the message. It was because Kajan had given him a book. He was curious as to what kind of book this book was.

[You have acquired the guidebook.]

[Quest ‘Unfold the guidebook!’ has been created.]

As soon as he received the book, a message appeared again. The book’s identity was a guidebook.

‘Is this why she just left.’

The quest was completed and the guidebook received. And a quest was created. Yura’s response was not out of the ordinary.

“Good bye.”

Kajan greeted Soo Hyuk farewell.

“There is one more thing I would like to ask.”

However, Soo Hyuk did not move from Kajan’s greeting. Although he could feel the piercing looks from the users behind him, there was something he had to ask.

“I was wondering about the library’s location and what would be needed in order to use it.”

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