Reader – Chapter 04

The thing Soo Hyuk wanted to ask was the library’s location as well as what would be needed in order to use it.

“The library?”


“There is a map inside the guidebook. And it’s possible to purchase a library pass at the library for 50 gold.”

Was it because he was a guide? He answered without even a second of hesitation.

“Oh, ok. Good bye.”

Soo Hyuk felt the piercing looks he was receiving from behind, so he replied and came out. Soo Hyuk walked towards a chair; furnished inside the central plaza, and opened the quest window.

<Unfold the guidebook!>

Unfold the guidebook received from Kajan!

Quest reward: 1 gold, 1 hard bread

Just a moment ago when receiving the guidebook, the quest that was created ‘Unfold the guidebook!’, was exactly like its name. If you opened it, the quest was completed. Soo Hyuk opened the guidebook he held in his hands.

[Quest ‘Unfold the guidebook!’ has been completed.]

[Quest reward acquired.]

[Quest ‘Open the character window!’ has been created.]

Once the guidebook was opened, a message appeared.

‘Is it in order?’

Soo Hyuk thought to himself as he saw the message and the guidebook’s table of contents. The first explanation inside the guidebook was the character window.

And when the guidebook was opened, the quest that was created stated to open the character window. Anyhow, he believed that a quest would be created just like what was written on the table of contents.

‘Then the inventory should come out.’

After the character window, was the inventory explanation. If what Soo Hyuk was thinking was correct, then the inventory quest would be created. Soo Hyuk opened the character window.

[Quest ‘Open the character window!’ has been completed.]

[Quest reward acquired.]

[Quest ‘Open the inventory!’ has been created.]

‘As expected.’

It was as expected. After the character window, the quest that was created was the inventory. But, Soo Hyuk did not open the inventory right away. It was because he did not yet read the explanation written in the guidebook. Soo Hyuk began to read the explanation regarding the character window.

‘Physical strength: attack and a little bit of vitality; Physical agility, defense and fatal blow damage; Stamina: vitality and increased efficiency of satiety; Wisdom: magic attack and mana. There are many different types besides the above four stats…. Is there no magic defense?’

The very first thing that came out was the explanation of the four basic kinds of stats. Soo Hyuk checked his character window as he read the explanation.

Level: 1

Experience: 0%

Vitality: 600

Mana: 200

Satiety: 97%

Strength: 10

Agility: 10

Stamina: 10

Wisdom: 10

‘It’s a little different.’

It was a little different than what was written in the guidebook’s character window.

‘Is it because I don’t have it yet.’

Soo Hyuk’s character window was different than what was written in the guidebook’s character window; where nationality and occupation did not exist. The reason it was probably non-existent was because there were no nationality and occupation yet. Soo Hyuk read the rest of the explanation regarding the character window.

‘If satiety becomes 0%, then the entire stat is temporarily 50% reduced? If it becomes -50% you die.’

Soo Hyuk frowned as he read the explanation.

‘I was persistently going to read books….’

He wanted to sit in the library and persistently read books. However, satiety was the problem. If the satiety becomes 0%, he didn’t mind the stats being reduced; but -50% was different. Death, if satiety becomes -50%, you die.

If you die, your level and stats becomes reduced. Level is 1, Stats 1~3 were random. The problem wasn’t the level and stats being reduced. Honestly, Soo Hyuk did not care whether the level and stats were reduced. The problem was that he would not have access to the game for one day; the inaccessible penalty.

‘To fill satiety, the basics of gold should be needed.’

In order to fill satiety, you would need to eat food. Since Soo Hyuk did not need to cook directly, he would need gold in order to purchase food.

‘Can’t use real money trading.’

Soo Hyuk would be able to purchase gold with his allowance. However, Soo Hyuk had no thoughts of purchasing them. He had to buy books with his allowance.

‘Even if I did, right now’s not the time.’

Besides, gold was tremendously expensive in the initial stages of the game. Even if you were to purchase it, it would be best to purchase after some time passed when the gold market was stable. Soo Hyuk read all of the explanation regarding the character window and closed it. And thereafter, he checked the inventory explanation while opening the inventory.

* * *

Soo Hyuk read everything in the guidebook and completed all of the guidebook quests and was now walking up North.

<Find the training drill instructor>

You have completely mastered the basics through the guidebook; you now have only one choice to make. Find the training instructor at one of the beginner training centers located in the East, West, North, or South and talk to them!

Quest reward: 2 gold, training sword

After the guidebook quest was finished, it was because the quest ‘Find the training drill instructor’ was created. The quest ‘Find the training drill instructor’ was just as stated; a quest to find the training instructor.

Because the quest took time to complete, in order to complete it, users were dispersed to not only one location, but to four different locations.

‘Let’s take a look at the library first, then go.’

East, West, North, South, amongst the four different training centers, the reason Soo Hyuk chose the North-training center. It was because of the library.

If Soo Hyuk completed the guidebook quests, he would be able to obtain 15 gold. Nevertheless, he would need 50 gold in order to purchase a library pass.

That is, since he was short 35 gold, it would be impossible to utilize the library right now. However, Soo Hyuk wanted to see how the library looked, at least on the outside.

‘If I turn over there, it should come out!’

Soo Hyuk was able to arrive at his destination by looking at the map in the guidebook.


The size of the library was pretty big. It was so big that it couldn’t compare to the size of the school library.

‘It’s filled with books inside here.’

He already had high expectations. What kinds of books would there be? After Soo Hyuk looked at the library for a short while, he began walking again.

‘Let’s hurry and save.’

He wanted to save 50 gold quickly. If he saved 50 gold, he would be able to buy a library pass and his urge to read the books inside the library grew within his heart rapidly.

It was at that moment.

[Satiety has fallen below 50%]


Soo Hyuk was surprised when he saw the message reading satiety had fallen to 50%, and opened the inventory. And from the inventory, he took out a hard bread which he acquired after a quest was completed.

‘I thought I would be able to endure a long time with this.’

Through the rewards, he had acquired 30 hard breads. He thought he would be able to endure a long time with these 30 hard breads, but realized that opposite of what he thought prior; he would not be able to endure for long.

‘I need to raise the stamina a lot.’

If he raised the stamina, not only will the vitality go up but the satiety efficiency will also rise. He would be able to endure longer with small portions.

‘Ow, it’s hard.’

Soo Hyuk began eating the hard bread. The hard bread was exactly like its name; it was hard. It wasn’t like a rock, but it was hard enough that it made you think of a rock.

‘It also doesn’t taste good.’

If it tasted good, he would’ve at least smiled while eating it. However, it also tasted bad. Soo Hyuk frowned as he chomped down and ate the bread.

‘Stamina right now with 1 bread is 30%.’

After Soo Hyuk ate all of the bread, he checked the satiety, which rose 30%. Soo Hyuk began calculating when he found that one hard bread filled satiety 30%.

‘If I think of eating 3 breads in one day, I should be able to endure 10 days.’

He didn’t know yet how many he would need to eat in one day. Nevertheless, if he were to eat 1 bread during each meal, he would be able to endure 10 days. After Soo Hyuk finished calculating how long he would be able to endure with the food retained as of now, he closed the inventory. And a short while after, he was able to arrive at his destination.

‘There’s a lot.’

Was it because he was reading the guidebook meticulously and delaying time? There were already quite a lot of people inside the training center attacking the scarecrow. Soo Hyuk walked towards the scarecrow, past where users were diligently swinging their swords; to the person who was watching the users, who he thought to be the training instructor and approached him.


Soo Hyuk greeted the training instructor first when he arrived in front of him.


The training instructor did not greet Soo Hyuk back, even after he greeted him. He just asked Soo Hyuk his name as he looked at him indifferently.

“My name’s Soo Hyuk.”

[Quest ‘Find the training instructor’ has been completed.]

[Quest reward acquired.]

Once name was given, the quest was completed.

“Soo Hyuk, take out the sword in the inventory.”

Even though they were NPC, because the NPC was intended for beginner training, the training instructor was different than the general NPC, whereas they knew about the inventory.


Just as the training instructor stated, Soo Hyuk opened his inventory and took out the training sword he acquired when he completed the quest just a moment ago.

“Destroy the scarecrow with that sword and come back.”

The training instructor spoke once Soo Hyuk took the sword out. And after the training instructor finished speaking, a quest appeared.

<Destroy the scarecrow!>

Destroy the 2 scarecrows located in the center of the training center!

[Training scarecrow: 0/2]

Quest reward: 2 gold, Low-grade armor made of rabbit leather

‘This is why they were hitting it.’

He understood why the users were hitting the scarecrow.


[Quest ‘Destroy the scarecrow!’ has been accepted.]

Soo Hyuk replied to the training instructor and the quest was accepted. And as soon as Soo Hyuk accepted the quest, the training instructor shook his head towards the scarecrow without saying a word. It was meant to go towards it. Soo Hyuk turned around.

And he approached the empty scarecrow users were not hitting and began swinging his sword.


Was it because it was a training sword? It lacked sharpness. He felt like he was beating the scarecrow as he swung his sword, instead of cutting it.


It was at that moment.

‘What is that?’

Soo Hyuk tilted his head as he discovered something shining in the scarecrow’s armpit area while swinging his sword.


Soo Hyuk swung his sword towards the shiny area in order to solve his curiosity.


As soon as the sword burst, the shiny thing disappeared and a message appeared.

[Fatal blow!]

[Agility has increased 1.]

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